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Mathematics Section

Mathematics Section


To provide every student at Salalah College of Technology with mathematical experiences and mathematical ideas that will serve as a foundation for their careers and further study in different specializations departments like Information Technology, Engineering, and Business Department. We serve a dual role at the College—we provide every student with a solid foundation in the FOUNDATION LEVEL and we also provide majors with rigorous training in advanced mathematics in POST FOUNDATION DEPARTMENTS.

Math courses offered in FOUNDATION:

  • Basic Math
  • Pure Math
  • Applied Math

Math courses offered in SPECIALIZATIONS:

  • Math courses offered for IT program:
  • Diploma level 1 – MATH 1200 calculus-I
  • Diploma Level 2 – MATH 201 Mathematics for IT
  • Advance Diploma – MATH 2200 Discrete structure
  • MATH 311 Probability and Statistics for IT

Math courses offered for Engineering:

  • Diploma level 1 – MATH 1200 Calculus-I
  • Diploma Level 2 – MATH 2100 Calculus-II
  • Advance Diploma –MATH 3120 Engineering mathematics
  • Bachelors - MATH 4130 Probability and statistics

Math courses offered for Business:

  • Diploma level 1 – BAMA 1101 Business Mathematics
  • BAST 1206 Managerial statistics for business

Math Help Center:

  • SAC Room, ELC –Building (Our ultimate aim is to achieve highest student satisfaction)