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ELC-PF conducts refresher workshop Featured

Aimed at refreshing the teachers’ knowledge and understanding about the sixth edition of the APA Manual and the plagiarism policy, a Refresher Workshop was conducted by the English Language Center - Post Foundation Program (ELC-PFP) on 10th October 2017 at the ELC Conference Room.

Dr. Faqir Aslam Rana, new ELC-PF Coordinator, discussed the various plagiarism policies, the most common types of plagiarism, the reasons why students plagiarize, and the importance of citing sources.

The workshop included many interactive sessions, which enabled teachers to share enthusiastically their insights on plagiarism, citation and referencing style. The participants believed that such workshop will help them more to guide students how to cite sources properly in their projects.

The ELC-PF lecturers who attended the workshop were: Mr. Jeremy Thorpe, Mr. Anurag Thota, Mr. Anwar Ahmed, Mr. Jamel Eddine Al Akremi, Mr. Ahmed Al-Mashani, Ms. Marily Gayeta, Dr. Aju Thomas, Mr. Michael Moxley, Dr. Ronilo Jayag, Ms. Wendella Francis, Ms. Somi Brown, Mr. Kurian Augusthy, Dr. Iyyappan Sundareswaran, and Mr. Musallam Kashoob.

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