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A presentation on “The Art of Teaching” Featured

A presentation on “The Art of Teaching” was conducted last January22, 2019 at IT12C-IT Bldg. from 12:00-1:30 P.M. It was organized by the Information System (IS) section of IT Department led by Dr. Abhishek Dubey, the Head of the section. The event is geared for participants to see their best potential and value the essence of seeking room for improvement in their ways of teaching.

The event formally started with welcome remarks by Dr. Abhishek Dubey, followed by an inspirational message given by the Head of IT Department, Dr. Fatima Al Shanfari.

The presentation covered relevant topics which were enthusiastically and generously delivered by selected members of the IS section.

Mrs. Marian Malig-on shared her piece on before class preparation. She emphasized the significance of preparation and planning and how it becomes a critical factor of effective teaching and student learning. Also, she presented important points as teacher’s guide for effective class preparation and planning to ensure lesson aims are met at the end of each class and achieve the overall course objectives.

Mr. Rogelio Gutierrez, on the other hand, focused in his presentation on classroom environment as one of the most important factors affecting student learning and in achieving effectiveness in instruction. He discussed five (5) elements of a positive classroom environment and how a teacher can apply these elements in toning and setting up a classroom for better students learning.

Mrs. D. Lincy Grace Kanagaselvi took her turn and continued the presentation on teaching methodologies. The speaker mentioned variety of teaching methods where some of these are contemplated as teacher centered focused and/or student engagement is limited. Hence, the speaker introduced the flipped classroom, an instructional strategy considered as one of the better options to shift instruction to student centered learning and redefine in-class activities by delivering instructional content in variety of forms outside of the classroom utilizing varied educational technologies.

Integrating technology in the classroom was the core of Dr. N.R. Wilfred Blessing’s presentation. The speaker stressed out how the emerging technologies can be used as a tool to shape how student will learn and how teacher can improve his/her teaching. He cited EZvid, a free software intended for screen capturing and video making useful for practical courses. Further, he made a demonstration on how to use the said software.

Before the event concluded, Ms. Josie Del Valle lightened the mood by giving a fun filled ice breaker where participants got the chance to recall and enjoyably share their teaching experiences. Moreover, Ms. Josie emphasized the benefits of ice breaker in integrating it in class as a way to put students and learners at ease in their learning process.

Finally, the special guest Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al-Kalbani, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs expressed his appreciation on the activity and shared words of encouragement and motivation to everyone.

The presence of the participants and guest, full support of the Head of IT Department, teamwork of the members of IS section and anchoring prowess of Dr. N.R. Wilfred Blessing made the entire activity a great success.


“ITPL 2019” Cricket Tournament organized by IT Department Featured

Information Technology department organized an underarm cricket tournament for its staff, titled “ITPL-2019” (IT department Premier League) from January 7th to January 19th, 2019. The main objective of hosting the tournament is to build relationship between staff/human resources, in order to improve team-work attitude, to be free from stress and use free time for physical fitness. The tournament was formally inaugurated by Dr. Fatma Al-Shanfari, Head of IT department on 7th of February, 2019.

The playing staff were divided into five teams (DARBAT BREEZE, MIRBAT RIDERS, MUGSAYL RIDERS, SAMHARAM CHALLENGERS and TAQAH TITANS). Each team played four league matches and therefore based on the points and run-rate three teams (MUGSAYL RIDERS, SAMHARAM CHALLENGERS and TAQAH TITANS) reached to the second round. MUGSAYL RIDERS and SAMHARAM CHALLENGERS won the important matches and reached the finals, which was held on January 19 (Saturday), 4.30 PM at College IT ground.

Due to excellent team efforts and impressive performance, SAMHARAM CHALLENGERS won in the final match and became the Champion in the third cricket tournament “ITPL-2019” and received the “WINNING TROPHY”. The winning team is composed of Mr. C. Praveen Kumar (Captain), Dr. Abhishek Dubey, Mr. Suresh Amarayasamy, Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Mr. Muni Balaji Thumu, Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal, Mr. Mohammad Mushtaq Ahmed, Mr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi. Winners were also awarded with individual cups.

The runner up team, MUGSAYL RIDERS received the “RUNNERS TROPHY” and it is composed of Mr. Bramha Dutta Pandey (Captain), Mr. Zahid Mahmood, Mr. Mohammed Sulaiman, Dr. G Vadivel, Mr. A Dhandapani, Mr. H Thajuddin, Mr. Shijo Pushpan. Runners were also awarded with individual medals. In-addition, the highest scorer award was given to Mr. Mohammed Arshad Ali and highest wicket taker award was given to Mr. Suresh Amarayasamy.

Prize distribution ceremony was conducted on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019 @ IT Building. Dr. Abhishek Dubey, the core-coordinator of the “ITPL 2019” gave an introduction about the event and welcomed the chief guests and the participants. Mr. Praveen Kumar, Lecturer of IT presented a statistical report about the tournament. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al-Kalbani was the chief guest who graced the function with greetings and awarded the prizes and trophies. He shared his happiness and special greetings to the department and staff for organizing such events for motivating teamwork & personality skills. Dr. Fatma Al-Shanfari, Head of IT department appreciated the dedicated efforts of the organizing team and greeted all the players of the tournament by awarding the trophies and medals.

Dr. Abhishek Dubey, the core-coordinator had harmonized all the members and sub-committees for the smooth conduct of the matches. During the valedictory, the coordinator thanked all the contributors who helped in conducting the tournament a grand success.

The department of IT wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the sponsors DHOFAR BEVERAGES AND FOOD STUFF, SWEETS OF OMAN, DHOFAR TECHNICAL TRADING AND SERVICES (DTS) SALALAH, organizing committee, head of the sections, section team players, captains, vice captains, umpires, leg/line umpires, scorers, refreshment team, ground preparatory team, poster/sticker designers, photographers, Admin & Maintenance staff and all other sub-committees for their tireless effort to make this big event a successful and entertaining one. The department also acknowledges all the staff members of IT and guests from other departments who took part in this tournament in a very sportive manner. IT department specially thank the College Dean Dr. Anwar Amir Al-Ismaili, Assistant Dean-Academic Affairs Dr. Said Omar Al Mashiki, and Assistant Dean for Admin and Finance Mr. Ammar Al Shanfari who encouraged and supported the department to conduct this tournament.

Organizing Committee: Dr. Abhishek Dubey, Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R, Mr. T. Karthikeyan, Mr. Suresh Amarayasamy, Mr. C. Praveen Kumar, Mr. Suresh Kumar P., Mr. K. Subramanian, Dr. Abdul Gaffar, Mr. Sanjeev Reddy, Mr. Mohammed Sulaiman, Mr. Mohammed Atheeq, Mr. Bramha Dutta Pandey, Mr. Devarajan Veerasamy, Mr. Mohammed Arshad Ali


Induction program to orient the new staff in Business Studies Department Featured

Human Recourse Development (HRD) Committee of Business Studies Department (BSD) has organized an induction program to orient the new staff member Mr. Suresh Esakki, Economic Lecturer. The induction program was scheduled on the Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019. Dr. Mohammed Nazeer Ahmed, HRD Committee Co-Chair, formally welcomed the new staff member on behalf of Head of the Department, BSD. The induction session was facilitated by Ms. Seemab Rana, member of HRD committee. The induction program was delivered in 3 different sessions.

During the first session the facilitator presented a brief introduction about Salalah College of Technology (SCT). During this session the Vision, Mission, Graduate Attributes, Strategic and Operational Plans, Policies and Procedures, Hierarchy of Communication, Quality Assurance Requirements, and Staff Appraisal aspects were explained.

The second session was related to the overview of Business Studies Department (BSD). During this session, the new staff member was oriented with the number of sections based on specialization available in BSD. Also, the different courses that are offered by BSD to students based on the specialization were explained. Similarly, the latest profile of the BSD staff and the number of students enrolled for different program were detailed. In addition to this, the BSD committees’ activities and functions, department resources, lecturers’ role as an advisor to advisee-students, curriculum and assessment methods and student centered learning approach were explained.

During the third session the facilitator briefly explained about the functioning of information management systems such as CIMS, MMS, SARS, e-Learning and the OJT- tracking that are followed by SCT. Facilitator has also expounded the duties and responsibilities of staff while using the information management systems. The induction session was concluded by the facilitator by wishing success to the new staff member for his tenure in SCT.


Skills Enhancement Seminar for Course Project Students Featured

As part of the commitment of the IT Department in providing avenues for students to conduct quality IT projects, the Database Section headed by Mr. G. Baskar organized a seminar to enhance the skills of the students in making their course project.

Course Project is one of the culminating courses of the Database Specialization where students are required to develop functional applications that will help businesses or organizations in doing their day-to-day transactions.

The seminar started with welcome remarks from Mr. G. Baskar followed by Mr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi, where the participants were given an orientation on the requirements, procedures, and policies of the course. A discussion on how to conduct the project proposal, how to deal with real client, and how to present their projects were also shared during this seminar.

Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah gave also a recap on one of the CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) tools which is helpful for the students in managing their own project. This tool is also used in the industry which makes the students more adept on what the corporate world is using.

Lastly, Mr. Mohammed Atheeq recapped on proper database design and implementation, and data modelling tools which are the foundations of good database applications. This is vital for every business applications because the data in the database should be processed and managed correctly and accordingly based on the business requirements.

With the technical skills acquired by the participants in the duration of their Database Specialization program together with proper information and guidance, they are now more prepared and enthusiastic in working on their projects this semester. The DB Section wishes all the best to the students.

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