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Marketing Specialization

Marketing is an interesting program for those who possess good communication skills and special interest for sales related activities. This program will familiarize the graduate with an underlying knowledge of marketing research, consumer behavior, retailing management, advertising and promotion, distribution channels management and other important subjects related to modern marketing and retailing applications in order to perform effectively in highly competitive and dynamic retailing and professional selling environments.

Those who graduate from Marketing will have a bright future in the fields of Manufacturing, Marketing or Selling, Banks, Insurance, Finance, Research, etc. All business organizations have their Marketing or Sales Department which provides good job opportunities for such graduates. Likewise, having earned the entrepreneurial skill and given the sufficient capital, they are capable to start their own retail/wholesale business.



The goal of the program is to provide the graduates with knowledge, skills and confidence that he\she requires in order to perform effectively in high competitive marketing and professional selling environments.


This program will familiarize the graduates with the different concepts and skills in both areas of marketing and professional selling, as well as enriching the graduate with the knowledge of the challenges of applying these concepts in a dynamic marketing and professional selling environments.

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates will have the ability to:

  1. Define and explain the language of marketing and selling
  2. Illustrate how marketing and selling fundamentals are applied in realistic business world.
  3. Analyze the changes and challenges in the marketing and selling environments.
  4. Apply marketing techniques for effective communication, persuasion and listening presentation graphics and multimedia software.
  5. Communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing in professional settings.
  6. Work individually and in a team environment in an effective way.
  7. Recognize professional and ethical responsibilities.
  8. Analyze marketing and selling issues logically and creatively.
  9. Work in multi-disciplinary projects.
  10. Make effective use of available information technologies and information sources.

Career Opportunities for Marketing Graduates:

  • Market Analyst
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant, Officer, Representative
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager, Executive, Director
  • Marketing Strategist, Planner
  • Account Associate (entry level position)
  • Account Executive
  • Account Supervisor, Account Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Market Researcher
  • And many others…