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QA Organized Quality Assurance Awareness Featured

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The Quality Assurance Unit conducted an Awareness Session for the IT and Business Departments staff on Tuesday, January 10th 2017 in the MPH.

The session was (Over View of Quality Assurance at SCT) and covered the following topics:

  1. Basic Information: Definition of Quality in HEIs,Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Organization Chart and Guiding Documents.
  2. Routine QA Activities and ADRI: SP, OPs and Action Plans and how they are connected with the V&M.
  3. Accreditation Activities and ADRI: Introduction to the accreditation under OAAA and the College progress with regard to the accreditation.
  4. Staff Role in Quality Assurance.

The session emphasized the importance of spreading the QA culture among all staff and that it is a habit not an act.

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