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ELC GFP Policy Awareness Session 1 Featured

The ELC GFP organized a SCT Policy Management System awareness session on May 9th 2017. Special mention was made of the policies pertaining to the General Foundation Program. The session was well attended by approximately 86 staff members from ELC and IT Department.

The Head of the GFP, Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki, addressed the gathering and reiterated the necessity of all stakeholders following the SCT Policies for the smooth and effective working of the GFP. He explained the importance of adhering to all policies and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to enhance the activities in the Center.

There were ten presenters who provided the audience with information about policies pertaining to GFP.

1. QA Policy & Staff Appraisal Policy: Mr. Michael Coleman (Member of ELC Council)
2. Policy Management System: Ms. Shalu Thomas (College Rep. to PMS Committee)
3. Health & Safety Policy: Mr. Ronilo Jayag (College Rep. to H & S Committee)
4. Risk Management Policy: Ms. Marily Gayeta (College Rep. to RM Committee)
5. Research & Consultancy Policy: Ms. Padmini Ivaturi (College Rep. to R&C Committee)
6. Staff Induction Policy: Ms. Nicola Philips (College Rep. to HRD Committee.)
7. Assessment Policy: Ms. Felicius Grace (PF Lecturer-Volunteer)
8. Examination Invigilation Policy: Ms. Claire Orpilla (QA Member)
9. Resource Requirement –SOP: Mr. Bince B (Chairman of RR Committee)
10. CRDC – SOP: Mr. Murali Krishna (Chairman of CRD Committee)

Some general information provided to the audience on SCT Policies

  • There are two kinds of Policies: Academic and Non-Academic or Administrative
  • SCT has established a Policy Management System (PMS) in compliance with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) mandates
  • Policies are developed to be the guiding principle which sets the direction for the institution
  • Policies help to govern the development and implementation of procedures and provides guidelines for all activities in the various units of SCT
  • Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are uniformly applied and monitored in all units of SCT
  • Policies assist SCT in achieving its Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives
  • Policies also promote operational efficiency while reducing risks.
  • Policies help in ensuring that all departments/centers comply with the Ministry mandates and community expectations
  • Staff must be aware of all SCT policies and use them to ensure systematic administration of all unit/college affairs.

All the participants agreed that the policies presented were clear, informative and very useful.

The QA Coordinator, Ms. Salina Mascrelhas, thanked all the participants for a very fruitful and successful awareness session.

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