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BUZZ FEST-2018 Featured

‘Be a Creative Learner to Be an Innovative leader’

Adding another feather to its cap, Business Studies Department successfully organized its most popular event ‘Buzz Fest -2018’ on Monday 14th May 2018. The event provided an opportunity for the students, academic staff, industrial experts and government representatives to discuss the role of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in fostering Oman’s economy.

Taking a leap forward from the last year’s ‘Buzz Fest’, this year event aimed at creating innovative leaders through creative learning. Being simulative in nature, ‘Buzz Fest-2018’ served  as a hand on experience instrument for the students to experience the real business environment. 

To start the proceedings on an auspicious note, Holy Quran was recited by one of our students,  Mr. Abdullah Hussain Babood.

Dr. Alya Ali Al Nasseri- HoD- Business Studies Department welcomed the dignitaries, college management, proud sponsors, participants, students and staff members. In her speech, she draws the attention of audience towards the role of academia in building innovative leaders through creative learning approach.  She also accentuated on the role of government subsidiaries and industry leaders in showing the right path to future entrepreneurs in order to build a prosperous economy. 

In his Keynote address, Mr. Ahmed Ali Akaak, Deputy CEO - Salalah Port raises his concern over the impact of dwindling international oil prices on Oman’s economy. But at the same time he was confident that with the Sultanate’s diversifying economic policies, Oman’s economic growth is on a right track. He emphasized on the need of students redirecting their energies in planning their careers by thinking out of the box.

To generate spontaneous interaction between the academia and participating students, a panel discussion on the topic of ‘Fostering Oman’s Economic Growth: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership’ was arranged.  Eminent scholars from diverse fields participated in this fruitful discussion. Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil, Dean-CCBA, Dhofar University was the facilitator of this  panel discussion. Along with him, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghassani, CEO- RIYADA (PASMED), Mr. Ahmed Ali Akaak, Deputy CEO- Salalah Port, Dr. Mohammed Ali Said Bait Ali Sulaiman, Lecturer- BSD and Mr. Ahmed Masan, a successful entrepreneur discussed the various means of fostering Oman’s Economy.

The panel was in unison over Oman’s economy  development in  near future. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghassani reiterated the fact that it is with an open mind that the students must take calculated risks and venture into entrepreneurship. Supporting Dr. Ahmed’s suggestion, Dr. Mohammed Ali Sulaiman pointed  that the students must think big, different and most importantly creatively to make a successful carrier. Mr. Ahmed Masan emphasized on the role of being a fearless and creative learner on becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

It was a reassuring moment when Mr. Ahmed Ali Akaak concluded  the discussion by addressing the  audience as champion. He stressed on the fact that in life there are no limitations to success,  if one is willing to think out of the box.

After the panel discussion,  audience had the privilege to listen to a woman entrepreneur, Ms. Amna Al Awadi, Chairperson of Women Entrepreneurs Committee from Oman Chamber of Commerce. She motivated the students to take up the challenges of being an entrepreneur and change their destiny.

Our Patron Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani along with Dr. Alya, HoD felicitated the main sponsor companies; Shanfari Group of Companies, Sharikat Fanniya Omaniya LLC, Muscat Securities Market and other sponsors; Khimji Ramdass, Lulu, Dhofar Cattle Feed and Renault (Saud Bahawan Group) by presenting them with mementos and certificate of appreciation.

The session concluded with the dignitaries  making a visit to varied  booths. A total of 15 booths were categorized into 4 categories; Student Entrepreneurs with Innovative Ideas, Buzz Bazar, SMEs & Financial Services and Specialization booths.  Entrepreneurial booths attracted the most number of visitors. Moreover, it provided a chance to the budding entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas. Buzz-Bazar was a new entry to the Buzz Fest 2018, where potential future entrepreneurs showcased their creative talents by selling various products.

The second session was more about activities and simulation games for the students and staff members. The first activity conducted was a quiz competition among the registered students. Four teams involving the students from various specializations participated in this activity. Ms. Fatima Al Mashni, Ms. Asma Al Amri, and Ms. Laila Al Shahri were declared the winners at the end of two competitive rounds.

Meanwhile, the representatives from Muscat Securities Market engaged the students in an investment game, where the students were delighted to invest in real community services in a simulative way. During the course of this activity many students won prizes.

It was an overwhelming experience to see the students confidentially facing an array of questions during the mock interview exercise. This session was conducted by Mr. Ibrahim- Marketing expert, Mr. Shirish- HR expert and Mr. Shashank- Accounting expert from Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. Additionally, the interviewers gave a lot of insights to the students, which would benefit them in the long run.

Ms. Fatim, a business student won the prize for ‘Best Innovative Idea’. She gave a brief presentation of her business idea based on ‘Smart Trash-can’.  In ‘Best Promo Video Competition’ Ms. Salma Said Al Amri, a student from IT Department was declared winner.  

Enthusiasm went a notch higher during the conduct of different games. Staff members and students won lot of prizes and enjoyed themselves while engaging in simulation games. Among all the participants, 3 lucky winners won heavy duty printers as prize. 

A staff recognition ceremony for the Ay 2017-18 was conducted at the end of event. Ms. Sahara Banu, Ms. S. Wajeeha, Dr. Raghuram, Mr. Khalid Al Shanfari and Mr. Hatim Suwailam from their respective sections were honored for their ‘Academic Excellence in Teaching and Learning’. Whereas for the ‘Outstanding Contribution in Committee Work’, Ms. Reshma. Ms. Larisssa,  Dr. S. Prasad and Dr. Amit Sharma were recognized and honored.

For the ‘Departmental Activities’ category, Dr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Khalid Al Shanfari, Mr. Hatim Suwailam and Mr. Neil Raymond were honored.

Department Council’s role was also recognized and all the section heads, Mr. Mohammed Kesbeh- OM, Dr. Raghuram-HR, Mr. Neil Raymond- Accounting and Ms. Amal Al Amri- Marketing were honored by giving the mementos.

Ms. Madiha was chosen for the ‘Best Supporter of the Year’ award. Finally, Mr. Pavan Kumar received the ‘Best Overall Staff Achievement’ award.

Mr. Neil, our master of ceremony, delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of the organizers. He thanked the college management, valuable sponsors, staff members and participating students for their enthusiastic participation and valuable support for making the event a grand success. The event got over promising to achieve many more milestones in forthcoming years.


Team Achievers champs ELF debate contest

After two rounds of heated exchange of arguments, Team Achievers convinced the judges to win over Team Kings in a debate contest sponsored by the English Language Forum (ELF) on May 15, 2018.

Speakers from the affirmative and negative sides debated on the issue “Has technology made life easier and better? Members from each team justified their sides by employing critical thinking, solid reasoning, and great confidence.

Garnering a total of 35 points, Yosuf Al Sandi, Ayham Al Ghassani, Ali Sulaiman, and Firas Faraj of Team Achievers defeated Talal Alyafai, Osama Al Yafei, Madid Al Amri, and Assel Zaid of Team Kings with one point only.

Teachers and students’ cheers echoed in the Self-Access Center when Mr. Salim Al-Maashani, the ELF chairperson, announced the winners.

Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of the English Language Center, awarded certificates and trophies to the competing teams.

The panel of judges was composed of three ELC lecturers, namely: Mr. Marc Carmichael Brown, Mr. Edward Stallard, and Ms. Radhika Kumar.


ENGINEERING DAY 2018: Engineers Make the Difference

SCT- Engineering Department celebrated Engineering Day 2018 on May 10, 2018 with the theme “Engineers Make the Difference “.  The event commenced with an inspiring opening remarks of the Head of Engineering Department (HoD)-Dr. Ali Rafeet. He thanked and awarded recognition to the local industry partners like Salalah Methanol Company, Oman Vegetable Oil, Dhofar Cattlefeed, Lulu Hypermarket, and Al Shanfari Group of Companies for their support.

Engineering Day 2018 event showcased students’ best projects. Fun, creativity and innovative skills depicted in the section booths and scientific games plus a show of stock knowledge in the quiz competition.

Of the 14 Students’ Final Year Projects from different specializations, Civil & Architecture Engineering Section won the First Place while Mechanical Engineering Section got the Second Place.

Booths designed by the students were unique, artistic and crafted from low-cost and recycled materials. These all made a difference!  Civil and Architecture Section booth was judged “Best Booth”.

Students’ actively participated in the different section fun games as on-the-spot prizes were awarded to winners.

Quiz competition anchored by Diploma First Year highlighted the afternoon session with the active participation of students from all specialization including the audience. Civil & Architecture Engineering section bagged the trophy for First Place while Chemical Engineering and Diploma First Year got vouchers for Second and Third Place respectively.


The Head of Engineering Department-Dr. Ali Rafeet assisted by the Heads of Sections from Engineering Department awarded the winners.



Staff and students of Salalah College of Technology brought a remarkable honour to the College for bagging major awards in the recently concluded IoT Olympics held at the Higher College of Technology last May 10th, 2018.

The first-ever Internet of Things (IoT) Olympics is a student’s project-based competition which was open to all prestigious institutions across the Sultanate of Oman to join and participate. A total of twenty six (26) teams participated from the different Colleges and Universities across the country with some of the most reputable private IT organizations as judges.

Higher College of Technology has actively launched this national competition as Internet of Things (IoT) is such a scorching topic today that allows virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place not only in a private sector but also in various institutions. It also opens a door to a lot of prospects and challenges specifically to the students that makes them figure out the gigantic amounts of data to be generated in the devices that they are going to produce. (excerpted from HCT website)

The following students, with the guidance of their trainers both from the I.T. and Engineering Departments, represented Salalah College of Technology and won several major awards in different categories:

Team 1:

Coach: Engr. Leah Belaya


  1. Marwa Said Abdullah Al Shanfari
  2. Fatma Mohammed Amer Al Mashani


  1. Gold Prize for the Environment Domain
  2. Silver Prize for the Smart City Category

Team 2:

Coach: Dr. Nitesh Nandakumar


  1. Ghada Mohsin Ahmed Al-Haddad
  2. Shauq Ali Ahmed Al Mashikhi


  • Bronze Prize for the Smart Home Category

Over-All IoT Trainer: Jonathan Peter Glycer Tambaoan

Congratulations to all the winners and your SCT family is proud of all of you.



The SCT- Engineering Department Staff Development Committee organized a Staff Social Gathering on April 29, 2018 to strengthen camaraderie and teamwork.

Social activities that develop interpersonal relationships to reinforce workplace culture impacting employee happiness and strengthen bonds among staff like the games of tug-of-war, musical chairs, stack rack, relay were enjoyed and participated by all.

A trophy was given to Civil Section that emerged as winner in the events through a point- based system, their second time in a row.

Finally the gathering concluded with a sumptuous lunch that everyone enjoyed.


IT Department conducted workshop on “Windows Server 2008 Configuration and Management for PACA Staff” Featured

The Department of Information Technology conducted a workshop on “Windows Server 2008 Configuration and Management” for the Staff of Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA). The workshop was held at the CISCO Lab, IT Building, Salalah College of Technology, from 29.04.2018 to 03.05.2018. It was coordinated by Industrial Link Committee and the Information Technology Department. Eight staff from PACA attended the workshop.

The Inaugural Address was delivered by Mr. Vijipaul, Head, Department of Information Technology. Mr. Devarajan Veerasamy, Lecturer, Networking Section conducted the workshop. The workshop emphasized on the following topics;

  • Windows Server 2008 Installation,
  • Domain Configuration and User Creations,
  • Windows 7 client Installation,
  • Server Management.

During the sessions, an activity was conducted for the PACA staff and a staff questionnaire was discussed. The participant’s feedback and comments for further development Training Activities of IT department were received. IT Department thanks the SCT Management, College Dean and Assistant Dean for their support in Departmental Activities.


ISA Technical Supportive Team Visits SCT Featured

The Institutional Standards Assessment (ISA) Technical Supportive Team from Ministry of Manpower led by Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, visited Salalah College of Technology on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The main purpose of this visit was to provide feedback on ISAA Version 1.0 submitted by SCT and give guidance for the preparation of ISAA Version 2.0. As part of this visit, an interactive session was organized with the participation of CC members, SCT QA Team, ISA working groups’ chairs and members, some staff members and students at Multipurpose Hall.

At the outset, the College Dean Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari welcomed the team and requested the ISA groups and other participants to actively interact with the team and make the session very fruitful by clarifying all their doubts/queries regarding ISA work.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, emphasized on the importance of Quality Assurance and its management in CoTs and conveyed that staff and students must have proper awareness and understanding on all QA activities of the College. Afterwards, two members from the Technical Team Dr. Elias and Dr. Shaker presented general requirements of ISA Application and feedback on ISAA (Version 1) submitted by SCT. They have also provided some suggestions for the improvement of ISA work and preparation of ISA Application Version 2.

Likewise, the technical team conducted a short brainstorming session by dividing the participants into eight groups and requested them to provide their views/suggestions for the development of QA ownership culture and an effective and efficient communication system in the Colleges of Technology. The groups were given 10 minutes time for discussion and a member from each group was asked to provide their views/suggestions. Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, summarized all suggestions and requested the college administration to look into the points and take appropriate actions for improvement.

The College Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari was very appreciative and grateful to the ISA Team for their visit and hopes to have more successful visits in the future.


Guest lecture on “Best practices in student centered learning” Featured

Human Resource Development Committee of Business Studies Department has organized a session on “Best practices in student centered learning” on the Wednesday, 25th April, 2018 as a part of staff development program to accomplish the staff needs on effective teaching and learning methods. To meet this purpose, Mr. Bernard Ugalde, Lecturer, from Information Technology Department, Salalah College of Technology, was invited to handle the session. Mr. Bernard, during his session focused on important aspects related to enhancing students’ interest in the courses they study.

Mr. Bernard suggested to ‘best blend’ the frame work i.e. to blend in the social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. in the delivery of the courses. He insisted that, while using the social media, groups can be created, course material can be posted and further, videos can be uploaded for an enhanced learning experience. Later students’ views and comments can be recorded for consortium learning because this exercise would encourage collaboration and discussion among members or students. He also discussed on the need of including parents as members in social media for them to ensure their children are not misusing it. Further, he stressed those positive actions of the students i.e. completing activities in the given time limit and following prescribed rules while using the networking sites are to be rewarded with bonus marks and negative or unruly behavior of the students while using the networking sites should be punished by blocking the student in the networking site.

The conclusion and recommendations of his presentation which were based on his research study were the following, integrating social network into the classrooms will give a new twist on the learning experience to the students as the impact of social network to the academic performance is effective. He also said that his study observed that, student who went over the course materials and the additional activities using social networking have higher marks in the practical exams as compared to those who did not engage in the activity.

The session was lively and participative as staff members were clearing their doubts during the session. The effective presentation by the speaker helped in retaining the enthusiasm among participants right from the start to closing of the session.


ELF spearheads get-together-party; ELC staff showcase diverse cultures

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success.

Guided by that quote of William Ford, the English Language Forum (ELF), through the leadership of Mr. Salim Al Maashani, organized an informal staff gathering in the English Language Center (ELC) on April 10, 2018.

Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, Head of the ELC, opened the event by thanking the staff for their relentless support and dedicated service. He also commended the ELF Committee for initiating such a gathering.

The Self Access Center (SAC) was filled with excitement when some staff used their mother tongues to welcome everybody. Adding joy to the gathering were parlor games, such as The Boat is Sinking, Traveling to Different Cities, and Tug of War.

The atmosphere became more festive as various cuisines from around the world were showcased. The ELC staff, who hail from 17 countries, brought their local foods for the buffet lunch –English, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Armenian, American, Yemani, Sudanese, French, Tunisian, Palestinian, Turkish, and Iranian, to name a few.

“Apart from building cultural bridges among countries in an academic environment, the party was meant to reward the staff for surmounting the challenges of the previous semesters,” Mr. Al-Maashani disclosed.

He also stated that the gathering, though an informal one, was intended to make the teachers feel the sense of belonging, to foster camaraderie, and to create mutual understanding.

The fun get-together-party was facilitated by Ms. Gail Ann Maria Macgowan and Ms. Manal Alabsy.

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