• Engineering Department

Head of Department

Peace be upon you all

Welcome to Engineering Department at Salalah College of Technology. The Engineering Department is the largest post foundation department on campus with an enrolment around 1400 students (semester 2 2019 statistics). The department comprises of three main sections namely-Civil and Architecture Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Considering the relevance and marketability of our academic programs, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Technology degrees are offered in the following academic specializations:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering

The Department is striving to foster a strong partnership with the industry to ensure relevancy in curricula and prepare our graduates for the market challenges of today and beyond. Collaboration focuses on the development of course syllabus by obtaining feedback from experts on our existing learning outcomes. It also involves sharing of experiences by hosting experts on campus to lecture on technological advances and innovative practices in the various fields of Engineering.       

Furthermore, students who are in their final year are encouraged to undertake industry –based projects to address some of the problems and challenges faced by the local industries.

Thank you very much for showing interest in our department and we invite your comments and inquiries about our programs and facilities. 


Ali Mohsin Issa Rafeet, Ph.D.
Head of Engineering Department