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ELF holds online vocabulary contest Featured

Considering that interactive games can impact language learning, the English Language Forum (ELF) held an online vocabulary competition for Foundation students on November 30, 2017 in the ELC-Lab 3.

Levels 3-4 students competed in choosing the correct antonym to the word given within a span of 20 seconds only. After the mind cracking contest, Aseel Arafh Khareef and Talal Madian Al- Yafai emerged as first and second places, respectively.

The participants stated that the competition was fun, educational, and effective in motivating them to love more the English language. With positive spirit, the students look forward to joining more contests to be sponsored by the ELF.

Prizes and certificates were given by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, Head of the English Language Center and Mr. Salim Al-Mashani, Chairperson of ELF during an awarding ceremony on December 7, 2017 in the ELC Conference Room.

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