The ELC management would like to extend their sincere appreciation to the Magazine committee members on the accomplishment of the publication of the ELC magazine (Vol: 2)

As a results of their hard work, the ELC is happy to publish its magazine once again. As with previous editions of the magazine, they have made a special effort to include as many different kinds and genres of contributions as could be gathered together within approximately a period of about five months. This time the inclusion of students’ contribution was stressed upon and we are happy we could accomplish this. The ELC management would like to thank the committee members for their dedication and team work and look forward to producing future editions as well.

The management would like to extend a special word of thanks to Ms. Claire Orpilla for putting in the extra effort in finalizing the magazine. Also, to Mr. Farrukh Irshad for assisting us in getting the magazine printed.

ELC Magazine 2013 - 2014 

The ELC magazine has been revived, again, after a long hiatus. As with previous editions of the magazine, a special effort has been made to include as many different kinds and genres of contributions as could be gathered together within approximately a period of about six weeks. Events that have come up within the ELC community, as well as cultural topics such as marriage in Oman, have been covered. We are pleased to offer an updated version of the ELC magazine, and look forward to the possibility of producing future editions, as well.

The editors of the ELC Magazine would like to especially acknowledge, and salute, the artistic work of Adam Bittner, an instructor in post-foundation. Adam is a self-trained artist, who has been drawing various scenes from life in Oman. He has very graciously allowed the editors to pick and choose from what we thought were appropriate pieces for the magazine. We thank him for his contributions.

Jon Chittick
Claire Orpilla

Bince K Baby

Gail Magowan


ELC Journal vol. 2

The ELC Journal Vol. 2 2014 Research and Perspectives On English Language Teaching In Omani and Dhofari Higher Education

Journal Committee

Karl Kripps (Editor-in-Chief)

Jon Chittick

Claire Orpilla

Kevin Stoda


Karl Kripps, Salalah College of Technology

Kevin Stoda, Salalah College of Technology


ELC Magazine

A group of lecturers in Salalah College of Technology has met on a regular basis and an active listserv to discuss the idea of publishing a magazine for the ELC students and faculty in the English Language Center (ELC). The meeting was grounded in the claim that a platform of bringing students closer to information is needed in the ELC. The team contributed and selected from contributions to produce this issue.

The ELC magazine is founded to assist students in various aspects of their academic life and allow them to share their knowledge, talents, writings and activities effectively.


Academic Journal
At the very core of Salalah College of Technology’s Vision, Mission and Goals lie the values of high quality
teaching, learning and research. The English Language Centre aims to embody these values among both staff and students – an aim that is furthered by projects like this publication.

The Salalah College of Technology English Language Centre Journal has evolved as a forum not only for our own faculty and staff, but also for academics at other esteemed Higher Education Institutes in Oman. It is an honour to provide a much needed platform for practical and academic research and discussion in the Sultanate’s dynamic higher education context.

We at the English Language Centre are delighted to share this publication with Oman’s academic and English Language Teaching community, and with the world beyond through its online presence on the college website. It is my sincerest hope that the journal will provoke thought, stimulating conversation and positive action among its readers. Ultimately, the beneficiaries of this research and discussion will be the students  whose learning we foster. The cycle of quality teaching, learning and research is completed when it proceeds to action and reflects in the success of our graduates.

Hashim Al Dhahab
Head of the English Language Centre



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