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News & Events

Online English Placement Test orientation program conducted

The English Language Center - General Foundation Program (ELC-GFP) conducted an orientation program on GFP Placement Tests for new students. The orientation was held in the Self-Access Center on the 6th of September 2018 with 356 student attendees. The orientation was conducted in two sessions 8:00- 10:30 with a thirty- minute break in between.

During the orientation, copies of the induction week schedule were distributed to all attendees. Ms. Noor Kashoob, HoS- English Language Programs, introduced the rules and requirements of the tests to be conducted online. She also presented the test schedules and the cut-off scores of the placement test for English, IT and Math courses. The online registration dates were also announced. At the end of the sessions, the new students were encouraged to attend the college- level induction program in Multi-Purpose Hall which was scheduled at 11:00 am on the same day.



SCT proudly congratulates the  IT Department Team for winning a Gold and a Silver medal at  “Oman Skills Competition”, a national skills competition, as a  qualifier for GCC Skills Competition 2018 in Kuwait.

The team consisting of Ahmed Salim Nassr Mohammed Al Alawi , Fatima Abdul Rasheed Moosa Al Balushi  and Abdulaziz Ajib Arfah Kulib currently pursuing Diploma in Information Technology and their  trainer Bernard Ugalde, Lecturer , IT Department,  participated in the Oman Skills 2018 Graphics Design Competition Category . This was  held from  25th -27th  June 2018 at Oman Exhibition and Convention Center, Muscat. Ahmed Salim Nassr Mohammed Al Alawi won the  GOLD medal while Fatima Abdul Rasheed Moosa Al Balushi secured the SILVER medal. These students will  undergo training in the coming months by experts in the field of Graphic Designing and will  represent  Oman at GCC Skills Competition which will be held in Kuwait and World Skills Competition  in Russia in 2019.

We hope this competition has exposed our youth to a variety of skilled careers and equipped them with the tools and resources they need to build a future.

SCT is jubilant and congratulates the triumphant team. We wish them good luck for the next phase, the GCC Skills Competition in Kuwait and hope they bring more laurels to the college and the country.



The Department of Information Technology is proud to announce the participation of its students in “Oman Skills Competition”, a national skills competition to qualify for Gulf Competition in Kuwait and World Competition in Russia in 2019.

The competition, held every two years, aims to highlight the skills of the Omani students, and is considered as the first step towards preparing for the international competition to be held in Russia 2019.

The competition also aims at increasing the professional level of students in the industrial sector and developing the performance of personnel at different organizations and establishments.

The competition allows students to display they expertise in 10 skills including fashion, graphic design, IT networks designs, website design, network cable connections, business software, electronics, computer-guided lathing, mechanical engineering design and robots.

All seven colleges will be represented by 137 student participants.

A team of three students from IT department, Fatima Abdul Rasheed Moosa Al Balushi, Ahmed Salim Nassr Mohammed Al Alawi, Abdulaziz Ajib Arfah Kuhib, with Mr. Bernard Ugalde, Lecturer, IT, as their trainer, attended the Inaugural ceremony at 8:00 pm, 25th June, at the Oman Exhibition and Convention Center. The students will present a project under Graphic design skill category.

The Department wishes the team Good Luck and hope the bring laurels to the college.


Salalah College of Technology conducted Strategic Plan (2013–2018) Review Workshop Featured

Salalah College of Technology (SCT) conducted a workshop to review Strategic Plan Cycle 3 (2013-18) on June 11, 2018 from 10 am to 2pm at ELC-SAC. The objectives of the workshops were:

  • Involvement of stakeholders (both internal and external) in the review of the current (2013-18) Strategic Plan and enhance the ownership of the College.
  • Conduct SWOT analysis based on the implementation of the current strategic plan.
  • Identify if OAAA CARs were addressed in the achievement of the Strategic Goals.
  • Seek feedback on the implementation of the current SP and propose suggestions on the five elements (Vision, Mission, Values, Graduate attributes and Goals) for Strategic Plan Cycle 4.

The participants of the workshops include Dean, Assistant Deans, HoDs and HoSs of all units, QA Unit members, QA coordinators, Omani and expatriate staff members, student representatives, Alumni Members, representatives from Industry, community and Ministry. Total participants were 95 including 51 academic staff, 23 non-academic staff, 3 students, 14 representatives from Industry/community and 4 representatives from Ministry. Eight groups were formed to conduct the SP review with the composition of different types of stakeholders like CC member, HOSs, Omani staff, Expatriate staff, Industry /community representatives, Student Representatives and QACs in each. CC Member & QA Coordinators were assigned with the responsibility to ensure that the group discussion goes in right direction and focus on tasks at hand.

Workshop was started with the welcome address by college Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari. In his opening remarks, Dr. Hamdan welcomed the participants and requested them to actively participate in the review of SP and provide their constructive feedback/suggestions that will help for development of new Strategic Plan. Later, Head of Quality Assurance Unit, Mr. Khalid Al-Mashaani started the proceedings of workshops by presenting the objectives of the workshop and the expected outcomes from the participants.

The workshop was divided into four Sessions. QAU provided all the necessary documents to all groups to complete the activities during these sessions like SCT SP-2013-18, draft SPAR-2013-18, SPAR-feedback Template, SWOT-Template, Progress report on OAAA-CARs Achievement Report, OAAA-CARs feedback Template and Template for providing feedback on 5 SP Elements.

The details of each session are as follows:

Session-1: Session-1 was started at 10:30 am. HQAU presented first draft of SPAR-2013-18 that includes achievement of SP goals (in percentages goal wise) for 5 years starting from AY 2013-14 to AY 2017-18. He also explained reasons for some major variances noted in achievements from one year to another. Each group was assigned two Goals for feedback on SPAR. Optionally the groups were guided to cover the other goals depending on time availability. Each group held discussion and completed the assigned tasks such as Validation of findings’ of SPAR and reasons for variances, providing suggestions to address the gaps and for further improvement in next SP CYCLE etc.

Session-2: Session-2 was started at 11:15 am. Mr. Suresh Kumar, Quality Assurance Officer in QAU, made a brief presentation on SWOT and explained about the tasks that all participants were supposed to accomplish. Each group was assigned two Goals for SWOT Analysis. However, they were advised to cover the other goals depending on the time availability. All groups started their discussion and completed the assigned tasks such as Review of SPAR report (for the assigned goals) identify the Strengths & Weaknesses, Identifying the Opportunities and Threats based on the external factors that can influence the achievement of Strategic Plan and fill the template of SWOT analysis for the assigned goals

Session-3: Session-3 was started at 11:50 am. HQAU presented achievement progress of OAAA-CARs including how many CARs were addressed through SP. Each Group was assigned specific Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations for providing their feedback. However, they were advised to provide feedback on the other CARs depending on time availability. Later, the groups completed the assigned tasks such as Verifying the achievements of OAAA-CARs through the college SP sub-goals, strategies as indicated in OAAA-CARs-Progress Report prepared by QAU and providing suggestions to further improve the achievement of OAAA-CARs.

Session-4: Session was started at 12:30 pm. Mr. Suresh Kumar, QAO, briefly explained about the 5 elements of SP and the expected tasks to be completed by the participants in this session. The groups were requested to provide feedback on all 5 elements. Later, the g groups completed the assigned tasks such as reviewing 5 elements of the SP, provide feedback on them and suggest changes in the 5 elements, if any. Later, one member from each group presented their feedback on the proposed changes in 5 elements.

The workshop was concluded at 1.10 pm. QA Coordinator/One of the members in the group were requested to prepare a detailed report for each session and submit it to QAU. After receiving all reports, QAU will consolidate them and finalize the report on SPAR which will be submitted to the ministry after College Council’s review and approval.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Hamadan, College Dean, thanked all participants including the representatives from Industry and community who actively participated in the workshop. He also thanked the representatives from the Ministry.

Post workshop session: (1:15 pm to 2:00 pm):

After completion of the workshop, a post-workshop session was conducted by the Ministry representatives. The participants were Dean, Assistant Deans, QAU staff and all QA Coordinators. After introducing his team, Dr. Shaker, a representative from Ministry, provided his feedback on SCT SPAR-2013-18 daft (Goal-wise). He mainly emphasized on some of the conflicts that he noticed in SPAR achievements, Gaps/challenges and Improvements for next SP. He also provided some suggestions to improve the SPAR further.

Dr. Hamadan, College Dean, once again thanked the representatives from Ministry for attending the workshop and providing their valuable suggestions.


BUZZ FEST-2018 Featured

‘Be a Creative Learner to Be an Innovative leader’

Adding another feather to its cap, Business Studies Department successfully organized its most popular event ‘Buzz Fest -2018’ on Monday 14th May 2018. The event provided an opportunity for the students, academic staff, industrial experts and government representatives to discuss the role of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in fostering Oman’s economy.

Taking a leap forward from the last year’s ‘Buzz Fest’, this year event aimed at creating innovative leaders through creative learning. Being simulative in nature, ‘Buzz Fest-2018’ served  as a hand on experience instrument for the students to experience the real business environment. 

To start the proceedings on an auspicious note, Holy Quran was recited by one of our students,  Mr. Abdullah Hussain Babood.

Dr. Alya Ali Al Nasseri- HoD- Business Studies Department welcomed the dignitaries, college management, proud sponsors, participants, students and staff members. In her speech, she draws the attention of audience towards the role of academia in building innovative leaders through creative learning approach.  She also accentuated on the role of government subsidiaries and industry leaders in showing the right path to future entrepreneurs in order to build a prosperous economy. 

In his Keynote address, Mr. Ahmed Ali Akaak, Deputy CEO - Salalah Port raises his concern over the impact of dwindling international oil prices on Oman’s economy. But at the same time he was confident that with the Sultanate’s diversifying economic policies, Oman’s economic growth is on a right track. He emphasized on the need of students redirecting their energies in planning their careers by thinking out of the box.

To generate spontaneous interaction between the academia and participating students, a panel discussion on the topic of ‘Fostering Oman’s Economic Growth: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership’ was arranged.  Eminent scholars from diverse fields participated in this fruitful discussion. Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil, Dean-CCBA, Dhofar University was the facilitator of this  panel discussion. Along with him, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghassani, CEO- RIYADA (PASMED), Mr. Ahmed Ali Akaak, Deputy CEO- Salalah Port, Dr. Mohammed Ali Said Bait Ali Sulaiman, Lecturer- BSD and Mr. Ahmed Masan, a successful entrepreneur discussed the various means of fostering Oman’s Economy.

The panel was in unison over Oman’s economy  development in  near future. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghassani reiterated the fact that it is with an open mind that the students must take calculated risks and venture into entrepreneurship. Supporting Dr. Ahmed’s suggestion, Dr. Mohammed Ali Sulaiman pointed  that the students must think big, different and most importantly creatively to make a successful carrier. Mr. Ahmed Masan emphasized on the role of being a fearless and creative learner on becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

It was a reassuring moment when Mr. Ahmed Ali Akaak concluded  the discussion by addressing the  audience as champion. He stressed on the fact that in life there are no limitations to success,  if one is willing to think out of the box.

After the panel discussion,  audience had the privilege to listen to a woman entrepreneur, Ms. Amna Al Awadi, Chairperson of Women Entrepreneurs Committee from Oman Chamber of Commerce. She motivated the students to take up the challenges of being an entrepreneur and change their destiny.

Our Patron Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani along with Dr. Alya, HoD felicitated the main sponsor companies; Shanfari Group of Companies, Sharikat Fanniya Omaniya LLC, Muscat Securities Market and other sponsors; Khimji Ramdass, Lulu, Dhofar Cattle Feed and Renault (Saud Bahawan Group) by presenting them with mementos and certificate of appreciation.

The session concluded with the dignitaries  making a visit to varied  booths. A total of 15 booths were categorized into 4 categories; Student Entrepreneurs with Innovative Ideas, Buzz Bazar, SMEs & Financial Services and Specialization booths.  Entrepreneurial booths attracted the most number of visitors. Moreover, it provided a chance to the budding entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas. Buzz-Bazar was a new entry to the Buzz Fest 2018, where potential future entrepreneurs showcased their creative talents by selling various products.

The second session was more about activities and simulation games for the students and staff members. The first activity conducted was a quiz competition among the registered students. Four teams involving the students from various specializations participated in this activity. Ms. Fatima Al Mashni, Ms. Asma Al Amri, and Ms. Laila Al Shahri were declared the winners at the end of two competitive rounds.

Meanwhile, the representatives from Muscat Securities Market engaged the students in an investment game, where the students were delighted to invest in real community services in a simulative way. During the course of this activity many students won prizes.

It was an overwhelming experience to see the students confidentially facing an array of questions during the mock interview exercise. This session was conducted by Mr. Ibrahim- Marketing expert, Mr. Shirish- HR expert and Mr. Shashank- Accounting expert from Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. Additionally, the interviewers gave a lot of insights to the students, which would benefit them in the long run.

Ms. Fatim, a business student won the prize for ‘Best Innovative Idea’. She gave a brief presentation of her business idea based on ‘Smart Trash-can’.  In ‘Best Promo Video Competition’ Ms. Salma Said Al Amri, a student from IT Department was declared winner.  

Enthusiasm went a notch higher during the conduct of different games. Staff members and students won lot of prizes and enjoyed themselves while engaging in simulation games. Among all the participants, 3 lucky winners won heavy duty printers as prize. 

A staff recognition ceremony for the Ay 2017-18 was conducted at the end of event. Ms. Sahara Banu, Ms. S. Wajeeha, Dr. Raghuram, Mr. Khalid Al Shanfari and Mr. Hatim Suwailam from their respective sections were honored for their ‘Academic Excellence in Teaching and Learning’. Whereas for the ‘Outstanding Contribution in Committee Work’, Ms. Reshma. Ms. Larisssa,  Dr. S. Prasad and Dr. Amit Sharma were recognized and honored.

For the ‘Departmental Activities’ category, Dr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Khalid Al Shanfari, Mr. Hatim Suwailam and Mr. Neil Raymond were honored.

Department Council’s role was also recognized and all the section heads, Mr. Mohammed Kesbeh- OM, Dr. Raghuram-HR, Mr. Neil Raymond- Accounting and Ms. Amal Al Amri- Marketing were honored by giving the mementos.

Ms. Madiha was chosen for the ‘Best Supporter of the Year’ award. Finally, Mr. Pavan Kumar received the ‘Best Overall Staff Achievement’ award.

Mr. Neil, our master of ceremony, delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of the organizers. He thanked the college management, valuable sponsors, staff members and participating students for their enthusiastic participation and valuable support for making the event a grand success. The event got over promising to achieve many more milestones in forthcoming years.


Team Achievers champs ELF debate contest

After two rounds of heated exchange of arguments, Team Achievers convinced the judges to win over Team Kings in a debate contest sponsored by the English Language Forum (ELF) on May 15, 2018.

Speakers from the affirmative and negative sides debated on the issue “Has technology made life easier and better? Members from each team justified their sides by employing critical thinking, solid reasoning, and great confidence.

Garnering a total of 35 points, Yosuf Al Sandi, Ayham Al Ghassani, Ali Sulaiman, and Firas Faraj of Team Achievers defeated Talal Alyafai, Osama Al Yafei, Madid Al Amri, and Assel Zaid of Team Kings with one point only.

Teachers and students’ cheers echoed in the Self-Access Center when Mr. Salim Al-Maashani, the ELF chairperson, announced the winners.

Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of the English Language Center, awarded certificates and trophies to the competing teams.

The panel of judges was composed of three ELC lecturers, namely: Mr. Marc Carmichael Brown, Mr. Edward Stallard, and Ms. Radhika Kumar.

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