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Statistical Data Analysis Using MS Excel Featured

Salalah College of Technology, Business Studies department conducted a workshop on Statistical Data Analysis Using MS Excel facilitated by Dr. Ramnath Kasturi on March 12, 2017. The Workshop was organized by the Research Committee of Business Studies department.

In his unique style Dr. Ramnath Kasturi delivered a presentation on Statistical Data Analysis Using MS Excel and explained the benefits of MS Excel and its salient features related to research analysis. He also stressed the importance of analysis in the research process.

This workshop was intended to prepare the teachers with hands-on-experience on when to Use a Particular Statistical Test. Also he explained Univariate analysis, Descriptive analysis, Relationship, Bi- and Multivariate Inferential Statistical Tests.

Dr. Ramnath Kasturi the presenter, demonstrated on how to use the advanced options in MS Excel. This workshop was very resourceful and the staff actively participated in the discussion.

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