Sunday, 16 February 2020 07:27

Seminar on Student Grievance Policy and Uploading quiz on E-Learning organized by HRD Committee of Business Studies

Human Resource Development (HRD) Committee of Business Studies Department (BSD) has organized seminar and workshop on the Tuesday, 4th February, 2020 for the staff members of BSD. The seminar was on “Student Grievance Policy”. The workshop was arranged on “Inputs on uploading practice quiz in e-learning”. The facilitators for the seminar and workshop respectively were Dr. Raghu Ram, Head of the Section-HRM and Mr. Pawan Kumar, Lecturer, Accounting Section.

During the first session, the facilitator Dr. Raghu Ram, presented valuable information on the purpose and need of the grievance policy, its scope, the acronyms and the definitions followed in the policy. In addition to this the facilitator also elaborated on: formal and informal procedures to be followed while handling grievances, guidelines for ensuring fairness and impartiality, need for effective communication with all stakeholders, ensuring confidentially and measuring effectiveness. The session was lively and audience were glad to have the awareness of policies related to students’ grievance.

The second session facilitator, Mr. Pavan Kumar, delivered a hands-on session on the options available to upload practice quizzes in e-learning. All the participants were enthralled to get aware with e-learning mechanism which is user friendly to upload practice quizzes for the students learning purposes. The session was lively and focused on different types of questions that can be uploaded in e-learning such as ‘multiple choice questions’, ‘true/false’, ‘practical or numerical questions’ etc. In addition to these, the facilitator provided inputs to the attendees on security features available in e-learning programme. The session was participative as staff members were clearing their doubts during the session. Participants experimented these assessment methods during the session and appreciated the options available in e-learning.

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