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Induction program to orient the new staff in Business Studies Department Featured

Human Recourse Development (HRD) Committee of Business Studies Department (BSD) has organized an induction program to orient the new staff member Mr. Suresh Esakki, Economic Lecturer. The induction program was scheduled on the Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019. Dr. Mohammed Nazeer Ahmed, HRD Committee Co-Chair, formally welcomed the new staff member on behalf of Head of the Department, BSD. The induction session was facilitated by Ms. Seemab Rana, member of HRD committee. The induction program was delivered in 3 different sessions.

During the first session the facilitator presented a brief introduction about Salalah College of Technology (SCT). During this session the Vision, Mission, Graduate Attributes, Strategic and Operational Plans, Policies and Procedures, Hierarchy of Communication, Quality Assurance Requirements, and Staff Appraisal aspects were explained.

The second session was related to the overview of Business Studies Department (BSD). During this session, the new staff member was oriented with the number of sections based on specialization available in BSD. Also, the different courses that are offered by BSD to students based on the specialization were explained. Similarly, the latest profile of the BSD staff and the number of students enrolled for different program were detailed. In addition to this, the BSD committees’ activities and functions, department resources, lecturers’ role as an advisor to advisee-students, curriculum and assessment methods and student centered learning approach were explained.

During the third session the facilitator briefly explained about the functioning of information management systems such as CIMS, MMS, SARS, e-Learning and the OJT- tracking that are followed by SCT. Facilitator has also expounded the duties and responsibilities of staff while using the information management systems. The induction session was concluded by the facilitator by wishing success to the new staff member for his tenure in SCT.

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