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Welcome to the English Language Centre

Here at the English Language Centre, we pride ourselves in being the most diverse department in the college.

Our teachers come from all over the world, bringing with them a range of cultural and educational backgrounds. Our multicultural community brings a wealth of knowledge to the ELC and each member of our staff plays an integral role in the smooth operation of the centre

The Head of the English Language Centre (HELC) and the Heads of the Sections (HOS) are responsible for the operation of the ELC. Their specific duties are outlined in the Bylaws. All staff report directly to the HELC, the Head of Programmes (HOP) and the Head of Curriculum (HOC). They receive supplementary support from their coordinators and committees.

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Online English Placement Test orientatio…

13-09-2018 Hits:67 ELC News SCT

Online English Placement Test orientation program conducted

The English Language Center - General Foundation Program (ELC-GFP) conducted an orientation program on GFP Placement Tests for new students. The orientation was held in the Self-Access Center on the...

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Team Achievers champs ELF debate contest

21-05-2018 Hits:359 ELC News SCT

Team Achievers champs ELF debate contest

After two rounds of heated exchange of arguments, Team Achievers convinced the judges to win over Team Kings in a debate contest sponsored by the English Language Forum (ELF) on...

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ELF spearheads get-together-party; ELC s…

25-04-2018 Hits:764 ELC News SCT

ELF spearheads get-together-party; ELC staff showcase diverse cultures

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success. Guided by that quote of William Ford, the English Language Forum (ELF), through the leadership of Mr...

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ELC to hold 2nd annual symposium on CCC-…

07-03-2018 Hits:924 ELC News SCT

True to its commitment for continuing staff professional development, the English Language Center (ELC), under the leadership of Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, will be holding its second annual symposium on April...

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ELF tours Salalah International Airport

19-02-2018 Hits:697 ELC News SCT

To expose students to an actual and hands-on learning experience, the English Language Forum (ELF) organized an educational tour to Salalah International Airport on the 13th of February 2018. Enthusiastic to...

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ELC staff trained on new attendance syst…

19-02-2018 Hits:661 ELC News SCT

Committed to ensure the smooth flow of employee attendance and leave management system, the Human Resource Department (HRD) of Salalah College of Technology has been conducting a series of trainings...

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