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College News


Now on its 4th year, Salalah College of Technology once again hosted a National Symposium in collaboration with Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team (OCERT) with a theme focusing on the future of internet and its implication to social media networking, security and privacy. Under the Patronage of His Excellency Saif Bin Ahmed Al Gharaibi, Wali of Rakhyut, and graced by the College Dean, Dr Maryam Al Awadi, the symposium was held on May 25, 2015 at Rotana Resort, Salalah. Around 290 participants from the different public and private sectors and educational institutions attended the assembly which was the highest turn-out in the history of SCT-OCERT events. Seven (7) selected speakers from around the country covered the technical, social and legal implications of the future of the internet.

This unique national assembly was an interdisciplinary forum which provided a unique opportunity for educators, IT experts and students of higher education from all over the Sultanate to convene and share novel ideas on the crucial issues and trends concerning the cybersecurity and its legal and social implications.

To quote Dr Ahmed Ali Al Shahri, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, in his welcome remarks, he stated that “Information consumption, communication, education, and businesses are now vastly different than they were just a decade ago. Contributing to this evolution is the social media, which has proven to be very influential in many areas of our lives. Social media's rise to fame and this casual electronic connection have experienced some challenges and threats. These threats must be taken seriously and we must all continuously work to safeguard the big opportunities and services that the cyberspace and the social media provide to billions of individuals worldwide. “

For the past three (3) consecutive years, Salalah College of Technology has been hosting Oman Computer Emergency Readiness Team’s (OCERT) campaigns at the Dhofar Region in promoting cyber security and information security awareness.


2012- Cybersecurity Convention
2013- Mobile Security and Its Legal and and Social Implications
2014- Social Media Security
2015- The Future of the Internet: Its Implication to Social Media, Security and Privacy

The following guests presented diverse topics pertaining to the future of the world wide web and the social media:

  1. Mr. Haitham Al Hajri
    Digital Forensic Specialist
    Oman National CERT
  2. Mr. Leo Maglalang
    Instructor/Training Center CISCO Academy Lead Contact
    Higher College of Technology
  3. Mr. Jonathan Tambaoan
    Head of Section – Networking/Internet E-Security Section
    IT Department, Salalah College of Technology
  4. Dr Raihan Aamir
    IT Director, Octal Petrochemicals SAOC
  5. Mr. Ali Suhail Tabuk
    Director, Middle East Center for Consulting and Social Studies
  6. Mr. Rashid Salim Al Salmi
    CEO, Insight Information Technology
  7. Mr. Abdelrahman Abdelhamied, CEO, 2ITC


Platinum Sponsors

  • Oman Telecommunications Company (OmanTel)
  • Shanfari Group of Companies

Gold Sponsors

  • Salalah Methanol Company
  • Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC)
  • Dhofar Cattlefeed
  • Dover Middle East LLC
  • Dhofar Beverages and Foodstuff Co.
  • Expert Computer System
  • Bahwan Cybertek
  • Technical and Administrative Training Institute

Silver Sponsors

  • Dhofar Technical and Trading Services
  • Leaders Computer System

Staff Recognition 2015 Featured

Salalah College of Technology aims at creating an environment that ensures that it is always the place where the staff, both academic and non-academic, feel the support, encouragement, and reassurance and most importantly, where opportunities are provided for the staff to participate in the process of organizational and institutional growth and development. Thus, an initiative to establish a staff recognition system emerged. On June 16, 2015, Salalah College of Technology held an Employee Recognition Ceremony and Annual Staff Gathering at Rotana Resort Salalah. The program, presided by the College Dean, Dr. Maryam Al Awadi, celebrated enthusiasm, remarkable commitment and sheer hard work. It was a day to pay tribute to a group of selected staff who undoubtedly performed exceptionally at their best in the past Academic Year. 79 selected staff were recognized in the award including the non-academic staff. The College currently has more than 450 employees from diverse cultures and nationalities.

The awards and recognitions were classified into six different categories.

  • SCT Staff of the Year
  • Dean’s Honor List
  • Departmental Awards
  • Exceptional Committee Awards
  • Initiative and Development Awards
  • Silent Soldiers Award

“By recognizing our employees effectively, we encourage and reinforce the very actions and behaviors that create a better working environment for everyone. We need to promote a culture where informal and formal recognition become a part of the management philosophy across the entire organization.” Dr Maryam Al Awadi, the College Dean, stated.


Operation Cyclone Chapala in SCT: A Show of Unity and Cooperation Featured

The SCT Staff demonstrated a strong spirit of readiness, unity and cooperation as Cyclone Chapala was announced to hit Dhofar Region between October 31 and November 2, 2015.

The Heads of Departments, heads of sections, academic and non - academic staff and maintenance worked together in shifting the laboratory equipment, computers, chemicals and other college properties to safer grounds. Servers and network equipment were switched off to prevent damage in case of flooding.

Such action manifests the care and concern of everyone when circumstances call for action…

A Very Big Thank You to all of you!!!

Nasser AlDaan    Masoud AlMahri
English Language Center  
Murali Krishna Vasireddy   Bince K Baby
Business Studies Department
  Dr Myrna Barnachea  
Engineering Department
Dr Said Omar Al Mashiki
Ofelia Hassan
N Sellapan
Ninzo Thomas
Shanawaz Ahmed
Arlene Joaquin
P Jayakaran
N Prakash
Nishat Fatima
Shabnam Siddiqui
S Vimala

Mohini Namawade
Azucena Cueno
Jennifel Ehlia
P Kanakasabai
Raja S
Rakesh N
Jonathan Talosig
Jamin Santiago Nelson Cambe
Rommel Aunario
Lea Belaya
Mohd Khan
Nurul Hassan
Ramises Sotes
Syed Aqeel
Mohd Mauda
Said AlMahri
B Singh
Yasser A
Mohd Ashraf
Syed Faroos
Daniel Thirumurugan
Roy Capili
Sean Andres
Andrew Appaji
Rajasree Nair
Abdul Hakim Khan
Information Technology Department
Viji Paul
Josie del Valle
G. Baskar
Suresh Kumar
Jonathan Tambaoan
Allan Salburo
Yashir Ambula
Mohammed Sulaiman
Zahid Mahmood
Syed Mohideen
Taiqeer Usmani
H Thajudeed
T. munibalaji

Nitesh Namdkimar
Mohammed Ashik
Abisjek Dubey
K Subramanian
Ujjwal Agatwal
Mohammed Iqbal
  Educational Technology Center    
Amer Rafeet
Armando del Mundo
Junn Eric Timoteo
Rafael Ornedo
Sathiyanathan Sekar
Prabagarane Ganapady
NR Settu
Sankara Narayanan
Abdulaziz Gali
Melanio Calangian
Ariben Santiago
John Martin Tambaoan
Ali Emad Amary
Manny Rodelas
Rubin Alce

إرشادات عامة لخريجي الكلية Featured

ارشادات عامة للخريجين

إرشادات عامة لخريجي الكلية

يسر الكلية التقنية بصلالة، أن تتقدم بالتهنئة لأبنائها خريجي الكلية من مختلف التخصصات مع أطيب التمنيات للجميع

بدوام التوفيق والنجاح، وحرصا من الكلية على تسهيل وتنظيم برنامج حفل التخرج الذي تحدد إقامته بمسرح

المروج بصلالة ، فإنها ترجو وتأمل منكم التعاون والالتزام بالأمور التالية :-

1- التدريبات (يجب التواجد الساعة الخامسة مساء يوم الأحد 20/12/2015م)

2- الاحتفال (يجب التواجد الساعة الخامسة مساء يوم الاثنين 21/12/2015م )

3- مواعيد تحرك الباصات من أماكن إقامة الخريجين الساعة الرابعة عصرا إلى موقع إقامة الحفل .

4- الالتزام التام بمواعيد الحضور والانصراف في يومي البروفة والاحتفال، ويجب على الجميع التواجد بالمسرح والجلوس في أماكنهم والتعاون مع المنظمين إثناء تسجيل الحضور والغياب، علما بان حضور البروفات إلزامي و الخريجين والخريجات الذين لم يحضروا البروفات و الذين لم يتواجدوا بمقاعدهم سوف تسحب شهادتهم من الحفل ولا يحق لهم الحضور .

5- أحرص على معرفة رقم المقعد المخصص لك عند استلامك زي الحفل أومن خلال الاطلاع على موقع الكلية

6- الالتزام التام بلبس الزى الرسمي الخاص بالحفل ( للخريجين والخريجات) عند قدومهم إلى المسرح مع مراعاة الهدوء والسكينة في المسرح وعدم اصطحاب الأطفال .

7- الخريجين العاملين في القطاعين العام والخاص سيتم تزويدهم برسائل تفرغهم( أيام الاحد والاثنين والثلاثاء) وسوف يتم تسليمهم رسائل التفريغ أثناء تواجدهم بالاحتفال أو بمقر الإقامة أو إرسالها عبر الفاكس.

8- الخريجين من خارج المحافظة سيتم تسليمهم تذاكر السفر بمطار مسقط الدولي في صالة المغادرة يوم السفر ولمعرفة توقيت الرحلة الرجاء مراجعة موقع الكلية.

9- سوف يستلم الخريجين من خارج المحافظة زي التخرج عند وصولهم مقر الاقامة، أما الخريجين والخريجات من داخل المحافظة سوف يتم تسليمهم الزي في الكلية حينما يتم اخطارهم برسائل نصية قصيرة .

10- في حالة وجود خطأ في الشهادة او الاسم عند المناداة يرجى استلام الشهادة من راعي الحفل والعودة إلى المكان المحدد لك والتزام الهدوء وإخطار اللجنة المنظمة بعد الانتهاء من الاحتفال من اجل توفير شهادة بديلة .

11- احرص على حمل البطاقة الشخصية لإجراءات السفر والإقامة والتقيد بأماكن الإقامة المحددة لك وعليك ترك الفندق و تسليم الغرفة واخذ أمتعتك قبل الساعة 12 ظهرا من يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 22/12/2015م وفق رحلات العودة والحجوزات المسبقة إعدادها، علما بأن أي تأخير بعد هذا التاريخ ستتحمل تبعاته .

12- الالتزام التام بموعد تناول وجبات الفطور والغداء والعشاء حسب مواعيد مقر الإقامة .


QA-Awareness Session-1 AY 2016-17 Featured

QAU started its First Phase of Series of QA Awareness Programs on September 27, 2016. From each College Units 10 Staff attended; approximately 70-staff participated in the session. Mr. Said Al Mashiki, Head of English Language Centre (ELC) (College Council member as well) was also present for the session.

Head of QA-Unit (Acting) Mr. Suresh Kumar presented the overview of all QA-Activities being undertaken in the College. He stressed that “Quality is responsibility of everyone”. He requested all staff to participate in QA-activities actively so that QA does not remain an ‘Act’ but becomes our ‘Habit’ thereby justifying the slogan of the QA-Unit: “Quality is not an Act, it is a Habit”

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