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IT Department of Salalah College of Technology conducted technological awareness program and Seminar on the topic “Mobile Phone: A Dangerous Friend” on October 17, 2017 Tuesday 12 noon at Multi-Purpose Hall. “Student Development Committee” and “IT Student Club” of IT department have organized this mega awareness program.

The wide spread of smart phone use among students is a question of several polemics in terms of adverse health effects exposed by various researchers. Mobile phone radiations became one of the most pervasive problems around the globe. This seminar was conducted with the intention of attracting student attention and creating awareness on health risks of mobile phone radiation and educational mobile applications.

Speakers for the day Mr. Nesaian Reginal Wilfred and Ms. Jasmin A Tumulak presented excellent background and provided awareness on major pros and cons of using Smart phones. In the first session, topics such as mobile network operations, mobile phone radiations, health effects, control measures, safety tips and health awareness were presented. In the second session, the speakers focused the advantages of smart mobile phone apps that support student learning process and also demonstrated the use of mobile cloud storage, the most challenging and recent storage trend where people look for a centralized space. Video presentations on evolution of mobile phones and radiations effects attracted the audience.

During inaugural ceremony, Dr. Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari welcomed the gathering. Mr. Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed introduced the elected IT student club leaders. Head of the IT Department, Mr. Viji Paul honored and felicitated the IT student club leaders and delivered a motivational talk to encourage students to involve and organize more activities for the welfare of Omani community. Student leader Ms. Muna Said Alash Al Katheri presented the vote of thanks while Ms. Manal Ali Momen Al Mashali anchored the program.

Mr. Nesaian Reginal Wilfred, chairman of the student development committee made the necessary arrangements under the guidance of Mr. Viji Paul, HOD-IT department. Committee members Dr. Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari, Mr. Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed, Ms. Marian A. Malig-on, student leader Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi and other student leaders made the event colorful. Organizing committee wholeheartedly thank the Dean and Assistant deans of the college for the great support. Students and teachers of the college enthusiastically participated and benefited through this program.

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