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Library Section

The SCT Library was founded in 1996. It uses Dewy Decimal System. It comprises huge English Titles and some Arabic and English Periodicals. The Books are displayed on open shelves which allow the Students and Staff to get in touch with all sort books directly. Presently, the SCT Library is progressively developed, using modern and Hi-Tech facilities. (See Library Services). The college library is under the supervsion of Educational Technology Centre that primarily supports the academic instructional and curricular activities, research programs through organized, relevant, and fast delivery of information services.

The Physical building facilities comprises with two storeys. The ground floor reading area is dedicated for female students and the upper floor for male reading and research area. Both reading areas comprises with on-line and internet ready computers for self-access.

The library records its materials using Dewey, classifying their subject which divides knowledge into 10 divisions:

  • 000 Generalities & Psychology
  • 100 Philosophy & Psychology
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social Sciences
  • 400 Language
  • 500 Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • 600 Technology (Applied Sciences )
  • 700 The Arts
  • 800 Literature & Rhetoric
  • 900 Geography & History

Head of Library Section  Responsibilities and Authorities (Article 19C)

The Head of the Library will have the following responsibilities and authority:

  •  Specifying and meeting college needs for research resources in coordination with centers and departments.  
  • Safeguarding the library materials and providing a suitable environment for reading and research.  
  • Organizing and classifying the library records, research resources and setting up a borrowing system.  
  • Cooperating with other institutions to exchange academic and research materials.  
  • Evaluating staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Head of the Educational Technology Center.  
  • Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Head of the Educational Technology Center.


Circulation - This facility service is situated at the ground floor of IT building. Circulation uses autiomated RIF borrowing system for fastest tracking of the books borrowed and returning. SCT implements this modern hi-tech facility. However everyone is reminded of the following borrowing regulations:

Beneficiaries No. of Books No. of Days
Staff 5 14
Employees 3 6
Students 3 6

The Library reserves the right to change the above regulations without prior notice. Other Sanctions or charges (See Library Rules & Regulations)

ON-LINE Catalogue

The Library reading areas have self-access internet ready computers.. to ease the burden of searching the books in each designated shelves. The Online catalogue is a very suitable tool. This is to check the status and availability of the books.


This service of the library aims to assist the student in their difficulties searching the references or topics of the student research. It support & help to find-out more resources of information and even guide them to fulfill their respective projects.

InterLibrary Loans (ILL)

Inter Library Loan is document delivery services, which supports research needs.

How to fill ILL form:

The user can get the form from here. Users have to print the ILL form and fill it out then submit it to Reference section staff.

Referring to the Colleges of Technology regulation article no "G-19" code no "2, 3" Conceming to Librarian Head of Departments authority to put the rules, preserving the library contains. Thus, regulation must be issued the organizing reference of the processing rules in library so as develop the output importance of it.

Explanation: library regulation to borrow some books, its rules and principles are identifying how to deduce services which admit the academic community in colleges: (students, staff and employees). Beside that, explaining punishments against to who are not being responsible by the procedures and rules.

The aims of librarian regulation so as to preserve different library equipments, and work for admitting the distinguished services for the all

  • Pointing your ID card when you want to borrow any books.
  • No borrowing for essential dictionaries, encyclopedia and periodicals such as (journals, magazines and corridors).
  • Periodicals can be borrowed by the staff according to special arraignments
  • Library department can return some materials :( books) before appointing periods.
  • Borrowers aren’t borrowing the materials to any ones unless to return them to the library.
  • If the borrower or damages anything in library, he should pay the price or bring it.
  • The borrower should pay fine about 100 baisa for the students per day and 500 baisa for staff and employees per day if he doesn’t return on actual time.
  • Avoid spoiling any borrowed library materials or equipments and keep in mind your commitment to care and in order to preserve our services for incoming users.
  • Observe SILENCE: Be quiet when entering the library to avoid disturbances with others reading or studying.

Library Time

Library Services are available from Sunday to Thursday, start at 7:30 AM to 6:00PM during official working day


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