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IT Club Induction Program Featured

One of the goals of the Information Technology Department is to expose and fortify student’s leadership skills and utilize them to initiate, lead and get involved in conducting and in participating various activities both inside and outside the college. The Student Development Committee (SDC) chaired by Mr. Bernard Ugalde spearheaded the organization of the following clubs namely: Programming, Graphics Design, Network Design, Website Design, Network Cabling, Photography, Research and Presentation, and Math.

The SDC as well coordinated the formation of the new set of IT Club officers for the academic year 2018-2019. To formally recognize the club officers, an Induction Program was conducted last October 11, 2018 at IT-11C. The program started with an introduction by Mr. Bernard Ugalde who explained the new structure of the club and presented the various activities lined up for the whole academic year. This was followed an opening remarks by Mr. Viji Paul, HOD-IT who welcomed the students and challenged them to step out of the box. Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs then gave inspirational words and stimulated students to be active in all student related undertakings to help promote positive and vibrant student community. The program was facilitated by Mr. Suresh Palarimath and was attended by all HOS and selected staff in the department.

The program culminated with the highlight where Mr. RASHAD ASHOOR HAJRA BAIT FARAJ ALLA was presented as the chairman of the IT Club and willingly accepted the key of responsibility. This was followed with an oath taking ceremony by all IT student leaders led by Mr. Suresh Palarimath, SDC-member.

The IT department community extends its warmth congratulations and wishes the new set of officers best of luck. The department is positive that they will be able to bring out their best as leaders and to successfully perform their roles.

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