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Staff and students of Salalah College of Technology brought a remarkable honour to the College for bagging major awards in the recently concluded IoT Olympics held at the Higher College of Technology last May 10th, 2018.

The first-ever Internet of Things (IoT) Olympics is a student’s project-based competition which was open to all prestigious institutions across the Sultanate of Oman to join and participate. A total of twenty six (26) teams participated from the different Colleges and Universities across the country with some of the most reputable private IT organizations as judges.

Higher College of Technology has actively launched this national competition as Internet of Things (IoT) is such a scorching topic today that allows virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place not only in a private sector but also in various institutions. It also opens a door to a lot of prospects and challenges specifically to the students that makes them figure out the gigantic amounts of data to be generated in the devices that they are going to produce. (excerpted from HCT website)

The following students, with the guidance of their trainers both from the I.T. and Engineering Departments, represented Salalah College of Technology and won several major awards in different categories:

Team 1:

Coach: Engr. Leah Belaya


  1. Marwa Said Abdullah Al Shanfari
  2. Fatma Mohammed Amer Al Mashani


  1. Gold Prize for the Environment Domain
  2. Silver Prize for the Smart City Category

Team 2:

Coach: Dr. Nitesh Nandakumar


  1. Ghada Mohsin Ahmed Al-Haddad
  2. Shauq Ali Ahmed Al Mashikhi


  • Bronze Prize for the Smart Home Category

Over-All IoT Trainer: Jonathan Peter Glycer Tambaoan

Congratulations to all the winners and your SCT family is proud of all of you.


ISA Technical Supportive Team Visits SCT Featured

The Institutional Standards Assessment (ISA) Technical Supportive Team from Ministry of Manpower led by Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, visited Salalah College of Technology on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The main purpose of this visit was to provide feedback on ISAA Version 1.0 submitted by SCT and give guidance for the preparation of ISAA Version 2.0. As part of this visit, an interactive session was organized with the participation of CC members, SCT QA Team, ISA working groups’ chairs and members, some staff members and students at Multipurpose Hall.

At the outset, the College Dean Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari welcomed the team and requested the ISA groups and other participants to actively interact with the team and make the session very fruitful by clarifying all their doubts/queries regarding ISA work.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, emphasized on the importance of Quality Assurance and its management in CoTs and conveyed that staff and students must have proper awareness and understanding on all QA activities of the College. Afterwards, two members from the Technical Team Dr. Elias and Dr. Shaker presented general requirements of ISA Application and feedback on ISAA (Version 1) submitted by SCT. They have also provided some suggestions for the improvement of ISA work and preparation of ISA Application Version 2.

Likewise, the technical team conducted a short brainstorming session by dividing the participants into eight groups and requested them to provide their views/suggestions for the development of QA ownership culture and an effective and efficient communication system in the Colleges of Technology. The groups were given 10 minutes time for discussion and a member from each group was asked to provide their views/suggestions. Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, summarized all suggestions and requested the college administration to look into the points and take appropriate actions for improvement.

The College Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari was very appreciative and grateful to the ISA Team for their visit and hopes to have more successful visits in the future.


Registration Schedule Featured

Salalah College of Technology
Registration Schedule
Date Time Level
26/04/2018 -01/05/2018 08:00-14:30  Adviser/Advising for all levels (Normal cases, Mixing, register More courses, Academic probation)Advising & Acceptance for Transferred students
02/05/2018 08:00am-10:00am Diploma(1&2)year On-Line RegistrationLevel/Date/Day/Time
12:00pm-14:00pm Advance Diploma
14:00pm-16:00pm B-Tech
16:00pm-22:00pm All level
03/05/2018 13:00-22:00
  • Registration for late students.
  • Drop & Add.
06/05/2018 08:00 22:00
02/05/2018 08:00-16:00 Control Registration Center (Registration Department) will be operated during the online registration period for one day  from  8:00 AM. to 18:00 PM .

Induction Program of the Mars Life Simulation Project held in Salalah College of Technology Featured

The Organizing Committee of the Mars Living Simulation Project in cooperation with the Omani Astronomical Society and Salalah College of Technology held an Introductory Lecture on Mars Simulation and Exploration Experiment in the Sultanate of Oman on March 1, 2018 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of SCT.

The program was presented by Dr.Gernot Groemer, the Project Commander of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) and Dr.Saleh Al-Shehadi, Chairman of the Oman Astronomical Society and Vice-Chairman of the Project Steering Committee in Oman.

SCT was privileged enough to be the first campus in a series of induction venues to have seen and witnessed the actual photos of the experiments made in the simulation project. Astronauts spent a month in isolation on a simulated “red planet” living the “martian life” in the desolate Dhofar desert in Marmool to help prepare humanity for a future mission to Mars which NASA targets to accomplish in the year 2030. Using a drone, robotic rovers and an inflatable greenhouse, the astronauts carried out 19 experiments on this baron area, picked for its resemblance to Mars.

The program was well attended by both students and staff of SCT headed by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr Said Omar Al Mashiki. Guests from other companies and institutions in Dhofar Region also graced the program.


Sembcorp's visit to SCT Featured

In its continuous effort to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with the local community, and live by its vision of embodying its corporate social responsibility, Sembcorp Salalah Power & Water Company, through its CEO Mr Alex Miquel visited Salalah College of Technology on February 20, 2018 and met the College Dean, Dr.Hamdan Al Manthari together with the assistant deans and Council members.

Sembcorp Salalah Power & Water Company (Sembcorp Salalah) developed, owns and operates an electricity generation and seawater desalination plant, the Salalah Independent Water and Power Plant, located between Taqah and Mirbat in Oman. The plant is located approximately 50 kilometres from Salalah, the administrative town in the Dhofar Governorate.

Future project collaborations between the College and the company were discussed including SembCorp’s commitment to accommodate SCT students as On-The-Job trainees in the company. The College also requested the company to provide feedbacks on the performance of SCT graduates that they hired in the past 2-3 years in the hope of contributing to the improvement of our quality program offerings to the current students that respond to changing market needs. Future possible contributions by the company to the College were also deliberated as part of the discussion on the College’s needs and resource requirements .


احتفالية الكلية التقنية بصلالة بالعيد الوطني 47 المجيد يوم Featured

احتفالية الكلية التقنية بصلالة بالعيد الوطني 47 المجيد يوم الثلاثاء 21 نوفمبر 2017م برعاية الدكتور/ حمدان بن محمد المنذري - عميد الكلية حيث تضمنت الاحتفالية معرض المشاريع الطلابية المنهجية واللامنهجية وتكونت من ركنين الاول خاص بالمشاريع الاكاديمية والركن الاخر شمل عرض لمشاريع طلبة الكليه من رواد الاعمال ونادي ريادة الاعمال.

اما الفعالية الاخرى كانت عبارة حفل مسرحي طلابي بفقرات متنوعة عبر الطلبه من خلالها عن فرحتهم.


تقنية صلالة" تحتفل اليوم بتخريج 685 طالبا وطالبة Featured

احتفلت الكلية بصلالة بتخريج فوج جديد من طلبتها تحت رعاية سعادة الشيخ عبدالله بن مستهيل شماس محافظ جنوب الشرقية وبحضور سعادة الدكتورة منى بنت سالم الجردانية وكيلة وزارة القوى العاملة للتعليم التقني والتدريب المهني وعدد من المسؤولين بالقطاع العام والخاص وأعضاء الهيئتين الإدارية والأكاديمية بالكلية وأولياء أمور الطلبة.

وبلغ عدد خريجي الكلية لهذا العام (685) خريجًا وخريجة موزعين على مستويات البكالوريوس، والدبلوم التقني المتقدم والدبلوم التقني في تخصصات الهندسة وتقنية المعلومات والدراسات التجارية، حيث بلغ عدد الخريجين في مستوى الدبلوم التقني (264) خريجا و(115) خريجة، وفي مستوى الدبلوم التقني المتقدم (45) خريجا و(37) خريجة، بينما في مستوى البكالوريوس بلغ (115) خريجا و(109) خريجة.


Board of Trustees Visit SCT Featured

In its continuing pursuit of ensuring continuous assistance and support to the achievement of academic excellence in the Colleges of Technology, the Board of Trustees of the Ministry of Manpower headed by Her Excellency, the Undersecretary, together with the Heads of the different Private Sectors, visited Salalah College of Technology on Monday, September 18, 2017.

The visit included a general review of the academic programs and curricula of the College, including an actual inspection and assessment of the different College facilities. It also provided the visitors a snapshot of the student projects of the different academic departments. The successful visit concluded with relevant suggestions and recommendations for SCT’s overall improvement.

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