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“The goal of this programme is to graduate students who are able to exhibit technical expertise in developing software, business practices, team-work, communication skills, lifelong learning, social awareness and ethical responsibility in order to meet market needs.”


The programme aims to enable the students to:

  1. Use problem- solving and technical skills in Software Development.
  2. Develop software using various tools
  3. Demonstrate principles and business practices in entrepreneurship.
  4. Continue the process of life-long learning through advanced degree.
  5. Communicate effectively, both individually and in multidisciplinary teams fostering professional ethics and social responsibility.


Upon completion of the programme, the graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge and skills of computing and mathematics in problem solving.
  2. Analyze and design a software application to meet industry needs.
  3. Build and evaluate applications using different platforms
  4. Design, create and manage the Database Systems.
  5. Demonstrate various skills in hardware, networking and Computer Security.
  6. Communicate and function effectively, individually and in a team to accomplish tasks.
  7. Comply with professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.

Technical and Soft Skills:

  1. Data Entry Operator skills: Fundamentals of Information Technology
  2. Windows Application skills : Java, Programming (C++)
  3. Web-based Application skills: PHP, HTML, CSS
  4. Database Application skills: DBMS, SQL, ORACLE, PL/SQL
  5. Software Engineering skills: SDLC, Software requirements specification (SRS)
  6. Hardware and Networking Skills: Computer Hardware, Network Fundamentals
  7. Operating System skills: Unix
  8. Security skills: Cryptography
  9. Mathematical skills: Calculus, Numerical Methods,
  10. Soft Skills: Technical Writing I and II, Technical Communication, Course Project, Entrepreneurship and Work Ethics.

Course Structure

New IT (Version 3 & 4) - The passing grade of Department Requirement (DR) courses is C- (60 Marks) and for College Requirement (CR) courses, it is D (55 Marks).


Marks - Range Level
50 - 63 Diploma
64 - 70 Advanced Diploma
71 - 100 Bachelor

Diploma First Year

Study Level : Diploma First Year
Sno Course No Course Name Pre-Requisite Course Type Passing Mark Passing Grade
1 MATH1200 Calculus I MATH1104 - Pure Math (Foundation)
OR MATH1102-Pure Math
DR 60 C-
2 ITNT101 Computer Hardware None DR 60 C-
3 ITIS101 Fundamentals of Information Technology FPIT0001- IT For Foundation CR 55 D
4 ITDB101 Introduction to Database None DR 60 C-
5 ENTW1100 Technical Writing I FP Level 4 CR 55 C-
6 ITIS104 Fundamentals of Multimedia None DR 60 C-
7 ITNT102 Network Fundamentals I ITNT101-Computer Hardware DR 60 C-
8 ITSE101 Programming I ITIS101- Fundamentals of Information Technology DR 60 C-
9 ENTW1200 Technical Writing I I ENTW1100- Technical Writing I CR 55 D
10 ITIS103 Web Technologies None DR 60 C-
11 ITSE102 Introduction to Operating Systems ITSE101- Programming I DR 60 C-
12 ITNT103 Network Fundamentals II ITNT102- Network Fundamentals I DR 60 C-

Career Opportunities:

  • Data Entry Operators
  • Document Management
  • Maintaining Office Records
  • Ordering Office Supplies
  • Order Processing
  • Record Keeping
  • Time & Billing
  • Management of Data
  • Office Administration
  • Database Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Trainee Database Administrator
  • Database Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • Web Application Developer / designers
  • Oracle certified APEX developer
  • Oracle certified Software developer [oracle or MySQL]
  • Oracle certified cloud developer / administrator
  • Oracle certified database Administrator\
  • PHP/MySQL Web Developer
  • Website Developer

Industry Certifications: