• Administration and Financial Affairs

Administrative Affairs Department

The Head of the Administrative Affairs Department will have the following responsibilities and authority:

1Providing the various departments of the college with their needs and estimating the annual funds in coordination with the concerned parties.

2Receiving purchases in accordance with the documents and receipts, after verifying their compliance with the prescribed specifications, keeping them in the stores or distributing them to the different departments, and reporting any rejected items.

3Supplying the stores with the required materials and keeping records of their specifications.

4Organizing stores and supervising the personnel.

5Implementing the procedures of periodical or arbitrary store inventories, in compliance with the rules and regulations.

6Conducting an annual count of the budget remaining from the requisites of work.

7Complying with health and safety procedures in the stores.

8Following up the implementation of the contracts signed for services and maintenance.

9Keeping records of college property and organizing its periodical maintenance.

10Preparing and arranging the expatriate personnel’s accommodation units and keeping records.

11Supervising all the personnel in the department and monitoring their performance.

12Evaluating staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

13Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.