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Guest Lecture on “Electrical Engineer Career” Organized

The Student Development Committee of Engineering Department organized a guest lecture on the topic “Electrical Engineer Career” for Electrical Engineering Students. The lecture was delivered by Engr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Dhahab, Electrical Construction Engineer, Petroleum Development of Oman(PDO), OMAN. This was held on Tuesday 2nd Feb., 2016, 12:10 PM at ELEC lab -7L Room of the Electrical Section.

Engr. Ahmed, alumni of Electrical Engineering, discussed the Electrical job responsibilities in any organization. He elaborated the factors to be considered on how to diagnose the faulty components in the power circuits and the importance of the AC/DC machines being used in different sections in the industry. He strongly emphasized that having good knowledge about the functioning of power equipment will make a good impression of oneself on a job interview.

Staffs present during the lecture were Dr. Syed Aqeel Ashraf, Engr. Ninzo Thomas, Engr. Jamin Santiago, Engr. Arun and Engr. S. Kumar. The session was attended by many Diploma, Advanced Diploma and B. Tech students from Electrical Engineering. The students have found it informative and valuable as reflected on the feedback form.

Similar guest lectures are in progress in other sections of Engineering Department.


SCT-Chemical Engineering Staff Competency Development Industrial Visit

The faculty members of chemical engineering together with some students visited Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), largest oilfield located in Nimr, South of Muscat. PDO Nimr has drilled more than 2,300 wells producing an average of 20,000 m3 of crude oil per day. The crude oil produced is sent to Mina Al Fahal refinery in Muscat via pipeline.

The initial round of the visits was on understanding the crude oil exploration and production in Oman. In the subsequent rounds, the company gave details of its operations. The PDO staff also mentioned that the effluent water from the production is being treated and reused in the oilfield and farmland.

Listening to experts in the industry gave the faculty and students a chance to gain in-depth knowledge about the oil field exploration and production in Oman.


Differentiated Instruction and Mixed Ability Group Seminar

The Staff Development Committee of Engineering Department conducted a seminar last November 17, 2015 on the topic- Differentiated Instruction and Mixed Ability Group. Dr. Shabnam from the Engineering Department was the resource speaker. She presented information about differentiating the instructions in order to respond to different learning needs and tackling a mixed ability class. The presenter also discussed the use of the team spirit of students to enhance their problem solving and technical skills. Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi, Head of the Engineering Department, Heads of Sections and staffs attended the seminar. A very good feedback was given by the attendees. Overall, the seminar was successful in highlighting the need and techniques of using a variety of instructional strategies to enhance learning.


AutoCAD Drafting Skills Competition

As part of Students’ Development Activity, the Mechanical Engineering section held on December 1, 2015, a Mechanical Skill Competition – AutoCAD Drafting Skill for the Mechanical Engineering students. Students from Diploma Second Year, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Level participated in the competition.

Staff members Mr. N. Mahaviradhan, Mr. T. Venkatesan, Mr. Dexter organized the event, with Mr. Kumaradhas P. as the program coordinator.

The winners are:

First Place : Mr. Khalid Mohammed Abdullah Baabood (42J1229)

Second Place : Mr. Badr Ahmed Mohammed Al-Junaibi (42J12197)

Third Place : Mr. Ahmed Ali Salim Fadhil (42J11163)

Congratulations to all the Winners!


Workshop on Electrical / Electronic Components Awareness

WORKSHOP on Electrical /Electronic Components Awareness

The Student Development Committee of Engineering Department organized workshop entitled “Electrical /Electronic Components Awareness Workshop” for the Electrical Engineering Students. This was held on Tuesday 20th October 2015, 12:10 PM at ELEC-13L.

Dr. Syed Aqeel, Engr. Jamin and Engr. Ramises Sotes from the Electrical Engineering Section conducted the workshop. They elaborated on factors to consider in diagnosing faulty components in circuits; importance of the components used in projects and their applications. They emphasized that having good knowledge about the functioning of equipment gives one an advantage during job interview as well as getting suitable job in a company.

The session was attended by Diploma, Advanced Diploma and BTech students from the Engineering Department. It was very informative and valuable. The students appreciated the workshop as indicated in the feedback form.

Similar training workshops are in progress for other sections of Engineering Department.



As a part of staff development program, a training program on “3D Modeling & Assembly using Solidworks 2015 Software” was given by Mr. N. Mahaviradhan, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Section, on 10 September 2015 and 22 September 2015. The following topics were discussed with examples of:

  • Universal Coupling
  • Cam & Follower Mechanism

Part Module

  • Sketch
  • Features

Assembly Module

  • Component Assembly
  • Motion Study

Drawing Module

  • View Layout
  • Annotation

The presentation was ended with an interactive session of questionnaire and vote of thanks.



As a part of staff development program, a training program on “CNC Programming on Lathe and Milling Machine” was given by Mr. Kumaradhas P., Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Section, on 19th May 2015 and 6th October 2015. The following topics were discussed:

  • Basics of G and M Codes
  • CNC Program Structure
  • CNC Simulation Procedure
  • Tool Path Simulation

The presentation was ended with an interactive session of questionnaire and vote of thanks.


SCT Chemical Engineering Students Visit Qatar

The Chemical Engineering Students visited “Center for Sustainable Development Algal Technologies Program” in Qatar University, Doha Qatar.

Mr Hareb Al Jabri of Qatar University, the project manager of algal technologies program said the project is to reduce CO2 emission and develop sustainable and environment- friendly biofuels for the future.

The main purpose of the visit is to observe the growth characteristics, effects, composition, harvesting and conversion of bio fuels in the demo plant of microalgae. The students also witnessed the laboratory cultures on how fats and lipids are extracted to make fuel. Moreover, they performed some training and workshop in the laboratory on the culture collection of cyanobacteria and microalgae.

These visits provide great opportunities for the students to relate their on-going project in Chemical Engineering.

The student attendees were Said Salim Al Harizi, Ali Mohammed Salim Hubais, Anwar Abdulqawi Salim Fadhil, supervised by Mr. Izhar Ahmed, SCT Lecturer.


Innovation Project Competition

Students of SCT - Chemical Engineering Won 2nd Prize in Innovation Project Competition with the topic - “Comparison Studies for the Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Tea and Coffee Powder”. The event was conducted in Higher College of Technology, Muscat from May 25-27,2015.

In this study the two (2) low cost adsorbents (waste tea and coffee powder) have been used for the removal of methylene blue. Approximately, 95% of methylene blue was removed at pH of 6 within 16 minutes with tea powder and 85 % within 22 minutes with coffee powder. The study concluded that both waste tea and coffee powder have same adsorption capacities with methylene blue solution.

Students Name:

  • Marwa Hilal Hamad Al Subhi
  • Marwa Awadh Ramadhan Al Nobi

Supervisor Name:

  • Dr. Rakesh N.

The Research Council visits SCT

A team from “The Research Council (TRC) in Muscat visited Salalah College of Technology on 19th May, 2015. Dr Issa Al Shabibi, Research Assistant for Education and Human Resource section delivered a talk on the topic -“The Research Program”. This was delivered both in English and Arabic at the English Language Center.

As a policy-making body and funding agency for research, TRC encourages the promotion and application of research, innovation and science to create value that serves business, markets and the wider needs of society. Dr. Issa Al Shabibi discussed about the ways and mechanism of carrying out research activity in the College. The Open Research Grant program aims at enhancing research capacity in the Sultanate of Oman by allocating small to medium sized research grants for short and mid-term projects. He mentioned about various kinds of research program but focused on the Faculty-Mentored Undergraduates Research Program that are very useful in the context of students at SCT. Heads of all academic departments, Head of English Language Center and QA Head were present during the program.

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