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“IT DAY 2017” Celebrated by Information Technology Department Featured

Information Technology Department of Salalah College of Technology organized a mega student event titled “IT Day 2017” which was conducted on March 21st 2017 from 9:30AM to 2:30PM at the SCT Multi-purpose Hall. The objective of the event is to develop the student’s learning capabilities and to support them in the development of their IT technical skills and soft skills. The students showcased their talents and IT skills by participating in the different activities prepared in the event. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Abhishek Dubey- HOS-IS. During the inauguration session he gave an inspirational message to the participants and appreciated the students for their active participation in all the competitions. A series of different competitions for students were held during this day which includes IT Quiz Bee, Database Design Competition, IT IMPACTS and PI Day Celebration.

Students from the different levels joined the competition with their coaches. The following were the highlights of each competition:

IT QUIZ BEE was conducted in multipurpose hall at 10.00 AM. A total of 12 teams (36 Students) participated. The event was conducted with the guidance of Mr. Jonathan Tambaoan, Head of Networking and Internet & E-Security Section and Mr. Zahid Mehmood, Head of Information Technology Section. The winners of the event are listed below.


  • Ghazwa Fail Faraj Bait Rajibon
  • Faiza Ahmed Mohammed Atqoon Al Shahri
  • Huda Salim Saleh Al Khazimi

DATABASE DESIGN was conducted in Database Lab at 10 AM. The event was coordinated and guided by Mr. G. Baskar, Head of Database Section. Participants designed their own database based on a given scenario. A total of 3 student groups (9 Students) participated. The winners of the event are listed below:


  • Hamda Said Ali Al Shahri
  • Nada Khalid Saleh Haider
  • Ryan Said Hamdan Al Alawi

IT IMPACTS was conducted under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Abhishek Dubey, Head of Information System Section. A total of 15 student groups (35 Students) participated. The program was started in the Multipurpose Hall at 12.00 Noon. Each group of students presented their technical ideas in poster presentation. All the groups received a token of appreciation and greetings for their soft skills. Everyone who attended the activity enjoyed the poster exhibit, model presentations. Judges observed the poster presented by the participants and choose the best poster of the day.

The winners of the event are listed below:

Diploma Level Category


  • Iman Saleh Mohammed Al –Attaas
  • Ghamila Saleem Shantoof Zabnoot

Advanced Diploma and B.Tech Level Category


  • Asma Ahmed Al Maashani
  • Nafa Salim Tabook

ITpost-2017 was organized by the IS Section on the theme of “No Smoking”. 66 Students participated in the said event from various levels and from all the departments of the college. The winner of the event is given bellow


Ahmed Masoud Ahmed Al Kathry
(Engineering Department)

‘Pi Day’ Celebration & Knowledge Sharing Workshop was hosted by the Math Section headed by Dr. Mallika Natarajan and was conducted at Multipurpose Hall at 12.00 PM. ‘Pi’ is an extremely interesting number that is important to all sorts of mathematical calculations. The workshop intended to motivate all student participants to take a pledge to share their knowledge and expertise learned in the workshop. Omani graduates of our college and other universities need to be able to become a continuous and discerning learners, problem solvers and critical thinkers towards achieving a progressive Oman. The winners of the event are listed below

Advanced Diploma and B.Tech Level Category:

Title of the poster presentation: Application of Differential Equation to Science and Technology.


  • Fatema Said Abdullah Bazanboor
  • Shayma Mohammed Musallam Al-Amari

Diploma Level Category:

Title of the poster presentation: Trigonometric Ratios (Working Model)


  • Mohammed Suhail Al Amri
  • Marwan Mussalam Fadil

“IT Day 2017” was a great success and memorable event for the whole IT department. Hundreds of students participated in the activities. This event became successful through the over-all supervision of Mr. Viji Paul, IT-HOD and all the Head of Sections of the department. All the head of sections of different specialization distributed the prizes and certificates to the winners of the different activities. Dr. Abhishek Dubey concluded the event with vote of thanks to all student participants and organizers that made the event successful. IT department thank all the Chairs, Co-Chairs and members of the organizing committees and sub committees such as Program Committee, Hall-Stage-Audio Management Committee, and Logistics-Decoration-Awards & Mementos Committee for the wonderful arrangements.

This event was supported and sponsored by the SCT management by providing all the necessary facilities to ensure the smooth conduct of the different student development activities in the department. The department is thankful for the support and encouragement received from the honorable Dean and Asst. Deans of our college.


“IT Career, Future Trends and Tips” organized by the IT Department Featured

“Update your skills set” was the main message of Ms. Asma Fadha, senior application developer of Salalah Methanol Company when she delivered a lecture on the topic IT Career, Future Trends and Tips to Information Technology students from different specialization and level attended the program last 7th of March 2017. The event was organized by the Information Technology section of the IT Department hosted by Mr. Bernard Ugalde as the coordinating staff, and in cooperation with the IT OJT Committee. Mr. Viji Paul warmly welcomed the guests and participants. He pointed out the importance of participating in event like this, when the department invites industry practitioners come over to the college to share knowledge and skills in their chosen careers. Some staff from the department was also present.

At the end of the lecture, the Mr. Zahid Mahmood, head of the IT section thank the participants, guest and organizing team for an informal but fruitful event. He then awarded a certificate of appreciation to Ms. Asma in honor of her outstanding contribution to the college as guest speaker.


IT Department Conducted Seminar on “Cloud Computing Security” Featured

Salalah College of Technology, Information Technology department conducted a seminar on “Cloud Computing Security” facilitated by Mr. Praveen Kumar last February 14, 2017. The seminar was organized by the IT section headed by Mr. Zahid Mahmood. Mr. Bernard Ugalde was the coordinating head on behalf of HR Committee. Mr. Praveen shed light on topics on computer security and services. He also presented cloud computing security issues, dangers and vulnerabilities. He discussed type of attackers, threats, concerns, and assets including the cloud computing security domains. He then gave some possible solutions and recommendations to address such issues.

The overall seminar feedback was excellent and was well participated by staff in the department. At the end, Mr. Zahid Mahmood, IT section head, thanks the organizers, participants and the speaker for the success of the event. The certificate was also given to the speaker by the IT section head.


IT Students Visited “Salalah International Airport” Featured

IT Department organized an industrial visit for Networking Internet & E-Security Section Advanced Diploma students in coordination with the OJT & Industrial Link committee of IT department which was held last February 15, 2017. A total 14 students and four lecturers namely Mr. K. Subramanian, Mrs. Lincy grace Kanagaselvi D, Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Moflah, and Mr. Vijayanand Lecturer from engineering coordinated this event. This event was conducted as part of student’s development activity by the Networking and Internet & E-Security Section. Students were asked to observe the various operations of the organization such as Data Center and its operation and Networking department, Metrological Department activities, Radar monitoring activities, and air traffic control activities. ICT Department of OAMC is the one responsible for taking care of all these experiments and training in the airport. The students spend a day in the airport from 10.00 am to 1.30 pm and they felt this visit was very useful as part of improving their skills in airport networking. Dr. R. Venkateswaran, Event Coordinator of NIES Section had arranged the basic arrangements for the said event.

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