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Workshop Organized by NIES

A workshop on “CV and Interview Preparation” was organized by Networking, Internet & E-Security Section headed by Mr. Jonathan Tambaoan of IT department last June 2, 2015 at Cisco lab. The workshop is arranged for the benefits of B. Tech students from networking stream. The objective of this workshop is to motivate them and have successful interview in the future and learn how to prepare a better resume.

The workshop is handled by Dr. R. Venkateswaran, Lecturer from Internet & E-Section section. During the first session, the Speaker talked about the importance of resume, the format of resume, and do’s and don’ts of Resume and cover letter preparation. The speaker also discussed the Interview process. According to him, prior to the interview preparation, the students should be aware of non-verbal and body language, qualities, and do’s and don’ts during the interview. After the workshop, the students were able to prepare their own resume with the guidance of the Speaker.


IT Student Competed for Round 2 of CISCO Net Riders Skills Competition

Networking, Internet and E-Security Section of the IT Department had recently organized regional Level “CISCO NetRiders Student Skills Competition” in CISCO lab last 6th of May 2015 and the event was conducted simultaneously by CISCO in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. One of our students, Ms. Reem Ali Mahad Al-Amri, a B.Tech student (Networking) was selected as one of the 7 students that will represent Oman in Round 2 of the said regional level competition. She had recently competed for Round 2 of the NetRider’s Skills Competition (CCNA Category) Middle East Regional Level which was held last May 27, 2015.



IS Section of IT Department organized a workshop on a topic “Soft Skills Training and Mock Interview” on 28th May, 2015 at IT Building. The main objective of this workshop is to realize the student’s potential and to develop their Soft Skills. This workshop also helps the students to improve their confidence to face any kind of interviews inside and outside Oman. The training started at 10.00 am and ends at 11.40 am. Interested Exit level Diploma students, OJT students and Advanced Diploma students enthusiastically participated in this workshop.

Dr.Abhishek Dubey, HOS of IS section and the coordinator of the workshop welcomed the gathering. Mr. Viji Paul, HOD of IT Department gave the inaugural address and motivated the student participants and the event organizers. The first session about “Soft Skills Training”presented by Mr.Nesaian Reginal Wilfred with video presentations and interactions. The second session “Mock Interview” was conducted by Dr.Abhishek Dubey HOS of IS section, along with the panel members Dr.Mallika Natarajan HOS of Math section and Mr.Zahid Mehmood HOS of IT section.

Certificates were distributed to the student participants and for the speaker. The student feedback shows the significance and need of such trainings for the young Omani students to develop themselves to compete with the current IT market to grab jobs.


One Day International Workshop on ROMIST-2015


Mathematicians from across Oman were gathered on 19th March 2015 in SAC –ELC Building . Welcome message was given by Dr.Mallika, Our Asst Dean Dr.Ahmed Al Shahri gave the Inaugural speech and released the SOVENIR –ROMIST 2015 at 9.30 AM.

Our HOD Mr.Viji Paul gave his message on ROMIST.

Mathematics has become inevitable for the growth and development of Society , new and emerging scenarios of Technologies.

The objective of this seminar is to bring together scholars from various parts of Oman and to provide common platform to all academicians to exchange their ideas and expand their knowledge about the applications of Mathematics in the development of Society and Technology.

Mathematicians from across Oman are gathered on 19th March 2015 for the ROMIST -2015 Some of the key notes during ROMIST-2015 were as below

Mathematics is the language of the universe. Without mathematics no one could have imagined the extraordinary evolution of science and technology over the past century. Our social progress depends on scientific innovation, and mathematics is fundamental to science. Mathematics expressed the theory of relativity and the quantum mechanics in the early 20th century; since then mathematicians has played a vital role in inventing computers, designing space ,energy programs, and investigating the structure of DNA molecules etc. As Roger Bacon pointed out, mathematics is the key to all branches of science. Today mathematics is the keystone of high technology, and, in a sense, the symbol of modern civilization.

As a developing country, Oman is marching on the road toward modernization.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere congratulations to all the participants, and committee members.

I am indebted in particular to our Dean Dr.Mariam Al Awadi & Dr.Ahmed Al Shahri for their all-out support. Special thanks goes also to our HOD Mr.Viji Paul for assisting us. Thanks to the Organizing Committee and the Editorial committee which selected 13 lectures and 1 invited lecture as well . All of us trust that all the latest advancement and frontier achievements in our science are through Mathematical evolution . ROMIST-2015 in Salalah College of Technology, Oman made a new beginning and let us join hands to lift the veil of a new epoch of mathematics.

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