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English Language Centre Programmes

The foundation programme consists of four levels, beginning at a pre-elementary stage and progressing to an advanced level. Students are taught the four basic skills of language acquisition, namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing. As well as this, they receive instruction in mathematics and information technology in addition to study skills and time management. At the conclusion of the programme, there is a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), for which they will have been prepared, to ascertain the students’ levels of proficiency.

Level Description
Level 1

Here the concentration is on fundamental elements of the four skills, emphasizing acquisition of good study habits, powers of concentration and use of correct grammar. The lecture groups have a single teacher whose task it is to integrate all elements of the course.

Level 2

At this level students continue to develop the four skills, with more detailed grammar and stable study habits expected of them. Classes are grouped into threes where three lecturers, working as a team, rotate between the classes teaching the relevant skills.

Level 3 In addition to a more advanced development of the four skills with more structured essay writing and better forms of expression in interpersonal communication, students are now instructed in mathematics and information technology. The system of class groupings with team teaching is maintained, and mathematics and IT are taught by extra lecturers from the IT department.
Level 4

At this final stage of the programme, the four skills are taught at an advanced level. The students continue to be instructed in mathematics and IT by lecturers from the IT department. Within the English language programme, students are required to undertake projects including data collection and preparation of a questionnaire to carry out a survey, then produce a written report describing its methodology, conclusions and recommendations. In addition, students are required to prepare and deliver an oral presentation of at least five minutes that demonstrates communication skills appropriate to the level.

The anticipated learning outcomes for each level are outlined in the New Foundation Syllabus that is being implemented in the fall semester of 2009-10.