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Civil &Architecture Students as Master Minds, Mind Bogglers and Mind Readers

Engaging the students in another aspect of learning with fun, rapport and motivation, the Civil and Architecture Section conducted a quiz competition on Tuesday, January 31,2017 in CVL 6L .This competition covered general knowledge about Civil Engineering and Architecture. Students from Higher Diploma and BTech enthusiastically participated. There were three teams named as Master Minds, Mind Bogglers, and Mind Readers having six members each. Winners are from Master Minds Team, namely: HMOOD MUBARAK AL-MUSSALHI (32J1137), MOHAMMAD MADIAN AL-YAFAI (42S12155), SALIM AHMED AL-OJAILI(42J138), HAYA AMAD ALSHANFRI(42S1367), THANI SAEED AL-BARAMI (42S14398), MUNA MAHAD AL-AMRI (41J13333 ) . The competition was organized by Mr. Syed Iqbal and Ms. Arwa Al Ghassani, faculty members from the Civil and Architecture Engineering Section.

This activity was conducted successfully with the strong encouragement and support from the audience that included their peers and the faculty. All participants requested to have more of this kind of activity in the future.

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Business Department organized a workshop on “Personality Development and Leadership Skills” Featured

By the initiative of Human Recourse Development Committee, Business Studies Department organized a guest lecture on “Personality Development and Leadership Skills” in Career Guidance Centre on February 5th Sunday at 12.00 noon.

The guest speaker was Mr. R.N. Mandal Kishore an HR Specialist from India. In his unique style he delivered a lecture on management concepts of leadership and personality and explained the benefits of democratic way of decision making. He also stressed the importance of motivating the staff in achieving organizational and personal goal in modern complex business environment.

At the end of the session, on behalf of HRD committee, Mr. Hatem Suwailam and other participants thanked the resource person for sharing the valuable information he has gathered and presented him a token of appreciation.


One day Lecturer’s Enrichment Work shop on “Integrating Technology with Students Centered Learning”held in SCT. Featured

Maths Section of the IT-department in Salalah college of technology organized a knowledge sharing work shop on”Integrating Technology with Students Centered Learning” on “31st-January -2017 at the Multipurpose Hall in SCT.

As this modern era of 21st century, the infusion of technology into teaching and learning has a remarkable influence on the instructional strategies of the educational institutions. The traditional teacher-centric method which has been going on for decades has now been modified and enhanced, owing to technology.

The speakers threw light on the importance of Technology and how it can pave the way for both teachers and students,. A roadmap needs to be followed for matching technological tools to learning outcomes, so that technology can be used to get students to interact with course content in an engaging and productive fashion.

They termed technology with education and accept the fact that learning, rather than being just a practice is an active responsibility of the learners and teachers with the help of technology should assist students to have a successful education

Dr.Mallika Natarajan ,Head of the Mathematics section ,Organizer of this event welcomed the guests and participants from all Departments ,while the Head of the IT -department Mr.Vijipaul has made an inspirational speech about the importance of technology integration with Student centered learning thus the work shop started.

The speakers from all the departments of SCT shared their work, experiences, and insights at the work shop on technology and student-centered learning and insisted that the Technology can equip students to independently organize their learning process. So, instead of being passive recipients of information, students using technology become active users.

Dr.Mallika –HOS Math thanked the Dean of SCT Dr. Hamdan Al manthari , Assist.Dean.Academic.Dr.Said Omar Al Mashiki, and Head of English Language center .Dr.Saeed Al Mashiki, for their support to the event and it was concluded by giving vote of thanks to all by Ms.Ameena Sirajudin from Math section.

On the whole the event was appreciated by all the participants.


SCT Staff Assembly and Advising Workshop Organized Featured

In an effort to streamline the academic advising process, the Academic Affairs office of Salalah College of Technology organized an Academic Staff Assembly and Advising Workshop on January 24, 2017, at the college Multi-Purpose Hall.

The College Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, in his opening remarks, cited the importance of the different roles played by the lecturers and encouraged them to share and discuss the challenges they faced in the process in order to help them perform their tasks more efficiently. The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr.Said Al Mashiki also highlighted in his remarks the importance of teamwork between the staff and management in achieving the college goals. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Amal Al Shahri also attended the assembly together with the Heads of Academic Departments.

Mr. Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Zoubi, Head of Admissions and Registrations department, made a presentation about the advising rules and process. Representatives from the Department registrars and probation consultants were also given time to discuss proposals and suggestions on how to improve the process.

The assembly culminated with an Open Forum where several members of the staff shared some of the challenges encountered in advising specially with the use of the new College Information Management System ( CIMS). Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Zoubi assured the staff that all of their concerns will be addressed. The assembly ended with a vote of thanks from the Assistant Dean of ADAA and the College Dean, noting that more staff gatherings will be held in the succeeding weeks and months in order to cultivate an environment of open dialogue and maximize the benefits of continuous improvements.


The ELC In- house Induction Program for New Intake Students; Semester 2

The English Language Center conducted its In-house Induction Program in the SAC for its new intake students on 11th January, 2017. The program included a Power Point Presentation about the college rules and Bylaws, ELC Vision, Mission and Administration. Also, Levels, new assessment, and Curricula were clearly explained. The students were also informed about the ELC services such as the Self Access Center, Learning Support Center, Math Help Center, Writing Center, Speaking Club and the English Forum. According to the GFP aim which is to involve students in the learning process to promote high quality of student-centred education, a L2 student Talal Madian Al Yafai, was invited to take part in the student induction. It was an attempt to motivate the new intake students by showing a live example of a good student. The student helped L1 Co-Ordinator with the student competition which was to choose a number and answer the question. Students were given some tips about how to study and improve their English. At the end of the Induction Program, students were given a questionnaire to give their feedback on the program.

The Presenters were:

  1. Khayar AL Amri (Level One Coordinator)
  2. Talal Madian Abdullah Al Yafai ( Level 2 student)

QA Organized Quality Assurance Awareness Featured

The Quality Assurance Unit conducted an Awareness Session for the IT and Business Departments staff on Tuesday, January 10th 2017 in the MPH.

The session was (Over View of Quality Assurance at SCT) and covered the following topics:

  1. Basic Information: Definition of Quality in HEIs,Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Organization Chart and Guiding Documents.
  2. Routine QA Activities and ADRI: SP, OPs and Action Plans and how they are connected with the V&M.
  3. Accreditation Activities and ADRI: Introduction to the accreditation under OAAA and the College progress with regard to the accreditation.
  4. Staff Role in Quality Assurance.

The session emphasized the importance of spreading the QA culture among all staff and that it is a habit not an act.



IT Department-Information Systems section of Salalah College of Technology organized three days’ workshop for teachers on a most popular domain titled “Android Application Development” on 20th, 21st December 2016 and January 5th 2017 at IT Building (IT-6L). The facilitator was the Engr. Jamin E. Santiago from Engineering Department. He has demonstrated the key concepts and practical ideas of the mobile application development. In particular, the speaker started the first day with the background of mobile applications, Java configurations to Android and trained the participants practically which results a sample mobile app designed by all the teachers on the second/third day of the workshop. The sessions were very interactive and appreciated by all the gatherings.

Dr. Abhishek Dubey, HOS of IS section and the coordinator of this workshop thanked all the participants for their enthusiasm in learning latest technologies. Mr. Viji Paul, HOD of IT department greeted and shows his gratitude to the Resource speaker, participants and IS section for initiating this workshop and for their interests. The letter of appreciation is given to the speaker and the participants will also receive the same.



The 2nd semester of AY 2016-2017 opens on January 1, 2017. To convey to all staff a message of wishes for a happy and a prosperous New Year, the College Dean, Dr Hamdan Al Manthari met all the staff in a General Assembly which was held at the College Multi-Purpose Hall. The College Management, led by the Dean, with Dr Said Al Mashiki, the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Dr Amal Al Shahri, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, extended their wishes for all to achieve new heights of success and for the next year to bring more progress and achievements to the College.

An open discussion with the staff ensued discussing different ideas towards the continuous quality improvement of the College services and resources.


تقنية صلالة تنظم محاضرة عن مهارات فرص العمل

انطلاقاً من حرص الكلية التقنية بصلالة على تهيئة مخرجاتها لسوق العمل فقد نظم مركز التوجيه الوظيفي بشؤون الطلاب محاضرة بعنوان (مهارات فرص العمل) تناولت المقابلات الشخصية و السيرة الذاتية لمعايير القطاع الخاص بالإضافة لعرض تجارب واقعية من سوق العمل لمخرجات الكلية العاملين في القطاع الخاص.

وقدم المحاضرة الفاضل سالم بشير مسئول مركز التوجيه الوظيفي الذي تناول محاور رئيسي متمثلة في مهارات الحصول على الوظيفة من حيث تحديد الأهداف و وسائل البحث عن فرص العمل و النقاط الرئيسية في كتابة السيرة الذاتية و فنون المقابلة الشخصية كما تضمنت المحاضرة مهارات التواصل مع القطاع الخاص و ثقافة العمل و الإنتاجية مع أمثلة عملية وعروض مرئية.

بعد ذلك قدم أحد الخريجين تجربته المهنية في القطاع الخاص حيث استعرض عبدالله بن عوض بن خميس الخيري، خريج قسم هندسة الكهرباء في العام ٢٠١٠ واقع تجربته الشخصية في البحث عن وظيفة والاستعداد للمقابلة الشخصية و التدرج الوظيفي حيث أنه يشغل الان وظيفة مشرف مصنع في شركة دوفير الشرق الأوسط ليكون واحدا من الخريجين المتميزين في سوق العمل العماني. بعد انتهاء المحاضرة تم توزيع استبيان على الخريجين حول مضمون المحاضرة.


Presentation and workshop for ISA –working Groups by QAU Featured

The Quality Assurance Unit organized Awareness Session followed by workshop for Institutional Standard Assessment on November 22, 2016 12:00 PM at Career Guidance Centre.

Welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Said Omar Al Mashiki -ADAA. In his address, he thanked all ISA-working group members for their efforts in preparing college for OAAA Standard assessment.

Acting head of QAU, Mr. Suresh Kumar presented the overview of ISA Process. He also summarized the progress of ISA working groups till date in this regard.

The session was followed by workshop on Approach part of ADRI. He demonstrated the process by taking one criterion 1.5 Strategic Planning from Standard-1.

All members of eight ISA working groups attended and actively participated in the discussion.

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