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IT Department conducted workshop on “Windows Server 2008 Configuration and Management for PACA Staff” Featured

The Department of Information Technology conducted a workshop on “Windows Server 2008 Configuration and Management” for the Staff of Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA). The workshop was held at the CISCO Lab, IT Building, Salalah College of Technology, from 29.04.2018 to 03.05.2018. It was coordinated by Industrial Link Committee and the Information Technology Department. Eight staff from PACA attended the workshop.

The Inaugural Address was delivered by Mr. Vijipaul, Head, Department of Information Technology. Mr. Devarajan Veerasamy, Lecturer, Networking Section conducted the workshop. The workshop emphasized on the following topics;

  • Windows Server 2008 Installation,
  • Domain Configuration and User Creations,
  • Windows 7 client Installation,
  • Server Management.

During the sessions, an activity was conducted for the PACA staff and a staff questionnaire was discussed. The participant’s feedback and comments for further development Training Activities of IT department were received. IT Department thanks the SCT Management, College Dean and Assistant Dean for their support in Departmental Activities.


Upgrade 2018 - Transforming ICT Graduation Projects into Startups

The Research Council (TRC) of Oman is inviting graduating students from Bachelor Level  of our college to submit their projects on the following topics, but not limited to, Smart city, IOT, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, and Blockchain. 

Activity Content:

  • Name of the program: UPGRADE 2018”.
  • Eligible projects are projects of graduated and graduating students for the current as well as last academic year.
  • Winning project students are provided with fund up to 12,000 omr, training in incubation business development center and International internship.

Submission Procedure:


Interested students have to complete the following steps with the help of project supervisor.

Step 1:

  • Provide the Project Title.
  • Write short summary of the project.

Step 2 – Enter only Student Details.

Step 3 – prepare the Expenditure table (Downloaded from this step)

 And attach other required documents.

Submission deadline:

  • The registration is now open until 5th May 2018.

Contact Information:

Students may visit or contact Dr. R. Venkateswaran, Lecturer- Information Security from IT Department in our college for detailed activity information.



SCT-IT Team (Two Staff members & One Student) had participated in Smart Education and Technology Symposium “SETS 2018'” organized by Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman on 27th March 2018.

On behalf of SCT-IT, Dr. N.R Wilfred Blessing presented a research paper under the theme “Optimizing the IT Infrastructure” and Mr. Bernard Ugalde with IT student Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al-Sandi presented a research paper under the theme “Best Practices in Student Centered Learning”.

Hearty Congratulations and wishes to Dr. N.R Wilfred Blessing, Mr. Bernard Ugalde, and Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi for receiving “BEST PAPER AWARD” in respective themes. Researchers from various universities and colleges in Oman presented research papers in this symposium.

IT department sincerely thank the College Management for constant support and encouragement. The department also acknowledges SCT Research and Consultancy Committee for the necessary guidance.


IT Day 2018 – Techno Fest Celebrations Featured

IT Department of Salalah College of Technology organized a two day mega event “IT Day 2018”, Information Technology Festival on 14th and 15 of March 2018, which comprises of a series of competition and activities namely IT Quiz, Database Design Quest, Pi Day Celebration, Programming Talent Test, Networking Competition, Paper Presentation, Project demonstration and Poster presentation on IT Trends and Tactics. Around 220 students participated and exhibited their talents and skills.

College Dean Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi , Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr.Amal Ahmed Agham Al-Shahri, Head of Quality Assurance Department Mr. Khalid Al Maashani, Head of ELC Mr. Said Al Mashiki and other dignitaries attended the Inaugural ceremony.

Our department Head Mr. Vijipaul, welcomed the gathering and encouraged the students by his motivational speech. Then Dr. Ms. Mallika Natarajan, HOS-Mathematics Section, give a brief account of various events conducted. Then Mr. Baskar, HOS of database Section and Chair of IT Day Celebrations, requested Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, The Dean of College, to declare the IT Day completions open. Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari in his speech expressed his desire to see many students to participate in such events to enhance their skills and wished them his best to do well.

The poster presentation was the first event in “TECHNO FEST 2018” during IT DAY celebrations. The competition was conducted on a theme “IT Trends & Tactics” to exhibit student’s creative and pioneering ideas of their academic projects, exploring the recent technologies along with IT trends & tactics. Poster presentation mainly focused on Communication Technologies, Computer Security, Business Process Outsourcing, Medical Application of Mathematics, Trigonometric Ratios, Trigonometric functions, Big data and Oman, Water quality software, Mobile application for Taxi booking in Oman, Warning signs of bad IT Architecture, Centralized Digitization, Impact of social media on students, Big Data of Social Media Opportunities and challenges, Cyptocurrency: The Future of Money, Artificial Intelligence Age, Data Warehousing, Awareness of False information, LiFi - The Future Internet, Social Robots, Wearable Technology, and Automatic Linking of Toll and parking with Civil ID.  

Total of 22 teams from various levels including Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and B.Tech participated in the event. The coordinator of the poster presentation Dr. N.R Wilfred Blessing and his team members made the necessary arrangements and conducted the event successfully.

Pi Day activities are meant to enrich and deepen students' understanding of the concept of pi. Activities include investigations of the value of pi in a game, special pi projects, and a skit with pizza or other kinds of "pi." Because pi is 3.14159…, our department held the big Pi Day celebrations on 3/14.

We organized Mathematical Treasure Hunt for students pursuing Advanced Diploma and Bachelorette in Engineering. It was a great activity for fun and engaging mathematics lessons. The pupils followed a trail of clues and mathematical problems around the MPH; each clue contains a hint to where the next clue is hidden.

A total of 45 students split into 15 teams, each team with 3 students of different abilities participated in the Treasure Hunt. Working in a team, and in a competition, supported team working skills, and even students with difficulties in mathematics participated. The questions were taken from a wide range of different topics, not directly related to the mathematics curriculum. The treasure hunt was coordinated by Ms Aminah Sirajuddin and her team.

The Aims of the programming competition was to bring together talented students from Diploma, Higher Diploma and B.Tech throughout the IT Department to compete in a spirit of fun. The contest was to test their programming skills and problem solving ability.

The programming competition was the first day event in “TECHNO FEST 2018” during IT DAY celebrations. Total 14 students from various levels including Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and B.Tech participated in the event. The Competition was coordinated by Mr. Sk Wasim Haidar and his team members, it was a great success.

IT Quiz Competitions as held in Multipurpose Hall, to encourage and inculcate the competitive spirit and to impart skills in lateral thinking and responding in right time with right answers.

Total 18 teams registered for the event and after elimination round 5 teams participated in the final round. In the finals, 3 rounds with different levels of questions, students were under fire. At the end of very tough competition, two teams have been selected for the first and second position. Mr. Mohamed Mushtaq Ahmed and Mr. Rakesh as coordinators organized the event well with the support a team of able lecturers.

Networking competitions were divided into three sections: IT Essentials -  (for Diploma 1 Students), CCENT (RnS1 and 2) -  (for Diploma 1 and 2 Students), and CCNA ( Rns3 and 4) -  (for AD and BTECH Students) headed by Dr.Nithesh K.Nandakumaran with Mr.Sunil Thomas  and Mr. Devarajan as the Facilitators.

One of Competition was “Database Design Competition” held on 14th March, 2018 at IT-1L in IT Building. Purpose of this competition was to develop and enhance student’s interest in learning and applying database concepts in problem solving.

Six teams of three members each participated in the Competition. Three teams were formed from bachelor level and three teams from advanced diploma level.  Students were asked to perform different tasks in each round.  Winner and runner up teams were awarded with certificates. This competition was supervised by Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah with a team of lecturers.

Day 2 event started with the introductory message of Mr. Jonathan Peter Glycer Tambaoan, HOS for Network/Internet & E-Security Section. He mentioned about the College Mission and Vision and its relation to the Course Project of the student. He reiterated that the college is preparing the students to become highly competitive through knowledge and expertise in terms of technical skills. In addition, he mentioned about the importance of soft skills that the student must have in order to become highly efficient IT professionals of the future.

Three projects namely ‘Online Computer Laboratory Maintenance Logbook’, ‘Parcel Service System (PSS)’ and ‘Smart Garbage’ were presented by student presenters.

After the Project Presentation, all the distinguished guests, Dr. Said Omar Al-Mashikhi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Mr. Viji Paul, Head of IT Department, Dr. Abishek Dubey, HOS for IS, Mr. G. Baskar, HOS for Database, Mr. Zahid Mehmood, HOS for IT and Dr. Mallika, HOS for Math, lecturers and students went to different project booths to see all other projects and asked the students additional information about their projects.

After the Project Exhibit, a session was conducted by two Guests Speakers. The first speaker was from Omantel, Ms. Eman Said Al-Malki. She discussed about the “Effective CV Writing and Interview Coaching”. The second speaker was from PACA, Mr. Emad Abdullah Al Najjar. He discussed about “IT Roles and Responsibilities in Government and Private Companies”.

It was a timely topic for the students because it will help the students to prepare themselves in applying for a job in the future.

Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, Dean of the college presided over the Seminar Session and appreciated the valuable contribution of the Guest Speakers by awarding certificates.

To inculcate the habit of research work and to motivate and identify the student’s creative and pioneering ideas of their academic projects, exploring the recent technologies along lines of the research council students were encouraged to present papers on various topics, mainly focused on Artificial Intelligence, Communication Technologies, Computer Security, cloud computing, Mobile Networking, Data Mining, Big data, Impact of social media on students with respective to hiring and recruitment, Big Data of Social Media Opportunities and challenges, Water quality software, Cyptocurrency.  The coordinator Dr. M. ChandraPal and his Review team did evaluate the papers. After evaluation two papers were presented by students in MPH. the papers presented were ‘New Frontier and Emerging Trends on Social Media’ and ‘Cloud Computing’.

The judges of the Student Paper Presentation were Dr. Nitesh Nandakumar, Dr. R. Venkateswaran, Mr. Bernard Ugalde and Mrs. Lincy Grace Kanagaselvi.

All participants and staff gathered in Multi Purpose Hall for award ceremony. Dr. Abishaik, HOS for IS section welcomed the gathering and highlighted the features of the IT Day events. Mr. G. Baskar, Overall coordinator of IT Day 2018 gave brief report about the events thanking the Dean, Assistant Deans, Head of the Department, Head of Sections for their encouragement and support. He thanked and appreciated the Steering Committee members, Student Volunteers, in-charges of various activities and all staff for their whole hearted participation in the celebrations which was a great success.

Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi, our Assistant Dean for Academic affairs spent his precious time in listening and advising the students during project demonstration awarded the students and staff with certificates. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Zahid Mehmood, Head of Section IT.  IT Day-2018 gave great opportunity to students to bring out the hidden talents and also it boosted their presentation skills, technical skills, leadership skills, personality and other soft skills.

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