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Accounting Specialization

In the changing business environment, Accounting skills are more in demand and the Accounting profession is becoming more dynamic. Students of the Accounting program acquire knowledge and skills in the process and application of Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation Accounting, Government Accounting, Banking & Insurance Accounting, Financial Analysis, Portfolio Management, Project Appraisal, Auditing & Control, etc. They also learn International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Contemporary issues in Accounting and Application of Computers in Accounting and Finance.

Accounting graduates have bright prospects of being employed in Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment Companies and Finance Companies. They have wide job opportunities in both Government and Private Companies as Accounting and Finance is a vital function of every business organization.

Program Details

Diploma in Accounting

Goal :

The goal of this program is to equip students with a range of knowledge and skills in the main functional areas of business. It focuses on technical knowledge and expertise with a view to career in accounting. Graduates of this program are to acquire variety of skills needed by private businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations.

General Objectives :

This program will enable students to:

  • Develop awareness of the business environment surrounding a business entity.
  • Enhance students’ communication, mathematical and IT skills.
  • Enhance students’ moral and make them work with the highest standards of ethics.

Specific Objectives:

This program will enable students to:

  • Understand the theory and practice of accounting.
  • Acquire technical skills and knowledge of the concepts underlying Accounting including, Financial accounting, Management accounting, Auditing, Finance; and IT.

Learning outcomes :

On the completion of this program students should be able to:

  • Support management in the budgeting, planning and decision-making processes.
  • Integrate accounting functions within a computerized business environment, select appropriate software and convert a manual accounting system to a computerized one.
  • Prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements of companies in different industries.
  • Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the problems and opportunities surrounding a business entity.

Employment Trends- Career Avenues:

  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Account Clerk 1, II
  • Cash Office Clerk
  • Credit Investigator
  • Leasing Consultant
  • Retail Loan Closer
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Credit Officer
  • Collections Officer
  • Office Manager
  • Accounting Analyst