Monday, 23 March 2020 07:51

Business Studies, organized “Policies Awareness Program on New Policies’’

The Quality Assurance Committee, Department of Business Studies, organized “Policies Awareness Program on New Policies’’ on Tuesday, 10th of March in BSIT 16C for the Staff of Business Studies Department. Mr. Pavan Kumar, Chair of the QA committee has given a brief introduction on the importance of the program on new polices and also informed about the policies to be covered and by whom. The policies covered in the awareness program were Health and Safety Policy, Academic Integrity & Honesty Policy, Curriculum Development & Review Framework and Examination Policy.

Mr. Ishaq Shariff, Lecturer, Chair of H & S Committee of BSD gave a brief presentation on ‘Health and Safety Policy’. He highlighted the importance of health and safety for Staff, Students and Visitors of SCT which are felt paramount in achieving the goals and objectives of the institution. He added that the scope is extended to all the units and facilities within the college campus and he ensured on the effective implementation of the policy statement within the institution. The speaker mentioned that awareness sessions were created for staff and students by conducting mock-drills and pasting emergency numbers in all important areas. The Health and Safety audits and inspections conducted in all college units marked the main feature of the committee. The procedures to be followed for exit at times of emergency, roles and responsibilities of the team at college and department level, evacuation procedures, procedures in the event of fire and accidents during work/ class/lab and electricity emergency procedures were also well explained by Mr. Ishaq.

Dr. Navaneetha Krishnan, Lecturer, Chair, R & C Committee of BSD, presented “Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy”. He emphasized that College is committed to keeping up with high standards of academic honesty and integrity among its staff and students by encouraging the use of proper citations and acknowledgments and dealing pro-actively with cases of all forms of plagiarism. He highlighted the various instances of Plagiarism, Procedures for dealing with staff and students' plagiarism including handing of violations as well as sanctions on violations. He also stressed on usage of Turnitin software which was embedded in the E-learning Moodle for Students assignment, Project reports and staff publications, etc.

Dr. Maksud Madraswale, the chair of the Curriculum Review and Development Committee of BSD, presented the specifics of curriculum review and development policy and explained the process involved in reviewing and revising the curriculum according to changing needs. He explained that curriculum review and development is a cyclical process involving a collection of feedback from the stakeholders, evaluating and summarizing the feedback, recommending suggestions for changes, implementing the changes and collecting feedback. He also explained that feedback will be collected both from internal and external stakeholders in the process of reviewing the curriculum following the changing needs.

Mr. Praveeth Kurumgott, the chairman of the examination committee of the BSD, presented briefly the examination policy. He expressed that the policy is intended to ensure that the examinations are conducted in an efficient and timely manner while maintaining integrity, security of resources, and complying with all applicable rules and regulations. He also highlighted the procedures for conducting regular examinations, re-sit examinations, approval of exam results, entering marks in CIMS and handling the student’s appeals on their results. He also enlightens on the guidelines related to implantations of Examination procedures – preparation of schedule, conducting examinations, assigning invigilation duties, dealing with cheating cases, etc.,

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