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Guest Lecture – SMC – Software Development Featured

Mr. Abdullah BaOmar Network Specialist from Salalah Methanol Company , gave a guest lecture to the students on “Software Development” on 14/11/2017. Mr. Abdullah Ba – Omar was accompanied by Mr. Abdullah Al Bahdoor, Branding Specialist and Mr. Jamal Al Balushi, Media and Communications Specialist. Mr. VijiPaul, HOD – IT Department welcomed the speaker(s). Mr. Jamal gave a brief introduction about Salalah Methanol Company. Mr. Abdullah BaOmar gave a brief talk on Software Development at SMC, Network Security, Network Infrastructure at SMC. 18 students attended this interactive session. Mr. Zahid Mehmood HOS – I.T Section proposed the Vote of Thanks. The students found this session very useful. This session was arranged through the On the Job Training Department and Industrial Link Committee.


New Staff- Formal Induction Program AY 2017-2018

The ELC GFP conducted the formal Induction Program for the 6 new Staff members who joined the faculty this semester.

There were 4 Presenters. The following areas were presented:

The first presenter was the HOC, Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki, who welcomed the new Staff. He provided them a brief background of ELC GFP; Staff and student profile for semester 44, and wished them every success for their tenure in ELC.

The Staff Induction Committee Member, Mr. Stephen McEwan, was the second presenter. He reinforced what had been done at the informal induction, as Staff arrived. The following areas were covered: tour of the college campus, especially the HRD; introduction to key persons; ELC Handbook and Cultural aspects; Staff Support Services: office location, PC, College email, Mentor. He reminded the new staff to complete the Mentee Report, the Induction Feedback Form and to enquire from colleagues if they had any difficulty.

The third presenter was the QA Coordinator, Ms. Salina Mascrelhas. She explained the QA concept, reiterating that quality was the responsibility of each individual Staff member. The PPT was used to ensure awareness of the College VMV, GAs, SP and OP. The link between the OP, the College SP and the VMV was highlighted. The following Policies and procedures were also explained: Staff Grievances, Staff Appraisals and Channels of Communication. New Staff were informed about resources of information such as Bylaws, QM, QSM, and the Self Awareness Folder; also the ELC Server and the College website. A short quiz was conducted for effectiveness of the presentation.

The HOS CTM, Mr. Murali Krishna was the final presenter. He informed the new Staff about the changes in curriculum for this AY to raise the standard of English Language Teaching across all the CoTs to meet the OAAA requirements. He explained the Task Types using Level 2 Writing Skill as an example. He also provided detailed information about the FP Assessment System.

There was a Question/Answer session and a survey conducted for level of satisfaction.

All 6 new Staff appreciated the Induction and opined that it was very informative. Level of satisfaction was 5 on a 5-point scale


تقنية صلالة" تحتفل اليوم بتخريج 685 طالبا وطالبة Featured

احتفلت الكلية بصلالة بتخريج فوج جديد من طلبتها تحت رعاية سعادة الشيخ عبدالله بن مستهيل شماس محافظ جنوب الشرقية وبحضور سعادة الدكتورة منى بنت سالم الجردانية وكيلة وزارة القوى العاملة للتعليم التقني والتدريب المهني وعدد من المسؤولين بالقطاع العام والخاص وأعضاء الهيئتين الإدارية والأكاديمية بالكلية وأولياء أمور الطلبة.

وبلغ عدد خريجي الكلية لهذا العام (685) خريجًا وخريجة موزعين على مستويات البكالوريوس، والدبلوم التقني المتقدم والدبلوم التقني في تخصصات الهندسة وتقنية المعلومات والدراسات التجارية، حيث بلغ عدد الخريجين في مستوى الدبلوم التقني (264) خريجا و(115) خريجة، وفي مستوى الدبلوم التقني المتقدم (45) خريجا و(37) خريجة، بينما في مستوى البكالوريوس بلغ (115) خريجا و(109) خريجة.


Salalah Methanol Company Visit Featured

Students of Information Technology Department – Database Section, visited Salalah Methanol Company on 24/10/2017 which was arranged through the On the Job Training Department and Industrial Link Committee. Mr. Abdullah Al Bahdoor, Brand Manager of SMC welcomed the students and explained about an overview of the company. MS Asma Al Fadah, Senior Applications Developer explained about the importance of database in a company and showed us how scorecards and dashboards reports are generated. The students found the visit very useful.


A Workshop on Hadoop: A Distributed Framework for Big Data Featured

The Information Technology Department organized a Workshop on “Hadoop: A Distributed Framework for Big Data” on October 24, 2017 at IT12C in IT Bldg. from 12:45-1:45 PM. The event formally started with a welcome note by the Head of Information Systems (IS) section Dr. Abhishek Dubey and introduction of the resource speaker Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal, a lecturer from IS section of IT Department.

During the actual workshop, the resource speaker dynamically and generously shared Hadoop concepts, exposed the actual application and its significance in real setting to the 22 participants who showed much involvement and enthusiasm the whole time which made the workshop a productive and interactive session for all. Participants in turn have expressed their full interest and eagerness to request for a second session for full hands on application using the said framework.

The workshop ended by giving a token of appreciation to the speaker and vote of thanks by the Head of IS section Dr. Abhishek Dubey.


ELC prepares PF students for Entry Test

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To help Post-Foundation (PF) students pass the Entry Test, the English Language Center (ELC) conducted two sessions of preparation classes from October 15-18, 2017 with Mr. Randy Magdaluyo and Ms. Eiman Tabook as tutors.

Conducted in ELC 22-C, the first session was from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, while the second session was from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Though an announcement of the preparation classes was sent via SMS and social media like Twitter and Instagram, only 105 students (30%) out of 355 who registered for the exam attended the classes.

As gleaned from students’ feedback, 99 % of them claimed that both sessions were useful and the exam outlines were clearly understood; 95% were satisfied with the materials used; and 72% were satisfied with the session timing.


Math Workshop on Fundamentals of Algebra

Operation on Real Numbers.

  • Arithmetic calculation basics.
  • Order of Operations.
  • Combined operations on mixed numbers
  • Common Factor.

    Linear Equations.

    Quadratic Equation.

  • By Formula
  • Using Calculator

    System of equation

    Usage of Scientific Calculator.

Structure of the Work shop

Real Numbers
(10-15 minutes)

  • Number system
  • Sign Rules.
  • Using Calculator

(10-15 minutes)

  • Fractions (four operations)
  • Using Calculator

Order of Operation

(10 minutes)

  • Using Calculator

Student Work Time
(15-20 minutes)

Break (refreshments)
(5 minutes)

Exponents and Radicals
(10-15 minutes)

  • Laws of exponents.
  • Using calculator to find radicals.

(10-15 minutes)

  • Linear Equation
  • Solve Quadratic Equation using Calculator

Student Work Time
(15-20 minutes)

(10 minutes)

  • Highlighting common mistakes, questions that arose
  • Distribute certificates.

Math Help Center Online Booking System-Induction Program Featured

Math Section of IT Department conducted an Induction Program on “Math Help Center Online Booking System” at 10:00 AM, 22nd October 2017 in ELC Lab -1 Foundation Building. The Induction was given by Mr.Junn Eric Timoteo from ETC. This activity was conducted for the lecturers of the Math section under the guidance of Mr.Vijipaul (HOD- IT). The new system will enable lecturers to register their students for Math Help Center Online, through the Math App on the college website. Students can choose their time online for Math Help Center with guidance of Math Help Center Coordinator.


ELC-PF conducts refresher workshop

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Aimed at refreshing the teachers’ knowledge and understanding about the sixth edition of the APA Manual and the plagiarism policy, a Refresher Workshop was conducted by the English Language Center - Post Foundation Program (ELC-PFP) on 10th October 2017 at the ELC Conference Room.

Dr. Faqir Aslam Rana, new ELC-PF Coordinator, discussed the various plagiarism policies, the most common types of plagiarism, the reasons why students plagiarize, and the importance of citing sources.

The workshop included many interactive sessions, which enabled teachers to share enthusiastically their insights on plagiarism, citation and referencing style. The participants believed that such workshop will help them more to guide students how to cite sources properly in their projects.

The ELC-PF lecturers who attended the workshop were: Mr. Jeremy Thorpe, Mr. Anurag Thota, Mr. Anwar Ahmed, Mr. Jamel Eddine Al Akremi, Mr. Ahmed Al-Mashani, Ms. Marily Gayeta, Dr. Aju Thomas, Mr. Michael Moxley, Dr. Ronilo Jayag, Ms. Wendella Francis, Ms. Somi Brown, Mr. Kurian Augusthy, Dr. Iyyappan Sundareswaran, and Mr. Musallam Kashoob.



IT Department of Salalah College of Technology conducted technological awareness program and Seminar on the topic “Mobile Phone: A Dangerous Friend” on October 17, 2017 Tuesday 12 noon at Multi-Purpose Hall. “Student Development Committee” and “IT Student Club” of IT department have organized this mega awareness program.

The wide spread of smart phone use among students is a question of several polemics in terms of adverse health effects exposed by various researchers. Mobile phone radiations became one of the most pervasive problems around the globe. This seminar was conducted with the intention of attracting student attention and creating awareness on health risks of mobile phone radiation and educational mobile applications.

Speakers for the day Mr. Nesaian Reginal Wilfred and Ms. Jasmin A Tumulak presented excellent background and provided awareness on major pros and cons of using Smart phones. In the first session, topics such as mobile network operations, mobile phone radiations, health effects, control measures, safety tips and health awareness were presented. In the second session, the speakers focused the advantages of smart mobile phone apps that support student learning process and also demonstrated the use of mobile cloud storage, the most challenging and recent storage trend where people look for a centralized space. Video presentations on evolution of mobile phones and radiations effects attracted the audience.

During inaugural ceremony, Dr. Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari welcomed the gathering. Mr. Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed introduced the elected IT student club leaders. Head of the IT Department, Mr. Viji Paul honored and felicitated the IT student club leaders and delivered a motivational talk to encourage students to involve and organize more activities for the welfare of Omani community. Student leader Ms. Muna Said Alash Al Katheri presented the vote of thanks while Ms. Manal Ali Momen Al Mashali anchored the program.

Mr. Nesaian Reginal Wilfred, chairman of the student development committee made the necessary arrangements under the guidance of Mr. Viji Paul, HOD-IT department. Committee members Dr. Fatima Abdullah Said Al-Shanfari, Mr. Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed, Ms. Marian A. Malig-on, student leader Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi and other student leaders made the event colorful. Organizing committee wholeheartedly thank the Dean and Assistant deans of the college for the great support. Students and teachers of the college enthusiastically participated and benefited through this program.

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