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The Business Studies Department organized awareness programs on ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Risk Management’ activities for its staff on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 12.00 pm in Room BUSS-14C as a part of Policy awareness programs. These programs were organized by Dr. T. Srinivas Prasad, Dept. QA Coordinator with the cooperation of Department Health and Safety Committee and Department Risk Management Coordinator. Mr. Arnelito Junio, Department Risk Management Coordinator and Mr. Armando Bernando, Member of Department Health and safety Committee were the presenters of these awareness programs.

Mr. Arnelito Junio, in his presentation on Risk Management, spoke about various issues relating to Risk management such as Risk identification, Risk analysis, Risk Evaluation, Risk Treatment and Risk Monitoring. He also explained about the preparation and maintenance of Risk Register and the procedure for identification of various risks by taking some examples of the risks that were identified by the Department during the last academic year and the possible solutions to mitigate those identified risks. Further, he requested the staff to extend their cooperation in identification of risks for the current academic year along with their possible solutions by filling up a format which will be sent to the staff very shortly. The participants were actively involved in the discussion and gave their inputs. It was followed by a presentation of Mr. Armando Bernando, who enlightened the audience on the policies and practices regarding health and safety.

Mr. Armando’s presentation was focused on Health and safety Rules and safety work practices related to Standard Operating Procedures of our college. He discussed various Safety issues like different types of fires and burns, bleeding, electrical hazards, first aid basics and evacuation procedures in the event of fire. He exhibited some of the hazardous areas identified and reported to the concerned authorities during the last academic year and also explained the method of using of Fire Extinguisher by giving a demonstration. The programs were very interactive and a good number of staff members attended these programs. Feedback was collected from the participants at the end of these programs.

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