Monday, 23 March 2020 07:48

Business Studies, organized “Policies Awareness Program”

The Quality Assurance Committee, Department of Business Studies, organized “Policies Awareness Program” for New Staff – Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma and Mr. Ricardo Biason, on Wednesday, 19th, and 20th of February at BSIT 16C.

Mr. Pavan Kumar, Chair of the QA committee has given a brief introduction to QA matter concerns, about the college Policies, Mechanisms and others. Also, informed about policies to be presented and by whom. Further, given a brief presentation on ‘Introduction to college policies – PMSs, Staff Performance Appraisal Policy, and Termination of Employment Policy. He highlighted the importance of the policies in achieving the goals and objectives of the college.

Dr. Shelly Monthly, a member of the QA committee, presented an overview of R & C Policy, Policy for Students and Staff Involvement in Decision Making, and Risk Management Policy. In her presentation, she focused on the importance of staff research and students’ projects, involving staff in decision making and stressed identifying hazards and mechanisms on mitigating them.

Mr. Basheer, a member of the QA committee, emphasized the Assessment Policy, Inter-department student transfer policy and Student transfers to SCT Policy. He introduced assessment components and mechanism for assessment. Also, presented rules and regulations on students transfers from one department to another department, one college to another college and etc.,

Mr. Qadri Syed Faisal, a member of the QA committee, highlighted the ETC helpdesk policy and Student Retention and Progress Policy.

Ms. Fazilathunissa, a member of the QA committee, gave a presentation on guidelines on Students' postponement, Student Academic Probation based on Student Postponement Policy and Student Academic Probation Policy. She also briefed the importance of documentation processes and procedures.

Ms. Ratna Chellappa, a member of the QA committee, delivered a presentation on “Policy for Succession Planning in CoTs”, “Enhancement of Student Discipline Policy” and Student Grievance Policy”. She has spoken on guidelines for enhancing student discipline and, also shared information on procedures for handling student grievances and recording of student grievance register.

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