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“Like the crest of the peacock and the jewel of the serpent, Mathematics stands at the helm of all sciences.”

Mathematics has had a big role in the development of Computer Science and Information Technology. There are myriad applications of mathematics in technology. It is hard to conceive any aircraft, any robot, or any future technology to be produced only with a high level of mathematical precision. In recent years, the influence of mathematics in other fields has also grown enormously. Economics and social sciences, once impervious to mathematics, are coming increasingly under its influence. 

The need for understanding mathematics is necessary in all walks of life – whether engineers or scientists, or those working in the world of industry, finance or social sciences. Its role in other human endeavors apart, There is an aesthetic component to its pursuit and it inculcates the habit of rational thought and promotes what our visionaries call “scientific temper”. It is important that studies of mathematics are promoted amongst the young generation.

With a mission to take mathematics as our road to development, Oman Mathematics Committee celebrates Oman Math day from 21st-23rd November every year. Salalah College of Technology celebrated Oman Math Day  on 23rd November 2017. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, Dean, Salalah College of Technology and presided over by Dr. Said Omar Al Mishiki, Dean of Academic Affairs, Salalah College of Technology. Mr.Vijipaul , Head of IT Department , Salalah college of Technology welcomed the guests and participants from all Departments. Dr Hamdam, in his address, emphasized the need to make regular Math Instructions appealing and attractive to the student community in order to wipe away the fear of Mathematics from young minds. In the welcome address, Mr Viji Paul quoted Missile man Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, and said “If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”. He compared the student participants to the shining sun, who burnt the midnight oil to create their presentations.

Dr.Mallika Elan, Head of Math Section , Organizer of this event, delivered a speech on importance of celebrating the Oman Math Day. She said, there are two important reasons behind this celebration. Firstly, to streamline the activities of the Oman Mathematics Committee, which is an associate member of the International Mathematical Union (IMU). She emphasized that SCT extends full support to the  Oman Mathematics Committee in its   goal to become  an active member of IMU, by conducting events on mathematics such as seminars, competitions and gatherings to help those interested in mathematics to meet, present, and discuss their ideas and research experiences. 

Secondly, to remember Mathematicians and History of Mathematics.

“History has the task of teaching the present about the future by what happened in the past”

Through Math Fair we are aiming to “Training Today's Brightest Minds To Solve Tomorrow's Problems.”

A Student Math Fair with the theme “Applications and History of Mathematics” witnessed a huge response with 25 participating teams from various colleges in Dhofar Region. Varied presentations aimed at demystifying mathematics, promoting mathematical thinking in students and encouraging them practice math in all spheres of their life, were presented. Project on “Applications of Calculus in Estimating The Time Of Safe Dosage of Drug”, won the first prize, while  projects on “The Golden Ratio” and “The Sine Cosine Palm Trick” won the second and third Prize respectively. The Math Fun Corner added up a lot of fun for students and encouraged them to take a break from standard math lessons.

The  Math Forum, a platform for  Professional Growth for faculty members, included a Guest Lecture  by Prof. Mohammed Asif Gondal, Head, Department of Mathematics, Dhofar University, during the Math Day celebration. 

Finally Dr.Mallika , thanked the  Dean, Dr.Hamdan Al Manthari & Assistant Dean Academic Affairs,Dr. Said Omar Al Mashiki , for their all-out support and IT HOD Mr.Viji Paul for his assistance. She also thanked the  colleagues , friends and  students for their dedicated team effort which made this event successful.

Oman Math Day Celebration in  Salalah College of Technology ,Oman made a new beginning and let us join hands to lift the veil of a new epoch of mathematics.   

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