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Department of Business Studies, confirming to its course curriculum, organized an Industrial visit to Salalah Methanol Company L.L.C on Monday 21st March 2016. Two faculty members; Ms. Rama Jyothi- Faculty- Entrepreneurship and Dr. Amit Sharma- Coordinator OJT & Industrial Link Committee accompanied the students from various levels and specializations.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Bahdoor, Corporate Branding Officer in External Affairs Department received the visiting group. Initially, the group was briefed about the safety procedures to be followed by company employees and visitors. After this, a brief introductory session about the company operations was presented by Mr. Ahmed kashoub, Head- External Affairs Department. During the session, students showed a lot of interest in discussing various issues pertaining to the company operations.

Finally, the group was taken inside the plant, where they were informed and introduced to the production process of methanol and quality check procedures. Overall, it was a good learning experience for the students as they found this visit very interesting and informative one.

Human Recourse Development Committee of Department of Business Studies, in coordination with Student affairs, Industrial Committee and Life Line Hospital, Salalah, organized a “Health Awareness Programme” in Foundation Building on March 15, Tuesday at 12 noon. The programme was to give awareness about the causes for Vitamin-D deficiency and remedial measures to be taken to avoid such deficiency. The guest speaker was Dr. Hiba from Life Line Hospital, Salalah. The programme was attended by staff members from all departments.

The session started with a welcome speech by Dr. Mohammed Ali Said Bait Ali Sulaiman, the Head of Business Department. Dr. Hiba from Life Line Hospital, Salalah has explained that the main reasons for Vitamin-D deficiency are: skin not being exposed to sunlight and insufficient intake of food like fish, milk egg etc. Later she explained the remedial actions to be taken. As part of remedial actions, she suggested to have sufficient intake of food containing vitamin-D. In the interactive session she has clarified the doubts raised by the audience.

At the end of the session Dr. Mohammed Ali Said Bait Ali Sulaiman thanked the resource person for throwing light on the very important health issue and presented her a token of appreciation.

In an ongoing effort to provide students with quality learning, Department of Business Studies conducted one more guest lecture for students on Wednesday 16th March 2016. Keeping in mind the need of learning ethical and moral values in student life, this time the lecture was organized on the topic of ‘Being a Responsible Student’.

Sheikh Musallam Al Mashali, Imam of the Sultan Qaboos Mosque Salalah was the speaker on this occasion. His lecture impetus was on how a student can be more responsible by following the ethical principles of human life. He counseled the students by quoting stories and incidents. During his lecture, Shikh Musallam also stressed on the need of descipline and punctuality in a student’s life.

A large number of students attended the lecture. The lecture concluded with a question and answer session. Dr. Mohammed Bait Ali Sulaiman, HoD- Business honored the guest speaker with a token of appreciation and momento on behalf of the department.

Department of Business Studies organized a Guest Lecture for the students of Entrepreneurship course on Thursday 3rd March 2016. The lecture was arranged by Mr. Khalid Al-Shanfari, Chairman- College Industrial Link Committee in cooperation with Oman’s Chamber of Commerce and Women Entrepreneurs in Oman.

Ms. Marwa ali Al-Ghassani, a young entrepreneur who owns her own designing and decoration business in Salalah was the guest speaker on this occasion. She shared her own experiences with the students and stressed on the importance of being focused on the set goals. This lecture was an effort to familiarize the students with practical difficulties and know-how to overcome such situations while establishing a business. 

The session was well received by the students and concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Mohammed Ali Sulaiman- HoD- Business.  He also presented a memento to the guest speaker as a token of appreciation on behalf of the department.

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