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What is the GFP?

The General Foundation Program was established in 2006 by the OAAA to nationalize the program adopted by all COTs. The GFP provides a strong foundation to the higher education sector in Oman. Most Omani students undertake the GFP prior to their higher education programs. To meet international standards the GFP is now undergoing the Accreditation Process.

How far has the GFPA progressed?

ELC-GFP is now in the second stage of preparation for Accreditation.

In April 2016: the first stage of phase one commenced.

On the 20th and 27th April 2016: the GFP Council Committee conducted two workshops to ensure all GFP Staff is aware of the Accreditation Project.

On the 2nd and 5th October 2016: two more workshops were conducted for GFP Audit Awareness.

18th October 2016: ELC GFP Council members met to decide the 7 GFP Working Groups, the members and their responsibilities.

On 6th November 2016: the Steering Committee met with the 7 GFP Working Groups to discuss the mechanism for collecting GFP Self-Study data. A detailed schedule with milestones for each task was documented and disseminated to all members.

From 18th October to 1st December 2016: the 7 GFPWKs met several times to discuss and list required Support Material.

On 1st and 4th December 2016: the Monitoring Committee met the GFPWGs to discuss the Approach and Support Material available. The Feedback in the form of comments/suggestions from the Monitoring Committee was then incorporated.

On 28th February 2017: the Steering Committee met the members of the GFP Working Groups to discuss problems faced and solutions, also to ensure that the required support and guidance are provided.

On 26th March 2017: the Steering Committee conducted a workshop to train the members of the GFP WGs on how to write the Criterion for each Scope in the ADRI format.

Each group is now working independently at the task. The next workshop is scheduled in the third week in April 2017.

Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki
Chairman ELC GFP

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