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“YOUR TURN” - A Personality Development Program presented by SCT Students Featured

The Information Technology Department of Salalah College of Technology (SCT) and its Projects Committee organized a college level personality development program titled “YOUR TURN” in collaboration with the IT Student Club. It was conducted on 5th of February 2019 (Tuesday), 12 Noon at Multi-Purpose Hall, SCT Campus.

The program was initiated to develop the personality skills of Omani students that greatly contribute to their personal and professional development. The main aim was to inculcate soft skills, project and research skills through students experiences in addition to the progress of student personality-personal attributes.

The program formally started with a welcome address by the event coordinator, Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R, the Chairman of IT Projects Committee. He introduced the speakers and explained the objectives of the program.

Dr.Fatima Al-Shanfari, the Head of IT Department, gave a motivational and inspiring inaugural address for students to actively involved in various student activities and come up with initiative skills. Further, she encouraged students to be innovative and creative to bring out innovative projects for societal development. She had an interaction with the students on understanding their academic goals and feedbacks. After, the respective presentations of the speakers commenced.

Mr. Said Mahad Suhail Al-Mashani, presented the topic on “Effective Communication Skills for Students”. He covered interesting topics on the importance of communication skills, tips to improve communication skills and how students can be globally competitive with their communication skills. In addition, the speaker shared ideas on developing the skills on listening, reading, writing and speaking. He stated that “Body language plays a huge role in communication”. Watching western movies where dialogues are written in Arabic on screen would support in developing students communication.

The topic on “Innovation, Creativity & Project Skills” was presented by Miss Tufool Said Ahmed Al-Jahfali. She cited “Creativity is to see what others cannot see and it is a result of thoughts” and shared that creativity is a picture of what students imagine or either his/her idea. The speaker further stated that “Innovation is to do things differently which is the result of production processes”. She also described five creator’s qualities which students can learn and practice. The qualities explained are: creator asks a lot, likes to try a new thing, has a strange idea, can change their way of thinking, and does not give up easily. The speaker encouraged the participants to become creator by following the parameters such as: “reading” that takes one anywhere, “learning new things” by setting a goal and finding what you are interested in, and “positive thinking” to be positive from failures. Moreover, the speaker gave her motivation by sharing examples of student projects such as Google and Facebook which gained tremendous success and popularity. She concluded with a statement of Jem Rohan, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse”.

Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Al-Mashikhi, on the other hand, shared about the “Free Open Source Software in Education”. The speaker presented the importance of Free Open Source Software in educational domain which is readily accessible by students for their effectual learning. The speaker suggested number of free software including free operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux. He explained the usage of the said free software and applications as additional materials helpful for the degree courses. As young students are engaged with smart phones and PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) devices, the speaker included a demonstration on latest and interesting educational mobile applications and showed how these can make tremendous changes in mobile-based learning.

Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi presented the topic on “Student Research”. The speaker gave an introduction on definition of research and its types. He deepened his discussion on why students should participate in preparing researches and the benefits they can gain by indulging in it. He also emphasized on which level students can write a research and the estimated time needed to prepare it. Further, he elaborated his discussion on how students can start preparing a research that suits their specialization, the steps in writing a research and how a student can improve his research skills. During the presentation, the speaker encouraged the student participants to initiate research, and ended by telling students his personal journey in writing and publishing researches.

After the presentation, healthy discussions and open interactions transpired within the students and speakers clarified the questions raised. Vote of thanks followed given by Mr. Rashad Ashoor Hajra Farajallah, IT Student Club Leader.

The management of SCT and HOD-IT, Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari, greeted the organizing team for a well-organized event led by Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R, who made necessary arrangements, the student speakers and the participants. Around 100 students and professors participated in this college level open forum. The participants provided the positive feedback about the program.

The program filled the day with creativity, sense of beauty and insights expressed by the speakers who paved way in motivating the minds of young student community who gathered with full enthusiasm.

Program Details
Welcome Address Dr. Wilfred Blessing
(Chairman, IT Projects)
Inaugural Address Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari
(HOD, IT Department)
“Effective Communication Skills for Students” Mr. Said Mahad Suhail Al-Mashani
(Diploma Student)
“Innovation, Creativity & Project Skills” Miss. Tufool Said Ahmed Al-Jahfali
(Bachelor Student)
“Free Open Source Software in Education” Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Al-Mashikhi
(Bachelor Student)
“Students Research” Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al-Sandi
(Advanced Diploma Student)
Vote of Thanks Mr. Rashad Ashoor Hajra Farajallah
(IT Student Club Leader)

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