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Staff Responsibilities

College assessor

Responsibilities of College Assessor:

Before the Start of OJT
  • Briefing the OJT Supervisor about the OJT Scheme, explaining the different requirements as laid out in the OJT Logbook and discussing the Training Schedule with the OJT Supervisor.
  • Preparation of the ‘Training Schedule’ for each student for the 8 weeks of OJT with a minimum of 300 hours of training in consultation with the OJT supervisor.
  • Briefing the student/s about all the general aspects of OJT and the specific nature of work at the selected place.
During the course of OJT
  • Visiting and evaluating the student/s at the OJT places (companies/concerns) once in every fortnight (first week of training is essential).
  • Discussion with the student/s and the OJT supervisor about the nature and progress of training.
  • Review of the ‘Training Schedule’ in consultation with the OJT supervisor.
  • Assessing continuously and grading (once in every four weeks) the student/s work along with the entries in the log book and attendance sheet.
  • Maintenance of all the records related to industrial visit and forwarding suggestions if any to the HoD
At the end of the OJT
  • Assessing/Grading the student/s work, final project report and mapping the attainment of all the objectives and outcomes as per the training schedule related to the skills, knowledge and occupational competences.
  • Conducting a presentation by himself or a panel, for each student. The presentation may be just by conducting an oral interview or first presentation by the student followed by question/answer session. This is to assess the student’s ability and confidence related to the nature of work performed and skills gained during the OJT.
  • Collection of all the assessment records from the OJT supervisor like grading sheets (two), report, log book, attendance sheet, feedback forms (questionnaire) etc.,
  • Submission of the final grades for the allotted OJT student/s in the prescribed form (hard & soft copies), to the HoD for onward transmission.
  • Submission of the final report and suggestions, if any, after critically analyzing the training process and work done during OJT.
  • One page ‘pen picture’ of the student related to the nature of OJT, abilities and skills gained etc., to be used in his C.V.
  • Maintenance of all the records related to the OJT of the allotted students.