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Advanced Diploma students of Mechanical Engineering Section visited A’Safwah Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. (S.A.O.G.), Salalah on 12th March 2019. This visit was part of the Student Development activity. Students had the opportunity to understand Injection Molding & Blow Molding Processes, Quality Control Process, Automated Material Handling and Packaging System. They also learnt about the technology and various operations involved from the manufacturing to packaging of the company’s products.

The academia – industry collaboration plays an important role by encouraging new ideas and innovative research projects. Mr. Ahmed Suhail Al Naqeeb, Director of HR and H&S of Carmeuse Majan LLC (SFZ) invited a team from SCT- Engineering Department for an initial meeting with Carmeuse Majan team to discuss project collaboration with the company through students’ project. The collaborative project aims to determine the applications of rejected lime & waste materials and reprocess into new products.

Carmeuse Majan is part of Carmeuse Group, Belgium company is the leading global producer of lime and limestone products. The Carmeuse Group has production facilities in Europe, North America and Africa.

The second meeting took place at SCT- Engineering office presided by Dr. Ali Rafeet, Head of Engineering Department. The meeting discussed the various project proposals through detailed process such as recycling of polypropylene for container and gardening tools, converting the rejected lime into hydrated lime for water and soil treatment and blending of cement.

As a part of Carmeuse Group activity the company plans to actively engage the students to research, analyze, formulate etc. on the project for providing the most effective and efficient solution that meets predefined criteria. Through this scheme the company plans to conduct a project competition for the Engineering students and award the most excellent quality project.

Dr. Ali Rafeet thanked the industry guests from Carmeuse Majan and conveyed his wish of strengthening the academia-industry project collaboration.

Engineering Department staff through the invitation of Raysut Cement Company attended the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)- Oman Chapter meeting held at the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Salalah.

Mr. Frank Higgins - Head of HSE, Raysut Cement gave an overview of the Health and Safety standards and practices in Oman. He cited the importance of forming a committee to enhance and upgrade health, safety and environment standards in and outside the workplace. This committee could serve as platform for professionals to share experiences, best practices and to develop their own skills through personal development. The benefits of affiliation to the UK-based IIRSM were also mentioned during the session.

Participants in the meeting were also informed that initially, SCT Chemical Engineering students were given one year FREE student membership in IIRSM and later extended to all SCT students. This membership entitles the students to access online the institute’s HSE resources, participate in forums as well as gain advance knowledge in preparation for future employment.

For updates and developments undertaken to improve risk management in Oman, participants were urged to attend future meetings.

SCT-Chemical Engineering students participated in an Innovation Project Exhibition last March 3, 2019 at Salalah Youth Complex, Salalah. This exhibition was organized by a newly formed committee of innovative minds called “Fingerprint,2nd Edition” in cooperation with the National Youth Commission (NYC) and The Scientific Research Council.

On display were more than 30 projects from Dhofar University, Salalah College of Technology, College of Applied Sciences-Salalah, Caledonian College of Engineering and other schools and local entrepreneurs.

Most of the participating students found the exhibition a platform to showcase their talents and their capability to hit the job market using innovative ideas or with their own entrepreneurial projects.

The title of the project that won 1st place - “Adsorption of Zinc from Aqueous Solution using Banana Peel and Stem Powder”. This project explains the economic treatment process for the removal of zinc metal present in the effluent streams coming from various chemical industries especially electroplating and paint industries.

Corporate participants and experts from different industries assessed all the displayed projects , after which the Chemical Engineering project was announced winner.

Students Involved in the Project Competition were;


Dr. Rakesh Namdeti, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering was the project supervisor.

Monday, 18 March 2019 07:37

Training on the "Role of Fire Warden"

Engineering Health and Safety Committee members and other staff traveled to Raysut, Salalah (SFZ) as participants in a two day training program organized by Raysut Cement Company in cooperation with Fire Protection Association (FPA) .The training was titled “Role of Fire Warden”

The training team Mr. Frank Higgins and Mr. Said Kashoob enlightened the audience with the statistics of fire deaths in Oman and the causes of fire accidents. There was a thorough discussion on how fire accidents start ,the spreading nature of fire and protection from fire hazards. Finally, there was a demonstration on the usage of different fire extinguishers for different fire accidents as well as the evacuation procedures in buildings.

A slogan “Protect People, Property, Business and Environment” served as closing remarks of the program.

The Engineering Department invited experts from Raysut Cement Company to share their experience with the department on Health, Safety and Risk Management practices. Mr. Frank Higgins-Head of HSE and Mr. Said Ahmed Habkook Kashoob -Manager of HSE, Raysut Cement Company met with the Engineering Head of Department, Heads of Sections and Health, Safety and Risk Management Committees to discuss concerns related to health and safety in laboratories and workshops. This meeting was held to assess the safety measures implemented in Engineering and provide feedback to improve HSE standards in the department.

A lively discussion and sharing of insights concerning health and safety practices vis-a-vis the perceptions among employees within and outside the work environment took place at the HoD office.

A tour of the engineering laboratories and workshops in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Chemical Buildings were conducted. Actual safety operation of some equipment was demonstrated. Students were also involved during the lab tour.

Mr. Frank Higgins, pointed out the shortfalls he observed and suggested corrective measures. After the tour, the Head of Department gave instructions to immediately act on these suggestions to improve workplace safety.

تحت رعاية معالي الدكتور رشيد بن الصافي الحريبي رئيس مجلس المناقصات وبالتعاون مع اللجنة الوطنية للشباب ومجلس البحث العلمي أسدل الستار يوم الأحد الموافق 3 مارس 2019 في مجمع السلطان قابوس الشبابي للثقافة والترفيه بصلالة على معرض بصمة تميز 2 وقد حصل مشروع:


من قسم الهندسة الكيميائية بكلية التقنية بصلالة على أفضل مشروع علمي بمعرض بصمة تميز 2 على مستوى الجامعات والكليات المشاركة بالمحافظة وعلى مستوى السلطنة.

طلاب المشروع : علي بن أحمد بيت سعيد ، باسم بن محمد عامر العامري ، مروان بن مسلم فاضل ، سعيد بن حامد السعدي ، سالم بن مسلم علش الكثيري و طارق بن سالم الكثيري . متمنين لهم دوام النجاح والتميز.

نبذة مختصرة عن المشروع

تم تحضير مادتين من مواد الإمتصاص منخفضة التكلفة مثل مسحوق قشر الموز ومسحوق جذع الموزوتم إختبارهما لإزالة معدن الزنك من المحلول المائي. أجريت جميع التجارب في محلول مائي من كلوريد الزنك. وتم دراسة تأثير مدة الإتصال ، ودرجة الحموضة في المحلول ، وتركيز المحلول المائي وجرعة مسحوق الموز (ملجم/لتر) على إزالة معدن الزنك. كذالك تم تركيب بيانات الإمتصاص بشكل جيد بواسطة معادلة (لانغموير) متساوي الإندماج لكل من الممتصات. وقد أسفرت التجارب عن إزالة حوالي ٪82 من معدن الزنك عند الرقم الهيدروجيني 6 في غضون 20 دقيقة مع مسحوق قشر الموز و٪ 90 في غضون 15 دقيقة مع مسحوق جذع الموز. وإستنادا إلى الدراسات الحالية ، يمكن الإستنتاج أن كل من قشر الموز ومسحوق الجذوع لها قدرات عالية على إمتصاص معدن الزنك.

As part of the students’ development activity, Diploma students of Mechanical Engineering Section visited ABI SHOWATECH OMAN LLC (FZC), Salalah on 13th February 2019. Students had the opportunity to understand CNC programming, CNC machining centers, quality control instruments like CMM (co-ordinate measuring machines) that is used to check geometrical tolerances, surface finish and other procedures applied in industries.

Thursday, 28 February 2019 10:15

OJT Conducts Re-Orientation Program

The Engineering Industry Link and On-Job-Training Committee in coordination with the College OJT Department conducted re-orientation program on February 19, 2019. This was held to update and re-orient staff on OJT related matters like policies, procedures, and the new tracking system. The OJT tracking system steps were explained, and demonstrated to the participants. Dr. S. Sivamani - OJT and Industrial Link Committee Chair addressed the program and clarified queries then feedback were collected from the participants.

The Chemical Engineering faculty visited Mina Petroleum Company as part of staff development program. Mina Petroleum specializes in commodity trading, supply, and full-cycle logistics for delivery of petroleum products to remote regions and destinations. The company also builds, owns, and operates downstream infrastructure in oil and gas markets.

This industrial visit aimed to learn the real applications of various grade and types of petroleum, health, safety and environmental measures in handling and shipping of petroleum products. Mr. Corey Mange - Laboratory Manager of Mina Petroleum delivered the lecture. He talked about the various petroleum grades, applications and demonstrated the usage of equipment with sample test analysis.

Through these activities, staff were updated on industrial practices, safety issues, and opportunities to improve the practical learning in petroleum and processing industries.

Student Development Committee of Mechanical Engineering Section held a guest lecture on February 10, 2019 about “Heat Treatment Processes”- a series of operations that change the properties of materials for the desired use and applications. Mr. Khaldoon Hamid Al Noubi, Plant Operator- Apergy Middle East LLC, Salalah was the speaker.

He explained various heat treatment processes applied by the company to improve quality and serviceability of materials. The lecture served as enrichment of knowledge gained in the classroom.

The Chemical Engineering Diploma students listened to an inspirational lecture about “Application of Innovative Ideas in Project”. The lecture was delivered on February 5, 2019 by Ms. Atheer Musallam Tabook, an Omani entrepreneur and business owner of Lubaniah Skin Care Company.

The guest lecturer shared her own experiences while studying and doing project in University of Michigan, USA. She discussed the significance and application of Oman Frankincense as raw materials in soap manufacturing that won her award as best manufacturing business idea.

Students were encouraged by the speaker to develop their project ideas, knowledge, and skills into real life business in the future.

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