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The Business Studies Department, thru the collaborative efforts of Curriculum Review and Development Committee chaired by Dr. Myrna M. Barnachea, Dept. QA Coordinator-Dr. Srinivas Prasad, College Industrial Link Committee Representative-Mr. Hatem Suwailam, and Dept. OJT Coordinator-Dr. Amit Sharma, organized a Curriculum Review meeting-cum-interactive session with invited industry experts on 30th May, 2017 at Career Guidance Center of the College attended by the Dept. Council and  academic Staff. This session is aimed to bridge the gap between academics and industry and equip our graduates with various skills required to meet the needs and demands of the industry by revising our curriculum based on the industry feedback.

At the outset, Dr. Alya Al Nasseri, Head of Business Studies Department, welcomed the distinguished industry experts and the staff for the interactive session and emphasized the importance of industry feedback in curriculum review process as it enables the Department to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of programs as per the industry requirements/standards. Further, she expressed that this session would help the Department to obtain first-hand information on Industry expectations from the graduates relating to various career opportunities and identify the skills that the graduates need to improve. Thereafter, presentations on College Graduate Attributes, Specialization programs and Industry Feedback questionnaires were made by Dept. QA Coordinator, Head of Sections and CRDC Chairperson respectively.

Five (5) industry experts from different companies attended this Curriculum Review meeting and shared their insights and expectations from the fresh graduates in terms of skills and attributes; then actively participated in the discussion of the interactive session. Here’s to highlight few excerpts of their insights and expectations:

 “How do you measure the success of students in terms of graduate attribute attainment? Employability of graduates is an indicator of success. If more graduates remain unemployed, it indicates that some improvement in the quality of graduates is required. Computer skills are vital now. Academic institutions should take care of imparting these skills.” - Mr Mohammed Al Mashini, General Manager-Corporate Affrairs of Salalah Port.

“During the last 20 years of my recruiting experience in Oman, I have witnessed more improvement in the skills of Omani youngsters. Thanks to the contribution of educational institutions. But, the expectations of youngsters are very high. They should be balanced and learn to appreciate working in teams. Teachers should play a role in enhancing this attribute of students. Personality development is more important for the success of students. There is a gap in performance appraisal of the students. It must be enhanced to international standards.” - Mr. Ashwani Jhamb, Board Secretary of Salalah Port.

“How do you measure whether the entire curriculum is covered? Knowledge is transferred to the students and they demonstrate their skills in their job in industry. 85% of job promotions are based on employees’ attitude and only 15% are based on facts, figures and employees’ intelligence. Educational institution has to work on changing the students’ attitude and build them to take responsibility and be committed. We should enhance their communication skills, level of commitment, leadership ability and willingness to take responsibility. With right attitude, the graduates will be hot cakes not only in Dhofar Region but also in entire Oman and even outside Oman.” – Mr. Cyril Samuel, Principal Consultant, Al Mustaqil Management Consultancy.

“Every field will be automated in future. We are looking for students who understand and work in such automated system. Information technology makes jobs very easy. Hence, focus is required on improving IT skills and Communication skills.” -  Mr. Shirish Jawalkar, HR Officer of Dhofar Cattle Feed.

“There is a gap in the expectation of the graduates and the reality in terms of job compensation and benefits.  Most of the time 90% of knowledge gained in academic institutions is not used in the work place. Hence, academic institutions should give due importance for imparting soft skills, negotiation skills and time management skills to the students. Further, the art of understanding reports, like financial statements, is more important in the current situation than the science of preparing them.” – Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Head of Salalah Unit Wholesale Banking, Bank Dhofar.

At the end of the session, Dr. Alya Al Nasseri, HoD-Business, presented vote of thanks and especially thanked the guests from industry for devoting their precious time and sharing their thoughts, feedback and expectations from the fresh graduates. And the program was concluded by honoring the guests with plaque of appreciation by Dr. Alya.

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“It’s Not About Ideas; It’s About Making Ideas Happen”

Conforming to its theme “It’s not about ideas; It’s about making ideas happen”, ‘Buzz-Fest’ created a great opportunity for the college students to get an exposure of the real world at the college campus itself. The multi-stakeholder nature of this event was dedicated to provide an in-depth exploration of the need for entrepreneurship and an exposure to those companies who have been dealing with entrepreneurship successfully, thus motivating the students to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

With the objective of providing the students an insight into their future, this event focused on socio-educational activities, such as installation of Booths, setting up Specialization corners, Entrepreneurship corner, Business Club corner etc.,

The event’s highlights were 13 stalls put by the Business Studies students and funding & project advisory establishments from public and private sectors. From the department there were specialization corners arranged by the department sections to promote different specializations being offered by the department. These specialization corners had the glimpse of a creative, supportive and efficient learning atmosphere that is practiced consistently at Salalah College of Technology.

Inaugural Session

The event started at 9:00 a.m. with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Abdullah Babood, student of BSD.

In his welcome address, Mr. Mohammed Naseeb, an active student of Business Club of Business Studies department reiterated the fact that events like ‘Buzz-Fest’ not only motivate the students but also prove that learning can actually be fun. Such events can make the students extroverts and competent in attitude. Very aptly, he brought out the importance of young graduates to participate actively and play a major role in the development of our country by becoming world class competitors.

Highlight of the session was the presentations made by Mr. Otbah Abdullah Al Harmali of SME Development, Mr. Mohammed Al Mashikhi of Al Rafd Fund and Mr. Ahmed Ba-Omar of Al Madina Takaful. First two presenters stressed on the need for helping the graduates for becoming entrepreneurs by giving them necessary training and enhancing their business skills. While,Mr. Ahmed Ba-Omar, emphasized on the significance of Sharia-Complaint products in Oman economy.

A young and successful Omani entrepreneur Mr. Hammad Ahmed Suwailam shared his success story with the audience. He also shared the mantra of ‘how to become a successful entrepreneur’.

At the end of the inaugural session, Dr. Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Manthari, Dean- SCT, Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs along with Dr Alya Ali Mansoor Al Nasseri, Head- Business Studies Department distributed the momentous to the sponsor companies and distinguished guests.

Later, all the guests along with the Dean and Assistant deans visited all the booths. The guests started their tour with the specialization booths, where the students enthusiastically answered the guests’ queries. The Entrepreneur Club and the Business Club of SCT showcased their activities to the guests. The participant companies Dhofar Cattle Feed, Riyada, Al Rafd, Al Madina Takaful and SME Development Fund spoke about their products and functions to the guests.

At the end of the first session, staff and eminent guests selected the ‘Best Poster’ from all the posters that the students had created. During the event three ‘Lucky Prize’ winners were also announced on the basis of a raffle draw.

Activity Session

The second session was exclusively based on the idea that ‘Learning is Fun’. Activities like Quiz, Show & Tell and Guess the Word were lined up to challenge the intellect of both the staff and students. Games like Blind Fold, Draw a Line and Practical game kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

To motivate and encourage the students to participate more in such kind of events, prize distribution ceremony was held at the end of the activity session. College Dean along with ADAA and HoD-Business Studies distributed the prizes to the winners of different activities and games.

The fascinating event concluded at 2:00 p.m. with a ‘Vote of Thanks’ by the Head of Business Studies Department, Dr. Alya Ali Mansoor Al Nasseri. She acknowledged the role of all the sponsors and participant companies – Al Shanfari Group, Lulu International, SME- F development, Al Madina Takaful, Al Raffd fund, Rayada Group, Dhofar Cattle Feed, Khimji Ramdas in making the event a success. Dr. Alya applauded the efforts and support of the college management, department staff and students, who showed extraordinary dedication and commitment in making this event a success.

The Business Ethics section teachers in partnership with the Student Development Committee organized a Business Ethics Quiz Bowl Competition last March 21, 2017, Tuesday, 12 noon at Buss-14C. The competition was held to supplement the classroom learning of students and develop camaraderie among the participants. In the process, the event was aimed to inculcate the college values of teamwork and innovation. There were 10 groups composed of 3 team members coming from the different departments of the college who participated in the competition. The Business Ethics teachers all took part in the event and played significant roles to ensure success in the activity. All winners received glass trophies and prizes. The following students emerged as the competition winners:

First Place

Student Name Department
Asma Musallam Mohammed Al- Maashani Engineering
Adlah Mohammed Ali Al- Bathari Engineering
Ameena Yahya Ahmed Al- Amri Engineering

Second Place

Student Name Department
Issam Mohammed Al Masoudi Engineering
Alazhar Saif Al Hinai Engineering
Hassan Khalid Al Yafai Engineering

Third Place

Student Name Department
Abdulrhaman Mohammed Al Rashdi Engineering
Jehad Said Ahmed Al Khatiri Engineering
Ali Mubarak Rajab Bait Mubarak Business

Business Department organized a guest lecture on “HR Skills, Abilities and Practices in Organization” in SCT career guidance center on 14th of March, Tuesday at 12.00 noon. The guest speaker was Mr. Shirish Jawalkar- HR Officer from Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. (S.A.O.G).

Business department staff and bachelor level students attended the program. . The guest speaker delivered an interesting lecture on major HR activities and the use of ERP applications and supporting system. The programme gave refreshment to the staff and an orientation to the bachelor level students about HR Practices in Organizations. The guest speaker conducted mock interview to few students and it was a learning experience for them.

At the end of the session Mr. Ishaq Sherrif, senior lecturer in HRM section thanked the guest lecturer for his interesting presentation and useful tips given to the students for attending interviews. Dr. K. Raghu Ram, head of HRM section presented him a token of appreciation for his valuable presentation.

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