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It has always been a continuous endeavor of Business Studies Department to develop entrepreneurial skills among college students. Recently, Department of Business Studies along with college Entrepreneur Club hosted a team from SME Development Fund-Muscat. Ms. Huda Al Huraibi from college Entrepreneur Club and Dr. Amit Sharma from Business Studies department coordinated these sessions. The main aim of conducting these sessions were to develop entrepreneurial skills and out of box thinking among students.

The SMEDF team, consisted of three trainers, conducted 20 training sessions for almost 400 students during their 3 day visit. Most of these sessions were held for Entrepreneurship and Diploma-I students in business department. Each session was of two hours during which the SMEDF team discussed numerous topics pertaining to Entrepreneurship. They also shared the benefits of starting small scale business at the start of their professional career. Participating students were given practical exercises by the facilitators. Activities were designed in such a way that it addressed most of the allied areas of entrepreneurship. All the participating students showed lot of enthusiasm in completing these activities.

On the last day of this successful program, Dr. Alya Ali Mansoor Al Nasseri- HoD, Business Studies appreciated the efforts of SMEDF team and thanked them to provide this wonderful learning experience to SCT students.

By the initiative of Human Recourse Development Committee, Business Studies Department organized a guest lecture on “Personality Development and Leadership Skills” in Career Guidance Centre on February 5th Sunday at 12.00 noon.

The guest speaker was Mr. R.N. Mandal Kishore an HR Specialist from India. In his unique style he delivered a lecture on management concepts of leadership and personality and explained the benefits of democratic way of decision making. He also stressed the importance of motivating the staff in achieving organizational and personal goal in modern complex business environment.

At the end of the session, on behalf of HRD committee, Mr. Hatem Suwailam and other participants thanked the resource person for sharing the valuable information he has gathered and presented him a token of appreciation.

As a part of college curriculum, arranging industrial visit has its own significance in academics. Main aim of industrial visits is to provide students an insight into the practical prospective at workplace. Moreover, it provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college. Highlighting these importances, Department of Business Studies organized an industrial visit to Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. (S.A.O.G) on 22nd November 2016. A group of students from various levels and specializations along with two faculty members; Dr. Amit Sharma, Coordinator-OJT and Dr. Myrna B., Faculty- Marketing visited the company.

Mr. Mohammed Illyas, Plant In-charge, received the visiting group. As a prelude to the visit, the group was introduced to the research department of company. They were briefed about the varied products and quality process of DCF Company. During this session, research department performed some sample tests on students and collected vital information on taste & quality of their products. This session was an important one for the students, as they not only witnessed but also learned the quality procedures and various data collection techniques in a real working environment.

Visit to the production plant was awe inspiring. The visiting team was familiarized to the production procedures of some of the well-known dairy products under the brand name of A’Safwah. The group visited the entire plant and was amazed to witness the coordination of human intelligence and hard work with the precise operation of different types of machines. The plant also embraces a plastic bottle manufacturing unit with a production capacity of 25000 bottles on daily basis.

During the visit staff members from DCF Company were cordial and answered the students’ queries in most appropriate manner. Altogether, it was a wonderful learning experience for the students as they were acquainted with real working environment of a company.


With the Colleges of Technology’s mission to shift from the traditional teacher-centered learning methodology to student-centered learning, a spurt of events are being conducted in our college to build the strategies to implement student-centered learning, the assessment methods that would suit the student environment and the challenges that the staff and the administration would face.

In pursuit of the same, the Curriculum Review Committee of the Business Studies Department in coordination with the Department QA Coordinator, Dr. T. Srinivas Prasad, organized a workshop on ‘Student Centered Learning’ for the Department staff on 11th of October, 2016. In this workshop, Dr. Myrna Barnachea, Chairperson of Department Curriculum Review Committee gave a presentation on the implementation of Student-Centered Learning in Colleges of Technology.

Dr. Myrna highlighted the need for environment creation in our college to make students responsible, accountable and influential young graduates and the strategies to be achieved as part of the Student Centered Learning implementation. Dr. Myrna also threw light on the roles that the college, all academic units, teaching staff and the students would have to play to make the student-centered learning a success. Moreover, she also discussed the changes that should be incorporated in the assessment patterns to fit the SCL and the challenges that it would bring to both the teaching staff and students. A good number of staff members attended this workshop and feedback was collected from the staff to counter the SCL challenges and provide their suggestions on implementation of SCL.


With an aim to improve the utilization of E-learning resources by the staff and students, the Business Studies Department organized a Workshop on E-Learning to the Dept. Staff on October 18, 2016. This workshop was organized by Dr. Ramanadh Kasturi, E-Learning Coordinator in coordination with Dr. Prasad, QA Coordinator. Mr. Junn Eric Timoteo from ETC was the resource person for this workshop.

This workshop was intended to prepare the teachers with hands-on-experience on preparation of the question banks, preparation of question papers and assignment, scheduling the time for conduct of online assignment, awarding the marks etc. Mr. Junn, the presenter, demonstrated on how to use the Moodle for setting up grade books, recording and displaying the marks of internal assessment tests to the students etc. This workshop was very resourceful and the staff actively participated in the discussion.

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