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Skills Enhancement Seminar for Course Project Students Featured

As part of the commitment of the IT Department in providing avenues for students to conduct quality IT projects, the Database Section headed by Mr. G. Baskar organized a seminar to enhance the skills of the students in making their course project.

Course Project is one of the culminating courses of the Database Specialization where students are required to develop functional applications that will help businesses or organizations in doing their day-to-day transactions.

The seminar started with welcome remarks from Mr. G. Baskar followed by Mr. Muhammad Azeem Qureshi, where the participants were given an orientation on the requirements, procedures, and policies of the course. A discussion on how to conduct the project proposal, how to deal with real client, and how to present their projects were also shared during this seminar.

Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah gave also a recap on one of the CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) tools which is helpful for the students in managing their own project. This tool is also used in the industry which makes the students more adept on what the corporate world is using.

Lastly, Mr. Mohammed Atheeq recapped on proper database design and implementation, and data modelling tools which are the foundations of good database applications. This is vital for every business applications because the data in the database should be processed and managed correctly and accordingly based on the business requirements.

With the technical skills acquired by the participants in the duration of their Database Specialization program together with proper information and guidance, they are now more prepared and enthusiastic in working on their projects this semester. The DB Section wishes all the best to the students.

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