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  • 04 Sept 2016

    Student registration for Sem I 2016-2017

    سيكون موعد التسجيل للفصل الاول للعام الاكاديمي 2016-2017 بتاريخ 04/09/2016 والحذف والاوضافة بتاريخ 05/09/2016 وذلك حسب الجدول المرفق.
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Salalah College of Technology


The Salalah College of Technology is one of the premier providers of technological education in the Sultanate of Oman. It is located in Salalah, the Garden City of Oman. Salalah is also known as the "Perfume capital of Arabia". The city is located in the southern part of Oman about 1000 kilometers from Muscat, the capital. The residents are very friendly, generous and hospitable. Even as it undergoes modernization, the community has preserved its cherished culture and values..

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