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IT Student Club and Student Development Committee of Information Technology Department successfully conducted the most essential personality development program titled “WHO AM I?” on Tuesday, 6th February 2018, at college multi-purpose hall. The prime objective of this program was to inculcate self-awareness for students to understand their own strengths and weaknesses for a change. Another aim was to enhance the personality skills of students based on the need of current job market.

During the inauguration, IT student club leader and the master of the ceremony Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi introduced the program objectives. Mr. Viji Paul, Head of the IT department welcomed the gathering, speakers and also motivated the young student community for actively participating in student development programs. The HOD greeted the IT student club and student development committee for conducting creative, effective and unique programs in the college. He also acknowledged the support and encouragement of college management.


The prime speaker of the day Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R (Chairman, Student Development Committee & IT Student Club) started his presentation by making the students to understand their personal uniqueness in order to realize their individuality. Self-esteem, five dimensions of personality, importance of adolescence stage, inferiority complex, intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), emotional management, proper measure in expressing the emotions, steps to develop high self-esteem and improving professional manners were the other core topics presented in this prime session. A box game, balloon philosophy and pencil philosophy were revealed to analyze the students’ self-esteem. Neat video presentations were provided during the presentation. In addition, sample personality tests were demonstrated.

Dr. Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari – PERSONALITY GAMES

In the second session, Dr Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari (Member, Student Development Committee) focused on conducting personality games. The title of this personality development activity was “Building a Pyramid”. Students of the various departments of the college actively participated in this gaming session and realized the efficiency and challenges of team building. Twenty minutes were given to both male and female groups to showcase their capability.  Students work in group for their academic projects and future in their workplace. Team work skills are the ultimate expectations of any organization. The speaker clearly presented the importance of planning phase before starting a task. Winners don’t do different things but they do things differently. This was the key study of the presentation.

During the valedictory function, IT student club leader Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi acknowledged the college management, speakers, student development committee, IT student club leaders, IT student club members for organizing effectual and exclusive motivational programs for Oman student community. Special gratitude was given to all the participants who came from various department of the college and attended all the activities of the event.

The conveners of the event, Dr. Wilfred Blessing N R, Dr. Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari and the organizing team members Ms. Marian A. Malig-on, Mr. Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed, Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi and IT student club leaders made the necessary arrangements for the program. Around 150 students and 25 teachers attended this program and gave their positive feedback.

The organizing team wholeheartedly thanks the college dean Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, Assistant deans Dr. Said Omar Al Mashiki, Dr. Amal Ahmed Ajham Al-Shahri and the HOD Mr. Viji Paul for the great support and guidance.

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