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IT Department Organized a Seminar on “Mobile App Development” Featured

Information Systems Section of IT department and Entrepreneurship Club (Industrial Link Committee) of SCT organized a seminar on a topic “Introduction to Mobile Application Development” on 24th of November 2015, Tuesday from 12.00pm at IT Building, Room IT-2L.

Dr. Abhishek Dubey, HOS of IS Section and the core organizer of this event, welcomed the gathering. The facilitator was Mr. Hassan Al Yafai, the student of SCT. He has demonstrated the key concepts and ideas of the mobile application development. In particular, the speaker started with the history of mobile applications and concluded with the mobile app designing ideas to the students. The session was very interactive and appreciated by all the participants. SCT IT teachers Mr. Subramanian k. (Industrial Link Committee Member), Mr. Nesaian Reginal W., Mrs. Lincy Grace Kanagaselvi D., Mr. Suresh A., Dr. Ujjiwal Agarwal and Dr. Mohammed Maqsood participated in this event dynamically. Various levels of students even from Engineering and Business departments enthusiastically attended this seminar. The seminar organizers received a positive feedback and wished to continue such presentations in future.

Finally, Dr. Abhishek Dubey, HOS of IS Section gave a vote of thanks to all the participants and especially he acknowledged and greeted the speaker Mr. Hassan Al Yafai and presented a memento to him.


Department of Information Technology organized a Health Seminar Featured

On behalf of Health and Safety Committee, the Department of Information Technology organized a Health Seminar for all the Teaching Staff of IT Department. The seminar topic was on 'Basic First Aid at times of Risk' conducted on the 20th of October 2015. This workshop was initiated and encouraged by Mr. Viji Paul, HOD of the Department and was facilitated by Mr. Steven Vinil Kumar, Health and Safety Committee Chair. The Special Guest was an expert from Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, Dr Pankaj Jain (specialty in Respiratory Medicine).

The Topic in the Seminar Presentation included Control Methods for external bleeding, precautionary acts when encountering Shocks, Burns, Choking and Heart attacks. Other topics also included first aid on Wounds, Amputation, Bites / Stings and Fractures. A video presentation was shown on ‘The Measures to take when heart attack occurs’. There was a questionnaire time where staff enquired from the expert the common syndromes and got valuable answers. This seminar was indeed helpful in awakening and educating the staff to take precautions at times of health risks.


NIES Student Club formed Featured

The Network, Internet & E-Security Section of the IT Department formed a student group which was created this Semester 1 AY 2015 – 2016. The NIES Student Club aims to promote improvement in all aspects of student’s academic life while in the College. This club is also the right venue for the interested IT students to learn the basic computer hardware skills to advanced networking and security. Members will be given training with practical methods using CISCO tools as well as using real routers and switches so that they can get the real network experience before working in the industry. The club will also spearhead several student development activities which include seminar/workshop, inviting guest lecturers from industry, tutorials, industry visits, competitions, etc. The adviser of the club is Dr. Venkateswaran R., an Internet & E-Security Lecturer and headed by Ms. Manar Ali Al-Barami, student club President. Interested IT students can approach anyone of them for inquiries.


Workshop on QA Operational Plan Conducted

IT Department organized a workshop on “QA Operational Plan” for this Academic Year 2015-2016 which was held last September 22, 2015. All IT staff attended the said workshop. The workshop was initiated by Mr. Viji Paul, HOD of the Department and was facilitated by Mr. Rogelio Gutierrez Jr., QA Department Chairman and Dr. R. Venkateswaran, QA member.

The topics for this session includes: College Strategic Plan preparation, Operational Plan preparation, and Action Plan preparation. Activity was given to all IT staff that solicit possible implementation steps needed for the development of action plan for each committee. These suggestions were collected and processed by the QA committee.

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