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Salalah Methanol Company Visit Featured

Students of Information Technology Department – Database Section, visited Salalah Methanol Company on 24/10/2017 which was arranged through the On the Job Training Department and Industrial Link Committee. Mr. Abdullah Al Bahdoor, Brand Manager of SMC welcomed the students and explained about an overview of the company. MS Asma Al Fadah, Senior Applications Developer explained about the importance of database in a company and showed us how scorecards and dashboards reports are generated. The students found the visit very useful.


A Workshop on Hadoop: A Distributed Framework for Big Data Featured

The Information Technology Department organized a Workshop on “Hadoop: A Distributed Framework for Big Data” on October 24, 2017 at IT12C in IT Bldg. from 12:45-1:45 PM. The event formally started with a welcome note by the Head of Information Systems (IS) section Dr. Abhishek Dubey and introduction of the resource speaker Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal, a lecturer from IS section of IT Department.

During the actual workshop, the resource speaker dynamically and generously shared Hadoop concepts, exposed the actual application and its significance in real setting to the 22 participants who showed much involvement and enthusiasm the whole time which made the workshop a productive and interactive session for all. Participants in turn have expressed their full interest and eagerness to request for a second session for full hands on application using the said framework.

The workshop ended by giving a token of appreciation to the speaker and vote of thanks by the Head of IS section Dr. Abhishek Dubey.


Math Workshop on Fundamentals of Algebra

Operation on Real Numbers.

  • Arithmetic calculation basics.
  • Order of Operations.
  • Combined operations on mixed numbers
  • Common Factor.

    Linear Equations.

    Quadratic Equation.

  • By Formula
  • Using Calculator

    System of equation

    Usage of Scientific Calculator.

Structure of the Work shop

Real Numbers
(10-15 minutes)

  • Number system
  • Sign Rules.
  • Using Calculator

(10-15 minutes)

  • Fractions (four operations)
  • Using Calculator

Order of Operation

(10 minutes)

  • Using Calculator

Student Work Time
(15-20 minutes)

Break (refreshments)
(5 minutes)

Exponents and Radicals
(10-15 minutes)

  • Laws of exponents.
  • Using calculator to find radicals.

(10-15 minutes)

  • Linear Equation
  • Solve Quadratic Equation using Calculator

Student Work Time
(15-20 minutes)

(10 minutes)

  • Highlighting common mistakes, questions that arose
  • Distribute certificates.

Math Help Center Online Booking System-Induction Program Featured

Math Section of IT Department conducted an Induction Program on “Math Help Center Online Booking System” at 10:00 AM, 22nd October 2017 in ELC Lab -1 Foundation Building. The Induction was given by Mr.Junn Eric Timoteo from ETC. This activity was conducted for the lecturers of the Math section under the guidance of Mr.Vijipaul (HOD- IT). The new system will enable lecturers to register their students for Math Help Center Online, through the Math App on the college website. Students can choose their time online for Math Help Center with guidance of Math Help Center Coordinator.

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