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Induction Program of the Mars Life Simulation Project held in Salalah College of Technology Featured

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The Organizing Committee of the Mars Living Simulation Project in cooperation with the Omani Astronomical Society and Salalah College of Technology held an Introductory Lecture on Mars Simulation and Exploration Experiment in the Sultanate of Oman on March 1, 2018 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of SCT.

The program was presented by Dr.Gernot Groemer, the Project Commander of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) and Dr.Saleh Al-Shehadi, Chairman of the Oman Astronomical Society and Vice-Chairman of the Project Steering Committee in Oman.

SCT was privileged enough to be the first campus in a series of induction venues to have seen and witnessed the actual photos of the experiments made in the simulation project. Astronauts spent a month in isolation on a simulated “red planet” living the “martian life” in the desolate Dhofar desert in Marmool to help prepare humanity for a future mission to Mars which NASA targets to accomplish in the year 2030. Using a drone, robotic rovers and an inflatable greenhouse, the astronauts carried out 19 experiments on this baron area, picked for its resemblance to Mars.

The program was well attended by both students and staff of SCT headed by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr Said Omar Al Mashiki. Guests from other companies and institutions in Dhofar Region also graced the program.

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