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ELC-GFP celebrates 47th National Day Featured

The English Language Center-General Foundation Program (ELC-GFP) held a celebration to mark Oman’s 47th National Day last November 23, 2017 in the Self-Access Center.

The celebration kicked off with an inspirational message by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, Head of the ELC-GFP. He emphasized the dual significance of National Day every November 18th to commemorate Oman’s international recognition as an independent, sovereign nation and His Majesty’s birthday.

The HELC also commended both Omani and expat staff for their collaborative efforts to make such event possible and for constantly supporting every undertaking at the Center.

Another highlight of the celebration was a 6-minute video presentation about Oman’s metamorphosis through the years since Sultan Qaboos bin Said assumed his throne in 1970.

After the program, a thanksgiving buffet lunch was partaken by the ELC-GFP staff and visitors.

The enthusiasm of the ELC-GFP family for this year’s National Day was evident in the early decoration of the Center with Omani flags and other symbols that show nationalism and pride of Oman’s rich cultural heritage.

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