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One day Lecturer’s Enrichment Work shop on “Integrating Technology with Students Centered Learning”held in SCT. Featured

Maths Section of the IT-department in Salalah college of technology organized a knowledge sharing work shop on”Integrating Technology with Students Centered Learning” on “31st-January -2017 at the Multipurpose Hall in SCT.

As this modern era of 21st century, the infusion of technology into teaching and learning has a remarkable influence on the instructional strategies of the educational institutions. The traditional teacher-centric method which has been going on for decades has now been modified and enhanced, owing to technology.

The speakers threw light on the importance of Technology and how it can pave the way for both teachers and students,. A roadmap needs to be followed for matching technological tools to learning outcomes, so that technology can be used to get students to interact with course content in an engaging and productive fashion.

They termed technology with education and accept the fact that learning, rather than being just a practice is an active responsibility of the learners and teachers with the help of technology should assist students to have a successful education

Dr.Mallika Natarajan ,Head of the Mathematics section ,Organizer of this event welcomed the guests and participants from all Departments ,while the Head of the IT -department Mr.Vijipaul has made an inspirational speech about the importance of technology integration with Student centered learning thus the work shop started.

The speakers from all the departments of SCT shared their work, experiences, and insights at the work shop on technology and student-centered learning and insisted that the Technology can equip students to independently organize their learning process. So, instead of being passive recipients of information, students using technology become active users.

Dr.Mallika –HOS Math thanked the Dean of SCT Dr. Hamdan Al manthari , Assist.Dean.Academic.Dr.Said Omar Al Mashiki, and Head of English Language center .Dr.Saeed Al Mashiki, for their support to the event and it was concluded by giving vote of thanks to all by Ms.Ameena Sirajudin from Math section.

On the whole the event was appreciated by all the participants.

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