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Assistant Dean's Message

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

On behalf of the Student Affairs Departments' team, I am delighted to welcome you as a valued visitor browsing our home page. The SCT home page provides information for both students and their parents about the studying environment in the college.

Student Affairs Departments (SAD) strive to provide efficient services to our students through working closely with Academic departments and Administrative departments in the college. The services are provided to the students through three departments that are On-the-Job Training Department, the Counseling and Graduates Follow up Department and the Student Activities and Graduation Department.

Students Affairs Departments at the SCT supervising the on-the-job training for the students in cooperation with the academic departments. Moreover, the SAD endeavor to develop the students’ personalities through enhancing their sports potential, promoting their religious moral, social and cultural identity. Furthermore, the SADs schedule various activities throughout the Academic Years in order to enhance the students’ relationship with the community and reinforcing national identity.

We focus on working with students as individuals, knowing every student comes with diverse skills, strengths and backgrounds. We are committed to confidentiality and anonymity when dealing with all personal matters.

Thank you very much

Dr. Darwish Abdullah Ali Alkalbani
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs