College Policies

The Salalah College of Technology(SCT) has established a Policy Management System that is in compliance with the Ministry of Manpower mandate. This system governs the development, implementations, and review of the College policies , procedures, guidelines and related documents. These policies and procedures are uniformly applied, monitored and reviewed in a consistent manner and on regular basis.

The policy management system assists and guides the College in achieving its mission, vision, values and objectives; and promotes operational efficiency while reducing the risks. It helps in ensurig that the College complies with the Ministry manadtes and communityexpections.

SCT has two types of policies:

  1. Academic
  2. Management

Below are the list of approved college policies:

  1. Assessment Policy
  2. Entering and Changing of Marks Policy
  3. Resit Examination Policy
  4. Staff Performance Appraisal Policy
  5. Student Postponement Policy
  6. Student Probation Policy
  7. Termination of Employment Policy
  8. Risk Management Policy
  9. Health and Safety Policy
  10. Student Transfers to SCT Policy
  11. a. Policy Management System
         b. PMS Flow Chart
  12. ETC Helpdesk Policy
  13. InterDepartment Student Transfer Policy
  14. Examination Invigilation Policy
  15. Plagiarism Policy
  16. Research & Consultancy Policy

  1. Outcomes of the first Practice Sharing Workshop of Colleges of Technology
  2. Documentation Policy ( June 2016 )
  3. Mechanism for enhancing graduate destination and employability ( June 2016 )
  4. Student discipline policy ( June 2016 )
  5. Student retention and progression policy ( June 2016 )

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