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Signing of MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MoU) with Rafad Fund Box

Salalah College of Technology represented by the Entrepreneur Club will be signing a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MoU) with Rafad Fund Box in Salalah which is scheduled on SEPTEMBER 25, 2016.

Parallel to this momentous event, there will be a PRODUCT EXHIBITION of different entrepreneurs under RAFAD and our Entrepreneur Club.

The club continues to empower our students with the tools and confidence to start the venture they aspire, whether for profit or nonprofit.


Presentations and Workshops of SCTEC in the Culture Week

SCTEC hosted many workshop and presentations during the Culture Week and they were conducted into two days. In the first day, a presentation on " Business Commercial Registration" was presented by Mr. Median Basheir Obaidoon, Manager of Commerce Department in the Directorate General of Industry and Commerce in Dhofar. In addition, Mr. Ghazi Faris Al Mahri, from Intellectual Property Section in the Directorate General of Industry and Commerce in Dhofar, gave a presentation on the Intellectual Property Law and how can people get the copyright of their creations and innovations in Oman. The last activity in the first day was an introductory presentation conducted by Hayyak Toastmasters Club (Omantel) in Dhofar. This was a good opportunity for the students to meet the toastmasters group and have an idea about their work and activities in Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Salalah.

In the second day, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Mashikhi, Manager of Rafad Fund in Salalah and Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Ghasani, Manager of General Authority for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Dhofar, gave a presentation on how the Fund and the Authority can assist the students to start their businesses. Last, Mr. Awadh Al Sadooni, Trainer and Astronomer, held a workshop in the club on "creativity and Excellence" finished it with real successful stories of Omani citizens.


Impressive Participation of SCTEC in the Culture Week

Entrepreneur Club participated in the Culture Week that was held from 24 to 26 May 2015 as a first participation. The students exhibited their enterprises in the tent with the college projects.

Some of these enterprises are already existed as "Ready Omani Turban" for Hammad Ahmed Bakhit Swileen, "Mini Ball Chocolate" for Omnyat Fail Rabei Soroor, a phone application for Hassan Mohammad Al Yafai and "Al Itihad for Printing" for Mohammad Khalifa Al Qartobi. In addition, there were two proposed businesses and they will be implemented in the college in the coming days like "Mini Supper Market" for Muhammad Awadh Shoroba and "Vending Machine for Healthy Food" for Layal Kamal Al Hakeem.


Ctrl C and Ctrl V– A workshop on Plagiarism and Referencing’

Research and Consultancy Committee together with entrepreneur Club organized- ‘Ctrl C and Ctrl V– A workshop on Plagiarism and Referencing’ for students of Entrepreneur Club and Students’ Council. Dr. Shabnam from Engineering Department was the resource speaker. She informed the students about the issues on Plagiarism and suggested referencing as a possible way to avoid it. Students were also made aware of the SCT Plagiarism Policy. Video clips were also shown to achieve better understanding of the concept. Participants were taken aback when they realized that Plagiarism is also a legal issue and a student offender can face severe academic penalties. Later, students were provided copies of a journal article, pages of a book and handouts to give them a practice of writing references themselves. There were also question and answers round pertinent to the workshop and the students with right answers were given chocolates.

"Ctrl C + Ctrl V" – ورشة عمل عن السرقة الأدبية

أحتضن نادي رواد الأعمال بالكلية التقنية بصلالة ورشة عمل عن "السرقة الأدبية والمرجعية" بالتعاون مع لجنة البحوث والإستشارات بالكلية وذلك لطلبة نادي رواد الأعمال والمجلس الطلابي. قدمت الورشة د. شبنام من قسم الهندسة بالكلية التقنية بصلالة حيث بدأت باعطاء الطلبة نبذة عن السرقة الأدبية وما هي الطرق التي تساعد على تفادي هذا النوع من السرقات. كما أعطت بعض المقترحات عن كيفية كتابة المراجع التي تم استخدامها في البحث كحل أمثل لإعطاء كل ذي حق حقه.

وقد أوضحت د. شبنام للطلبة العقوبات القانونية التي يتم اتخاذها في حالة أخذ أي فقرة أو مقولة لشخص ووضعها في البحث دون ذكر صاحبها أو الكتاب الذي نقلت منه أو دون الإعتراف بنقلها. وقد أرفق الشرح بعرض فيديو يدعم فكرة الورشة ويقدمها يصورة مبسطة تمكن الطالب من فهم الفكرة واستيعابها بكل يسر. وأضافت د.شبنام "تعتبر السرقة الأدبية جريمة أكاديمية يحاسب عليها مرتكبها قانونيا مالم يعترف بعملية الإحتيال التي قام بها وذلك من خلال ذكر المراجع التي تم استخراج الأقوال والفقرات منها".

وتم خلال الورشة تزويد الطلبة ببعض النسخ من المقالات والمذكرات لإعطائهم أمثلة عن الطرق الصحيحة لتفادي عملية السرقة الأدبية وكيفية إرفاق المراجع ضمن النصوص المذكورة.


3rd Batch Registration at SCTEC

Entrepreneurs Club has opened the third batch registration for students of Salalah College of Technology to join and benefit from the programs offered by the club to help them to create their personal business. The registration is open until the end of May 2015.

فتح نادي رواد الأعمال باب التسجيل لطلبة الدفعة الثالثة من طلبة الكلية التقنية بصلالة وذلك للإلتحاق والإستفادة من البرامج التي يقدمها النادي مما يساعدهم على إنشاء مشاريعهم الشخصية. وسيستمر التسجيل حتى نهاية شهر مايو 2015.


Workshops of SME Development Fund

Entrepreneur Club organized training courses with the cooperation of SME Development Fund which sponsors the ‘Entrepreneurial Campus’ enterprises. Al Namaa Club is committed to encouraging, promoting and facilitating entrepreneurial activities among the Omani students in the colleges. These courses are targeting the post-foundation students in the 3 departments at SCT.

The training courses were conducted for one week to cover the majority of diploma, higher diploma and bachelor students. So, they were introduced to the entrepreneurship concept and how it is important to have plan B as a backup preparation. In addition, they had practical activities and competitions to create the entrepreneurial spirit among the students.


How to Introduce Yourself in 5 Seconds

Entrepreneur Club at Salalah College of Technology conducted a workshop on "How to Introduce Yourself in 5 Seconds" for the club students. The workshop was presented by Huda Al Huraibi, Head of Entrepreneur Club. Al Huraibi introduced the students with the importance of being brief especially when they meet significant entrepreneurs.

أقام نادي رواد الأعمال بالكلية التقنية بصلالة ورشة عمل "كيف تعرف عن نفسك في 5 ثوان" لطلبة النادي. قدم ورشة العمل هدى عابد الحريبي، رئيسة نادي رواد الأعمال. حيث عرفت الطلبة على أهمية اختصار الوقت والتركيز على ما هو مهم وخاصة عند التعاون مع رواد عمل كبار وليس لديهم الوقت الكافي للكلام الكثير.


Entrepreneur Club at Salalah College of Technology met a group from Al Nama Fund

Entrepreneur Club at Salalah College of Technology met a group from Al Nama Fund to discuss the possibilities to schedule seminars and workshops for the post foundation students at SCT on who to establish their own business inside the college during their study.

These seminars will be held for 2 weeks for about 1470 post-foundation students in the 3 departments.


Celebrating the Teachers Day, Salalah College of Technology honored a batch of graduated trainees

Celebrating the Teachers Day, Salalah College of Technology honored a batch of graduated trainees who received accredited certificate from the Future Training Academy with British Harvard Awards standards. This training course was held with the cooperation of Alnajris for Training in Muscat for two weeks. Dr. Ahmad Al Shahri, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs honored the graduates with the presence of Mr. Hashim Al Dhahab, Head of ELC.

The trainees attended many workshops and training courses on" Arts of Impressive Presenting" presented by Mr. Hani Al Menaii, Co-Founder and General Manager at Specialized Training Company, and "How to Prepare Integrated Training Materials" by Dr. Hassan Alrrasni, Coach and Researcher in the field of planning and organizational performance and human development.


Entrepreneur Club at Salalah College of Technology hosted Mustafa bin Salim Barami from "Injaz Oman"

Entrepreneur Club at Salalah College of Technology hosted Mustafa bin Salim Barami from "Injaz Oman" which is a non-profit organization seeks at enhancing the skills of youth and increasing their participation in the economy to help bridge the existing gap between the knowledge acquired through education and the skills required by the job market.

Then, Mustafa discussed with the participated students and trainers their projects, the efficiency, and the applicability of each project according to "My Company" competition's conditions.

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