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Diploma Level

Goal : To train and introduce student to the real work environment by implementing theory and principles learned in classes in an industrial environment.

Objectives : To enable the student to:

  1. Feel the real working environment and get acquainted with the organizational culture, business operations and administrative functions.
  2. Grasp the basic concepts and gain experience related to their specialization in order to enhance their academic knowledge.

Outcomes : Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify disciplines of real working environment.
  2. Apply theories and principles learned in class to realistic job settings.
  3. Use appropriate procedures and equipments to perform an assigned task within a given time.
  4. Work in a multi-disciplinary diverse environment.
  5. Work within the norms of organizational culture.
  6. Communicate effectively in a real working environment.
  7. Utilize the organization’s resources to perform an assigned task.
  8. Use the latest technologies and equipment available at the work place.