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A student from IT department Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Al-Mashikhi and two lecturers Dr. N.R Wilfred Blessing and Mr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi have participated and presented their research papers during the “Free and Open Source Software Conference (FOSSC 2019)”.

FOSSC is an international conference organized by Information Technology Authority of Sultanate of Oman at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat. This conference was harmonized by Communication and Information Research Center of SQU on February 11th and 12th, 2019.

Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Al-Mashikhi and Dr. N.R Wilfred Blessing presented the research work titled “Free Academic Software and Mobile Applications for Technology Transfer in Oman”. On the other hand, Mr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi presented the paper titled “Open Source Course Equivalency Framework for HEIs in Oman”.

SCT-IT team also participated in FOSS WORKSHOPS, PROJECT EXHIBITIONS, TALK SHOW and GUEST LECTURES on both days. The participants received the conference proceedings and the main authors received the Certificate of Appreciations.

The knowledge and experience gained by the team definitely brought great impact in strengthening the research area of the college and motivate students and lecturers to indulge more on research for professional and societal growth.

The SCT-IT team is very grateful to the College Dean, Assistant Deans, HOD-IT department, Research and Consultancy Committee chairs and members for the motivation and great support.

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