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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 10:28

Fire drill executed in ELC

A fire drill was executed in the English Language Center for the first time on March 3, 2020 under the supervision of officers from the Ministry of Civil Defence.

Staff and students of the entire college followed the proper emergency evacuation procedures in the event of fire.

The drill was made possible through the efforts of Dr. Abdulhamid Ali Qambar Al Ajami, the chairperson SCT Health and Safety (H&S) committee and Mr. Saeed Salim Al Mashiki, the Head of ELC, in coordination with Mr. Anurag Rajeev Thota, the ELC chairperson of H&S committee.

Both SCT staff and students found the drill informative and relevant to emergency situations.

Monday, 09 March 2020 13:41

ELC Research Gate maiden issue released

The ELC Research Gate, official research journal of the English Language Center, Salalah College of Technology, has been officially released on March 3, 2020, in the Self Access Center.

Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki, the Head of ELC, handed over the first printed copy to Ms. Salina Mascrelhas, QA Coordinator and most senior staff of ELC. He commended the Research and Consultancy committee chaired by Dr. Aju Samuel Thomas for publishing the maiden issue of the journal.

The ELC Research Gate is also accessible in the college website and can be downloaded through the link : https://www.sct.edu.om/sctwebsite/index.php/en/academic/centre-elc/82-elc/elc-thumbnails/373-research

Meanwhile, a seminar cum workshop on “Intercultural Communication Dynamics” was conducted by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo, Level 1 Coordinator, just after the release of the journal.

After five consecutive weeks of conducting collaborative learning sessions for SCT staff, the ELC held an awards ceremony on February 26, 2020 in the Self-Access Center with Mr. Ammar Al-Shanfari, the Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance, and Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari, the Head of IT Department, as guests of honour.

The ceremony started with a welcome speech by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC. He commended teachers, particularly the IT Department (having the most number of participants) for their zeal and activeness during the collaborative learning sessions, despite their busy schedules. He encouraged the participants to keep sharing their best practices, experiences, and innovations to improve the breadth and quality of classroom teaching methodology.

The HoC also thanked the Administration and Finance Department for providing refreshments throughout the sessions and for the Educational Technology Center for printing the certificates.

The ceremony culminated with the awarding of certificates to the participants from the three academic departments. The ELC resource persons likewise received certificates in recognition of their valuable contribution to the success of the refresher course.

The quality of teachers is vital to quality education, accordingly the English Language Center (ELC) organized a five-week refresher course for academic staff of the Salalah College of Technology (SCT) from January 28 to February 25, 2020 in the Self-Access Center (SAC).

The refresher course aimed at improving the overall academic standards set by the Ministry of Manpower. The concept of organizing the course was to share knowledge and experience through collaborative learning, thereby providing teachers an avenue to enhance their teaching abilities.

Participants from the Business Studies, Engineering, and Information and Technology Departments were given two sessions every Tuesday. Each session had a 20-munute theory and a 30-minute workshop.

Topics included English for Specific Purposes, Critical Thinking and Higher Order Thinking Skills, Classroom Management, Strategies and Techniques, Starting Out Strong: Effective Planning, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, Teaching Presentation Technique, Tests and Measurements, Teaching Pedagogies, Methods and Strategies, and Creative Learning.

Resource persons were ELC lecturers: Mr. John Richard O’ Neil, Dr. Manizheh Alami, Dr. Ronilo Jayag, Ms. Aminah Sutphen, Dr. Rana Aslam, Dr. Ajit Jovande, Mr. Edward Stallard, and Ms. Khayar Alamri.

Participants gave positive feedback on the relevance of the topics to enhance teaching abilities, the excellent organization of the session, the appropriateness of the timing per session, and the expertise demonstrated by the resource persons.

The refresher course was made possible through the initiative of Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC, as approved by Dr. Anwar Ismaili, SCT Dean.

An awareness session on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the Hazards of Smoking was conducted on February 13, 2020 in the Student Access Center, English Language Center.

Dr. Omar Labani and Dr. Samah Ahmed Hossein from Al Hakeem Medical Center in Salalah lectured on CPR and demonstrated the proper way of doing it during emergency situations. Some male students did a role play as an application of what they learned.

Moreover, the ELC staff and students were also informed about the harmful effects of smoking not only to the smokers but to the non-smokers and the community as awhole.

When asked about their feedback, the participants disclosed that the awareness session was beneficial and insightful.

Mementoes and certificates of appreciation were handed to the speakers by Dr. Anwar Amir Al Ismaili, the College Dean and Mr. Saeed Salim Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC.

The awareness session was organized by the ELC Health and Safety Committee chaired by Mr. Anurag Rajeev Thota.

More than 200 new intake students attended the GFP Induction Program conducted by the English Language Center (ELC) on January 21-22, 2020 at Self-Access Center. The activity was organized by the Student Induction Committee led by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki (Head of ELC), Ms. Salina Mascrelhas (ELC QA Coordinator), Mr. Randy Magdaluyo (Level 1 Coordinator), Ms. Kamla Koofan, Ms. Samha Al Mashali, Ms. Amal Al-Awadi (Level 1 Representatives), Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri (Student Grievances Coordinator), Mr. Rajesh Menon (GFP-Math Coordinator), Mr. T. Karthikeyan (GFP- IT Coordinator), Mr. Prabagarane G. (ELC Registrar), Ms. Sharooq Reehan (ELC Assistant Registrar), and Ms. Atsloom Al-Maashani and Ms. Amna Al Yafi (SAC Staff).

A warm welcome was given by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo on behalf of the English Language Center. It was then followed by a slide presentation of the SCT motto, vision, mission, goals, values, graduate attributes and ELC administration by Ms. Kamla Koofan. Students also had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Rawas Amer Ahmed Al-Rawas, a Civil Engineering student who shared his learning experiences and study tips with new students.

The second part of the program started with a detailed discussion of the ELC program, courses and resources by Ms. Samha Al-Mashali. She explained clearly the learning outcomes, delivery plan, course outline, assessment plan, class schedule, e-learning (Moodle, Kahoot, Ed Tech), Writing Center and Self-Access Center. Ms. Amal Al-Awadi added more information about the college policies on attendance, examination, homework and class participation. Students were advised to refer to the translated handouts and to keep the copy in their portfolio. Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri also discussed thoroughly the aims and functions of the Grievance Committee Cell in dealing with student complaints, prohibited behaviors and activities.

The last session was given by Mr. Rajesh Menon and Mr. T. Karthikeyan who briefly presented the Math and IT curriculum, assessment plan, attendance policies and common rules, College Information Management System (CIMS) and SCT email. The activity culminated in the distribution and completion of feedback forms by all new students.

Thursday, 05 December 2019 11:17

ELC holds awarding ceremony

True to its commitment to develop well-rounded individuals, the English Language Center of Salalah College of Technology continues to address student needs not only in academics but through extracurricular activities. The first semester of AY 2019-2020 was fruitful for the ELC with successful contests and events, which increased student involvement and raised awareness on the merits of using English as a Second Language.

To reward deserving students and teachers, the ELC held an awarding ceremony on December 3rd in the Self-Access Center. The program was introduced by Mr. Edward Stallard, followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC. He commended teachers and students for putting their best foot forward and for fostering unity in achieving the objectives of the Center.

Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al Kalbani, the Assistant Dean for Students Affairs, was the guest of honour during the ceremony.

Meanwhile, all the ELC contested events were organized by the English Language Forum: Mr. Salim Al Mashani, Ms. Wendella Francis, Ms. Rachel Joseph, Mr. Marc Carmichael Brown, Mr. Musallam Al Mahri. and Dr. Claire Orpilla.

Below is the roster of awardees in the ELC contests/ events:


Portrait Champion Amina Muslem Mohammed Shamas
1st runner-up Osama Salim Al-Shibani
Nature Champion Abdullah Al-Hakmani
1st runner-up Humeid Al Farei
2nd runner-up Fatma Salim Al-Mashani
Landscape Champion Salma Amush Al Mahri
  1st runner-up Said Salem Said Al Mashani
  2nd runner-up Amer Salim Al Mashani


Abdullah Mohammed Al Hakmani
Raya Ali Al-Amri
Al Faisal Adil Sulaiman
Aisha Ali Al Habsi

C. Bulletin BOARD

Champion Level 3
1st runner-up Level 1
2nd runner-up Level 2
3rd runner-up Post-Foundation
4th runner up Level 4


Dr. Mohammmed Ahmed Nazeer Business Studies
Dr. Mohammed Al Mashani Engineering
Mr. Allan Salburo IT


Mr. Hatem Suwailam  Business Studies
Mr. Ninzo Thomas  Engineering
Ms. Jossie Del Valle IT
Monday, 18 November 2019 13:32

ELC gears up for 49th National Day

As soon as the first week of November kicked off, the English Language Center started preparing for the celebration of the 49th National Day. Hallways on all the floors of the ELC building have been adorned with various Omani symbols that manifest the spirit of nationalism and unity.

The English Language Forum board highlights Sultan Qaboos bin Said as the “Heart of Oman.” Hailed as the greatest leader by his constituents, His Majesty has transformed the Sultanate into a highly developed country not only in the Gulf region but also the whole world.

Another highlight of the ELC celebration is the photography contest for current students of the Salalah College of Technology. The theme of the contest is “Oman is my Home.” Photo categories include portraits, landscapes, and nature.

An exhibit of all the photo entries will be open for viewing on the 18th of November 2019 in the Self-Access Center when the ELC celebrates the most anticipated occasion in Oman.

The English Language Center (ELC) welcomed nearly 400 new intake students through its In-house Induction Program held last October 03, 2019 at Self-Access Center. Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki (Head of ELC), Ms. Salina Mascrelhas (ELC QA Coordinator) and Mr. Randy Magdaluyo (Level 1 Coordinator) organized the said activity with the help of the GFP Student Induction Committee members: Ms. Samha Al Mashali and Ms. Kamla Koofan (Level 1 Representatives), Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri (Student Grievances Coordinator), Mr. Rajesh Menon (GFP-Math Coordinator), Mr. T. Karthikeyan (GFP- IT Coordinator), Mr. Prabagarane G. (ELC Registrar), Ms. Sharooq Reehan (ELC Assistant Registrar), Ms. Atsloom Al-Maashani and Ms. Amna Al Yafi (SAC Staff).

The program started with a brief welcome by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo on behalf of the English Language Center. It was followed by a discussion of the SCT motto, vision, mission, goals, and values by Ms. Kamla Koofan. She clearly presented all the important information about the college statements, administration, and graduate attributes. Translated handouts were also distributed for students to review and keep in their portfolios.

The English curriculum, assessment plan, e-learning resources, Self-Access Center services, attendance and examination procedures were discussed completely by Ms. Samha Al Mashali. She reiterated the English learning outcomes, requirements, materials and policies for students. Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri also thoroughly explained the roles of the Grievance Committee Cell in handling complaints, prohibited behaviors and activities. The last session on the Math and IT curriculum, assessment plan, attendance policies and common rules, College Information Management System (CIMS) and SCT email was given by Mr. Rajesh Menon. All sessions were delivered through a Power Point presentation.

The activity ended with students completing the feedback forms on the conduct of the GFP Student Induction Program.

The English Language Center conducted a five-week intensive IELTS preparation class for Post Foundation students from May 19 to June 25, 2019. Classes were held in ELC-21 and the ELC Conference Room from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday sessions, and from 12:00 to 02:00 p.m. for Tuesday session. A total of 15 Post Foundation students in the Business, Engineering and Information Technology programs attended the classes for 18 days to help them prepare for the IELTS exam, which is required for them to advance to Higher Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. The IELTS program was conceptualized and coordinated by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, Head of the English Language Center, and was facilitated by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo, Level 1 Coordinator and IELTS Trainer.

The preparation classes included orientation sessions, short exercises and full simulation tests on the four IELTS skills, namely listening, reading, writing and speaking. The question types, band scores, test-taking skills, review strategies, exam procedures and time-management tips were explained comprehensively to students. Supplemental materials and assessments were also provided regularly to students for their independent review in their most convenient time.

The IELTS preparation classes were advertised on different social media accounts, college information boards and the official SCT website.

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